Spring Giftables Club!

tulipsIt’s time for signups for our Spring Giftables Club! We like providing you with kits that are quick to knit up and geared towards getting your gift-knitting knocked out during the year. (Although, truth be told, we know that many of you knit these kits up and then decide to keep them for yourselves. Totally allowed.)

We are excited about the yarn, patterns, and extras that are making up the kits in this 3 month club, and we can’t wait to start shipping them out. You can sign up to reserve your spot by clicking this link. Here are the details of the club:

– We’ll be sending you shipments around the third week in March, April and May

– Each kit is $40 plus applicable tax and shipping

– Each kit comes with a color dyed exclusively for the club, a pattern written for that yarn, and a fun little extra.

– We’ll have yarn from an indie dyer who does some of our favorite color combos, a yarn company that is new to us this quarter, and a beloved yarn company that has a whole new line coming out in May (and you’ll be one of the first to get that yarn in your hands!).

When you sign up, you’re agreeing to a 3-month club commitment. We don’t require payment up front because we like making it easier on you, but then we do trust you to follow through and pay for each kit in a timely manner, each month.

So pop on over and get yourself signed up. We’ll let you know when the first kit is ready for payment and shipping, later in March!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. How fun! What sort of patterns come with these kits? Do you have somewhere where we can see past club kits to get an idea of what to expect? Thanks! 🙂

  2. Signed up and anxiously waiting to see what lovely yarn, pattern and little surprises will be coming my way in March, April and May!

  3. You have such incredible service and options but for those of us who hate spending time on the computer, PLEASE make more club kits/memberships! Within a week, all your spots are taken and some of us only check emails 1-2 times/month so consistently lose out. Not fun being a loser knitter!

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