Loopy’s Challenge for Spring!

It’s time to announce our next Loopy’s Challenge! We have had a great time seeing all of the beautiful things you have come up with in Loopy’s Challenge for Winter, where we asked you to “mix things up” in your projects. We’re still going through and approving them, but you can see the ones so far by popping over to the photo gallery. We did both a yarn version and a fabric version last time. We’ll share the fabric challenge with you next week.

LL Arlington, Ashburn, Edgewater

Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Arlington, Ashburn and Edgewater.



Loopy’s Challenge for Spring is to banish the winter grays and whites and to knit something with a variegated yarn (using at least 250 yards in your project). For the purpose of this challenge, variegated means two or more different colors in the skein (but not self-striping yarn). Let’s work on pretty, colorful, luscious skeins! Need some ideas? Here are some yarns to consider. Please keep in mind that you’ll find some semi-solids mixed in with all of these yarns that I’m linking to, because most companies offer both and we carry both. Make sure you ignore the solids/semi-solids and go for the colors that have two or more distinctly different colors in the skein!

Biscotte and CieBiscotte & Cie Vintage in Histoire de Dragon, Creme Brulee, and Tapis Rouge.


A few yarn suggestions: Alchemy Yarns of Transformation Juniper Colorways (but not Elements), Another Crafty Girl, Artyarns Cashmere Sock, Biscotte & Cie Vintage (their non-striping line), Colinette Jitterbug, Fibernymph DyeWorks Bounce, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Shepherd Sport, Shepherd Worsted, Solemate and Sportmate, Manos del Uruguay Alegria, Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock, Team Spirit, The Loopy Ewe Loopy Legends and Seasonings Series, The Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze (more going up tomorrow), Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino Fingering and McClellan Fingering, Trekking XXL, Universal Cotton Supreme Batik, and Woolen Mill Street. You’ll find other multi-colored options mixed in with many other brands as well.

Colinette JitterbugColinette Jitterbug in Autumn Leaves, Evergreen and Zebra.



A few pattern suggestions: A Little Jazz, A Breath of Fresh Air, Fire and Ice Shawl, March Mosaic Socks, Knit Night, Lazy Summer Scarf, Stay Awhile, Hitchhiker, Brickless, Lintilla, Miss Winkle, Trillian, 22.5 Degrees, Valente, Hitchhands, LaLa’s Simple Shawl, Spring Wind, My Hope, Nine-to-Five Socks, Sprockets Socks, Tiger Socks, Celebratory Socks, Southwestern Socks, Summer Winds Cowl, Cotty Fingerless Gloves, Cannon Beach, Merry Socksters, and so many more!

Loopy LegendsThe Loopy Ewe Loopy Legends in Debbie’s Walk on the Beach, MomSue’s Yellowstone Sunset, and Leslie’s Pipevine Swallowtail.


The regular benefits (and a few rules) apply.

1. If you need yarn for your project, you may take a 15% discount off of the yarn for this project starting today and going through February 26th. You will need to leave us an order note indicating which yarn in the order is for your challenge. We will apply the discount when we print out your order. If you’re going for free shipping in the U.S. make sure that the discount will not take your total under the $75 level, because the website will add the $5.95 postage cost back in. (Discount limited to one project’s worth of yarn for the challenge. Must be ordered in one order, so calculate yardage carefully before ordering.)

ManosManos del Uruguay Alegria in Tannat, Butia, and Fuego.



2. If you purchase project items from us during Challenge Week (2/19-26) or later, and you upload a photo of your completed project to our gallery you could also earn an extra Loopy Credit! Assuming you complete your project and…

  • upload your photo on or before March 31st, we’ll give you a Loopy Credit equal to your original discount;
  • or, if you upload it in April, we’ll give you a Loopy Credit for 75% of your original discount.

For example, if you order $60 for your challenge project during Challenge Week, you’ll get a $9 discount on your order that day. Then, if you finish and upload your project to our photo gallery in March, we’ll put a $9 Loopy Credit in your account. If it takes a bit longer to finish your project and you upload it in April instead, we’ll give you a $6.75 Loopy Credit. (Note: one discount and one Loopy Credit per person.)

Rhichard DevriezeYarns of Rhichard Devrieze in Black Spruce, Cambridge, and Girls Night Out.


3. We will be setting up Challenge Chat Groups on Ravelry on our Loopy Groupie board, based on the predominant color in the yarn that you choose. We’ll have these groups: BreathtakingBlues and PrettyPurples, GrandGreens and BeautifulBrowns, RavishingReds and OutstandingOranges, and YummyYellows and BrilliantBlacks. You pick the one you think most fits the colorway you’re using. (Note – it doesn’t mean you have to have both listed colors in your skein – just whatever color is most dominant or whatever color you like the most in your yarn. If that’s a yellow, then you’re in YummyYellows and Brilliant Blacks, even if your colorway has no black.) If you like chatting with others about projects, join the group that fits the project you have picked out. There are a lot of wonderfully friendly people on our Loopy Groupie board, and I know you’ll enjoy them.

Loopy Seasoning SeriesThe Loopy Ewe Seasoning Series in Harlequin Patchwork, Spring Blooms, and Your Lucky Day


4. You are also welcome to use stash yarn, as long as it’s yarn that we carry here at The Loopy Ewe. You won’t be eligible for the reward credits, but you can certainly participate in the Chat Groups and knit along with us.

Have fun picking out your project and your yarn! You can start in on the project as soon as your yarn arrives, and you know we’ll get your Boxes of Fun right out to you. We’ll look forward to seeing how you color things up for this new challenge.

Sheri decidingbetweenaninfinitycowlandsocksformyproject


  1. Just to confirm – it’s not just the variegated yarns with blocks of color, like TIG. A handpaint like the Cascade Sock Handpaints would also count?

  2. : { Just received a perfect skein of yarn for this challenge yesterday! The biggest stumbling block is that I have two major projects to finish before March 31 for my daughter. Hopefully one will be done in the next week, but the other is fairly complex and I’m not sure how long it will take. If all gets done, then I’ll join in with some of my scruptious handpaints from stash! This is a great challenge!

  3. hmm…can i use two different variegated yarns as long as one of the yarns uses more than 250 yards? one would use about 90 yards and the other would use 900 yards…so technically i would be using more than 250, but are we allowed to mix yarns is my question?

  4. Wow! Great timing! I’m in!!!! Sheri, can we use The Verdant Gryphon yarn – the ones with several colors blended? Not like Love Bug Jr cause I think that’s too close in color. But maybe like the Earth Boring Dung Beetle?! ( I love that name!) I think I’m seeing blues and purples in that one?!
    You are coming up with some great challenges this year!!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!

  5. I’ll be playing from stash. I’ve got a skein of Pashmina in Lichen, or maybe that Seasoning’s in Storm at Sea, or perhaps…. Well, you get the idea. Too many choices in stash!

  6. Such a fun challenge!!! I’ve ordered some gorgeousThree Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino Fingering in Kirsty (which contains a lot of different colors so now I need to decide which group I join). I’m feeling so very virtuous as I’m starting my Christmas knitting with this challenge…..if only I had actually finished my 2013 Christmas knitting already (still working on a shawl for a dear friend that I started this morning, hard to believe that I’m not finished with that yet)!

  7. Cool! I might do a colorwork hat or socks since we can use two colors. 🙂 Otherwise, I have a few shawls in mind for a variegated yarn…

  8. Same question as Lisa! I’ve been wondering about Acrobatic Snail, another great name, and I think very Spring-like colors.

  9. Hi Sandy! Make sure you use a yarn that is multi-colored in your project. Most colorwork patterns use solid colored yarn in a few different colors, which is different. Unless you found one that uses a variegated yarn!

  10. A quick question — will Mountain Colors Bearfoot in “Headwaters” be okay? I ordered several skeins in June, and I’ve completed socks for my mom and almost finished a pair for me — so now hubby’s feet are feeling out in the cold . . . This would be good incentive to start (and finish) his pair.

  11. Hi Sheri
    I read all the comments first but didn’t see this question answered – when does the project need to be completed by? I saw the perk for uploading photo by Mar 31st, and then mention of “if uploaded in April” – does that mean April 30th is the end of the contest?

  12. Leslee – yes, I see blue, green and purple in that skein, so that’s a good one!

    Christienne – You can upload the photo any time, but in order to get the extra perks (if you purchase yarn for it this week), it has to be uploaded in March or by the end of April.

  13. Sheri, I have some Juliespins Persian Violets (from a purchase last January) in my stash I’d like to use. Is this okay for the challenge or is it not variegated enough?
    If it’s not okay I also have Artichoke from the same order and I believe that would work. I would just love to be able to use the Persian Violets to knit Sugared Violets! Thank you, Ellen

  14. Hi Ellen! I see blue plus purple in Persian Violets, so that should work just fine. It will be beautiful in the Sugared Violets pattern!

  15. Hi:

    Still working on Christmas knitting. I ordered 20 skeins of Cascade 220 last fall for a blanket. Still chugging along. Got Jan – Feb challenge yarn waiting in the queue but ordered some highly variegated yarn today just in case I need to start another project. Oh for more time to knit!

    Some of my Wollmeise stash would be great for this project as well

  16. Can I use the Georgia OKeefe Madelinetosh for the Caramic Flowers Cowl? Just wondering if that has enough color difference to count. I can stop by the store tomorrow after work if it works to pick it up.

  17. Hi Kathy! Sure – I see teal green plus gray in that skein, so it works for the challenge. And as long as that cowl pattern uses 250 yards or more, you should be good to go!

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