New Loopy Cakes, Biscotte & Cie, Moda and More

The Thursday Update is ready for you! Today we added in:

New Loopy Cakes – we have a lot of fun coming up with different sets of these cakes for you. Today, we’ve added the decade packs – The 80’s Totally Awesome set, the 70’s Kitchen set, the 60’s Mod Squad set, and the 50’s Sock Hop set. They’re great for colorwork, but also fun to mix together for striped cowls, hats, and gloves. (I’m making this hat with a set right now. Next up – striped mitts. And I still want to make another Loopy Cakes Cowl with a different set of colors.) They are also cute for stuffed animals friends (like Little Otto Owl, Frankie Pie, Miss Bella Bun, or little stuffed hearts.)


Biscotte & Cie Felix – more self-striping yarn from Louise in Canada! I made these socks in the beginning of January with this yarn, and then quickly started a second pair of striping socks. They’re fun to knit up. (Shown below in Arc en Ciel, Conte de Fee, and Echarpe du Sorcier.)


Caravan Miyuki Beads – we’ve re-stocked all of the beads today. We love Miyuki beads, because you’ll find the sizing and holes are consistent, and the quality is better. (Have you ever had beads where half of the holes are plugged, making them un-usable?) Beads are fun to add to shawls, scarves, mitts and socks. The size 8 beads work well with laceweight yarn and the size 6 beads work well with fingering weight yarn. (A few shown below.)


Moda Fabric’s ABC Menagerie – this cute collection works well for kids clothes, quilts, bags, and more. We’ve also added a Loopy Short Stack in this group. (A sampling of the fabrics, below.)


Timeless Treasures Pre-Cuts – Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls in the Ebony and Rockport collections. (Shown below.)


Have fun checking out the new things, and we’ll get your orders right out to you!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. Just had to say that you really nailed the colors in that Loopy Cakes set “70’s Kitchen”. I think it gave me a flashback! ;^)

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