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Loopy Customer Karen emailed this week, asking for some suggestions for Martina Behm’s Tubularity pattern. Once I started playing with colors, I had a hard time stopping. In addition to working well for Tubularity, I also think these colors would work well for Sleeves. (Can I be honest? I wasn’t sure about Sleeves when I first saw it. But now, after having played with colors, I think I might need one.) There are a lot of different finished Tubularities and Sleeves shown on Ravelry, from mixed colors to stripes to solids. But I think with patterns like these, part of the fun is mixing different colors in big swatches.

I pulled color sets from our Loopy Ewe Solid Series to match the seasons. For Sleeves, you’d use 1 skein each of 5 – 6 colors. (Slightly less yardage for smaller sizes.) For Tubularity, you could get by with a skein each of 4 – 5 colors.

Color combo for Spring: Hydrangea, Cornflower, Vintage Rose, Perfect Pink, Grape and Lime.


Color combo for Summer: Butter, Robin’s Egg Blue, Blush, Lilac, Ivory and Celery.


Color combo for Fall: Barn Red, Orange, Mocha, Pine, Eggplant and Sunshine Yellow.


Color combo for Winter: Iron, Caramel, Malachite, Rosewood, Teal and Coffee. (This is the combo I’m leaning towards for my own Sleeves.)


All of our Loopy Cake color combos would also be beautiful in either of these patterns. The colors in each set are listed on each label on the website photos (and you know you can make all of our website photos more full-sized by clicking on them, right?). Instead of buying the Loopy Cake sets, you’d want to get a full skein of each of those colors. But the sets will give you more color ideas!

For Spring: 60’s Mod Squad


For Summer: Sizzle


For Fall: 70’s Kitchen Sampler


For Winter: Chocolate & Roses Sampler


See what I mean? Once you start looking at colors, you’re halfway to making it…..

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  1. I had appliances in most of those ’70s Kitchen Sampler! Decades later I still love the combo.

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