Frozen in Iowa and a CONTEST!

392I’m back from several days in Iowa, where it is COLD COLD COLD. I grew up in Iowa. I should know how cold it is there. But apparently, I had forgotten. Snow on the ground, gray skies, and windy freezing cold weather. I went to visit my mother-in-law for her birthday. I’m lucky to have a great mother-in-law. I know not everyone likes theirs, but I love mine! We had a great time shopping, eating out, enjoying coffee, and watching movies. If you’re ever near Clinton, Iowa, try 392 Caffe on Second Avenue. Awesome coffee and hot chocolate. (So good that we went two days in a row.) 392 is the temperature at which coffee beans start to roast.

IowaFrom there, I headed to Cedar Falls to visit my forever friends, Steve and Janice for a couple of days. All of you Spring Flingers know Janice and her daughter Kirstin (the cake ball maker), so I had them pose with Kirstin’s husband Alex so I could share it with you! Kirstin got married the weekend of our last Spring Fling (last April) and she and her hubby are expecting baby #1 this March. I made the baby hat and booties for her that I shared on last week’s blog. (Thanks for all of your sweater suggestions – so helpful!) Janice plans to be back for the Fall Fling this year, and I know you all will be glad to have her there again. I will, too!

Back to the cold – when I left the Des Moines airport yesterday, it was freezing and so windy. I was glad to be back to Denver, where it was a balmy 31. And happy to see my hubby, who held down the fort at home while I was gone.

photoIn my knitting bag: I’m test knitting an upcoming Giftables pattern, have socks to finish, need to get back to my Funky Grandpa sweater, and am ready to cast on something with The Verdant Gryphon’s Bugga. I haven’t decided on the pattern yet.

On my sewing table: Reds, teals and chocolates in Fat Quarters and one yard pieces, waiting to become a coffee cup wall hanging.

What does your knitting bag or sewing table look like? Leave a comment below and one of you will win this cute “Taste of Wollmeise” bag that I brought home from Germany with me last fall! Aren’t the mini skeins adorable? (This is not something we can get to sell here, but you can buy these from Claudia’s website in Germany.) Each little skein is 30 gr. and there are 12 skeins in the zippered pouch. I’ll be sending it off to one of you next week!

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  1. I didn’t have much room in my car when I moved into my new apartment, so my knitting bag contains all my favorite yarns in blues and blacks. I’ve also got a whole bunch of projects to finish: baby blanket for my godson, a silver sweater, a slouchy hipster hat, some slippers for my dads birthday, and a cowl for my roommates birthday.

  2. I have a few rotating knitting bags, but they all have some things in common. They are usually a bit of a mess, but generally speaking they have a tool pouch, (scissors, stitch markers, darning needles, tape measure, etc) one to three project bags, (main, current project, a small project like a cowl or socks, and one with many teeny tiny mochimochi mini skeins, with a bag of polyfil fluff) notepad, pen, lotion, nail file, various knitting needles, a calculator, and a crochet hook. My main knitting bag also has a small pouch with tiny magnets and random teeny-tiny mochimochi creations for giving away, and probably a stray snack like a granola bar or peanut butter crackers.

  3. I have so many knitting bags! They all have the essentials – scissors, stitch markers, crochet hook, etc. My favorite (the boxy bag with black cats & red umbrellas) has a Miss Winkle shawl that I am working up in Wollmeise!

  4. Oh what a fun contest and what a LOVELY bag of yarn!!!! I’ve never tried Wollemiesse and would love to!

    My knitting bag… oh my, it is chukka full! Of course chapstick and scissors and glasses wipes and a few hard candies are always in the pocket. Then there is the knitting…. I am working on Dryad which is a cabled scarf, using Madtosh Pashmina in Tart. It is nearly finished and I love it! Then I have a shawl “Creedence” for my good friend and I am using some yarn that I spun, it is so fun to knit with your own yarn! Then I have 2 shawls that are MKAL from Ysolda that I am doing on Ravelry. I started with one but finished the first clue so quickly that I had to try a different combination, it is called Follow your Arrow and is really fun. I also have a bag with socks that need to be finished and a two other shawlettes, same pattern. It was written by my aunt called “Ruth’s Entrelac Butterfly Shawl” and they are so fun to make!!! So… LOTS and LOTS of knitting going on here!!!!

  5. My knitting bag is packed with a few other bags containing works in progress, a random skein or two that I still need to find a project for, a bunch of knitting notions, and a few patterns.

  6. My knitting bag consists of two pairs of socks in progress, knitting notions, and the pattern for one pair of socks. Also along for the knitting bag ride is Kleenex, mints, bottled water and granola bar – I knit a lot on the go so my bag is prepared for anything, including the potential for delayed commuter trains.

  7. My knitting bag has a lot of pockets to fill out with notions and needles and then the main area where I keep all my knitting projects.

  8. So we agree that knitting bag (singular) really can’t apply to we knitters, right?! But in one of oh so many, I have just finished a hat for hubby and am working on socks on straights. There is also a sweater started multiple times since I can’t seem to decide on a size. Sewing is pretty much in my past, but I do have a pair of pants to repair for Dad.
    Wish I had some of that great coffee right now to warm me up!

  9. I don’t really have a knitting bag, although I do have a little box bag of socks in my bag all the time. But my “projects container” is my aunt’s mother in law’s antique foldable knitting basket. I love it.

  10. I have several baskets & storage tubs with WIP. Some just have socks & hats & others have large afghans that I am working on for my children as a keepsake. Most of my projects are not quick knits but very labor intensive.

  11. Which knitting table? Only kidding, I have one very messy craft table, it has scrapbooking supplies, fabric pieces and of course yarn and lots of the things that goes with yarn. I also have yarn in baskets and bags pretty much all over the house. I love it!

  12. My bag has a half finished sweater, one finished and one unfinished sock, and the back of a teddy bear. Oh, and a baby sweater that just came off the needles that needs buttons sewed on and then blocking.

  13. No sewing bag right now – not enough space. Evidently 2014 will be the year of the sweater. I was laid off while on sick leave in December so I’m now knitting and job hunting. Thank goodness for stash!!

  14. I am working on a few pairs of socks this week (took a class with Cat Bordhi). For sewing, I have some purple fabric I bought to make myself a project bag. Been putting off the sewing as I wait for my new machine.

  15. I have the second sock on needles in my bag nestled beside the Downton Abbey MKAL. I am also working on the Gloucester coat from Interweave Knits in a beautiful green wool. It’s a bulky yarn on size 8’s and the progress is slow!

  16. My knitting bag is in between projects. I just finished a fox hat for DS #1, and I am going to start a hedgehog pin cushion for my mom. On my desk is a Winter Myster Shawl KAL that I am several weeks behind on, but keep knitting on it every day.

  17. My knitting bag, which I received from The Loooy Ewe, currently has a cowl and a shawl.- as well as all the notions needed to take along.
    Love the bag. It is big and sturdy and see thru, so I know what projects are in it.It also has great handles making it easy to carry.

  18. My knitting bag currently looks a mess because I had to frog back a very cute but slow hat for my daughter out of KPPPM and KPM. My usual state of crafting is what my husband calls my “nest” – a ring of supplies and tools around me on the couch. 🙂

  19. My sewing room, and table, is a disaster. I can barely walk in the space. We had to do some bathroom construction and the bathroom wall is also my craft room wall. So I had to move my book cases and everything on them, and my 4 drawer industrial sized, full to the rim, file cabinet and everything in it. I have piles of stuff all over the floor and furniture sitting haphazardly waiting to be put back in place. I could cry just looking into the room. We’re still not done with our repairs so it could be a while before I’m back in there crafting.

  20. Right now, my knitting bags are full of yarn I bought at the Loopy Ewe last year. I’m currently knitting socks for both my Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law plus some for both my husband and myself. I also just finished a hat out of some yarn I (impulse) bought during the Black Friday sale 🙂

  21. I have many knitting bags … one of them has 2-1/2 skeins of leftover black (natural) alpaca fingering for a project that I haven’t dreamed yet. One has a bunch of purple Debbie Bliss Donegal tweed yarn for the project I’m knitting, and the other has a sweater back and one side in the Donegal tweed. I know there’s a few more around here …

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