I know many of you in the south and southeast are getting slammed with more snow and ice. What a crazy winter we’ve had. I thought I’d share some pictures of Winter here in Fort Collins, today. Here’s hoping that Spring is just around the corner. (It must be, because Mama Owl has laid her eggs and is on her nest!)







 Pick a new winter project and stay warm!! (Are you snowbound? Or out and about today?)

Sheri finishedtwohatsthisweek


  1. I live in the southeast corner of Virginia. We would be that tiny spot on the national weather map that is going to have an all-rain event during this major winter storm…even North Carolina’s Outer Banks got snow and ice last night! My son, who is in college 90 miles inland, may get up to a foot of snow and/or ice.

    So, it will pretty much be business as usual here.

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous! What a lovely area. Here in central Texas, I do believe the worst is behind us. Schools were closed yesterday due to ice and our high Sunday is supposed to be 83 degrees.

    I’m working on a cardigan . . which probably will not be worn til next year.

  3. The owl has laid eggs already ? Isn’t it kinda too early for that? I’m in Chicago and I’ve never seen an Owl upclose and personal so I have no idea what their nesting habits are. It’s suppose to warm up to 23F today but there’s plenty of snow and ice around so I can relate to your snowy environment.

    I hope the Owl’s eggs will be alright.

  4. 14 degrees and snowing again here in the Great North Woods! Working on another Catkin for Team Loopy and the Ravellenic Games. Was sorta hoping for the next Loopy Challenge – maybe tomorrow??????

  5. Hi Sheri, thanks for the great snow pictures. since I moved to Florida this winter has been without snow. And NO, I do not miss it. I do feel like I am living in a different country than everyone else because Vince Florida is not having any of the weather that up north is having. There have been only one or two days in the 50’s so far.

  6. Diane – she usually lays her eggs around the end of January and we start seeing the little ones pop their heads over the edge of the nest sometime in April! Of course I had to worry about the mama and the eggs when we had our sub-zero weather last week …..

  7. Hi Sheri –
    Love those pix!
    I’m in the northeastern tip of NJ – we have had some weird winter weather & we’re due for a whopper tonight into tomorrow. Seems like things will be in snow delay if they are forecasting correctly for our area. I’ll be home knitting a baby boy blanket for a friend’s sister. And working on a prayer shawl for church. And a scarf for myself… 😉 Can’t have just one project!
    Everyone affected, stay warm – everyone enjoying warmth, send some our way! lol 🙂

  8. Wonderful photos. I’m west of DC, and we’re expecting a “major” event tonight and into tomorrow. They are promising as much as 14 inches of snow which is a lot for us. We’ve had more, but not in a while. I’m knitting on my Ravellenic Song of the Sea cowl project and also have a Geology shawl well in progress. Glad I have lots of good knitting to keep me entertained, along with a zillion hours of Olympics coverage, and that I am not scheduled to work tomorrow! It’s just a good time to stay in and stay busy.

  9. There’s one day next week I think they said it would be in the low 70’s. We really haven’t had much snow this winter, but did have some very cold temps the past couple weeks. I wasn’t out much last week, but have been catching up this week, as I was getting cabin fever. Winter is not over yet and we sometimes get some snow or colder weather the end of Feb./first part of March.

    I know people who live in areas that get a lot of snow though are ready for winter to be over.

  10. You guys will hate me since I live in Southern California Sheri’s pics are so so beautiful but I have friends back East and everyone is so so so done with winter. I wish I could send you our sunny weather!!!!!!

  11. Our turn for fabulous sunshine here in ILLINOIS! Yesterday’s low was -22, but today’s high was +21. I can take the cold, if I just have lots of SUN. I started a YELLOW project in honor of my need for sun! Makes me feel good just to knit on it!

  12. Love the pix, Sheri, but ever so glad to get 56 lovely degrees, tomorrow. Yes!

    I’m working on a Girasole for a baby blanket.

    Came in to TLE today. Happiness plus!!

  13. Ice bound here in South Carolina. Got about a quarter inch last night, then 2 inches of snow today, and more freezing rain falling now. Expecting an inch of ice. So far we have power, though the internet went out at 8 this morning. I’ve finished one WIP, almost done with a second, then on to a third. Channeling my inner Miss Marple.

  14. Our owls are nesting also. One is in the nest and the other is always in a tree nearby. Not sure, but we suspect they trade off keeping the eggs warm so that both adults get a chance to hunt and eat.

    Enjoying the thaw that finally seems to have begun today. Hope to get in to see you soon.

  15. The snow in my part of Ohio…is now all dirty and ice…I am so ready for it to go away to get a fresh batch …cause I LOVE snow!….:)

  16. Love the pictures, but really…has no one knit-bombed that poor girl on the swing?
    We are expecting our second snow in this week, tomorrow here in Tokyo. It had been an uneventful winter (meaning sunny and not too cold) until last weekend. You guys in the States should send all this snow to the Sierras! They will thank you for the drinking water next year.
    Cool about the owls. 🙂

  17. love the girl on the swing! but yes she needs to be yarn-bombed.
    a mere 15 ins of snow here in suburban DC, where more is coming and drifts have pushed it up past my waist. Knitting mittens for myself, better late than never.

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