Loopy’s Challenge – Mixing it Up!

Loopy's Challenge LogoOne of our favorite things around here is the Loopy Quarterly Challenges. It’s so fun to see how you all take a challenge and come up with such varied results! We’ve been offering the challenges for seven years now, and we want to mix things up a little for 2014. We’re going to be calling these Loopy’s Challenge, and the first one starts today! Here’s how it works:

1. This first challenge is to “mix” things up. You can do a project that mixes two different patterns together, or a project that mixes two different weights of yarn together (like the Shibui Baby DK and Silk Cloud shown below), or a project that mixes two different materials together (like yarn plus beads, shown below in Malabrigo Sock). One project, 300 yard minimum!

2. If you need yarn for your project, you may take a 15% discount off of the materials for this project starting today and going through December 18th. If you’re doing a yarn plus beads project, Shibui Baby DK Silk Cloud The Loopy Ewewe will also include the beads in the discount. You will need to leave us an order note indicating which yarn (and beads, if you’re using those) in the order is for your challenge. We will apply the discount when we print out your order. If you’re going for free shipping in the U.S. make sure that the discount will not take your total under the $75 level, because the website will add the $5.95 postage cost back in. (Discount limited to one project’s worth of yarn/beads for the challenge. Must be ordered in one order, so calculate yardage carefully before ordering.)

3. If you purchase project items from us during Challenge Week (12/11 – 12/18) or later, and you upload a photo of your completed project to our gallery you could also earn an extra Loopy Credit! Assuming you complete your project and…

  • upload your photo on or before January 31st, we’ll give you a Loopy Credit equal to your original discount;
  • or, if you upload it in February, we’ll give you a Loopy Credit for 75% of your original discount.

For example, if you order $60 for your challenge project during Challenge Week, you’ll get a $9 discount on your order that day. Then, if you finish and upload your project to our photo gallery in January, we’ll put a $9 Loopy Credit in your account. If it takes a bit longer to finish your project and you upload it in February instead, we’ll give you a $6.75 Loopy Credit. (Note: one discount and one Loopy Credit per person.)

Malabrigo and Beads The Loopy Ewe4. We will be setting up Challenge Chat Groups on Ravelry on our Loopy Groupie board. There will be a group for Pattern Mixers, a group for Yarn Mixers, and a group for Material Mixers. If you like chatting with others about projects, join the group that fits the project you have picked out. There are a lot of wonderfully friendly people on our Loopy Groupie board, and I know you’ll enjoy them.

5. You are also welcome to use stash yarn, as long as it’s yarn that we carry here at The Loopy Ewe. You won’t be eligible for the reward credits, but you can certainly participate in the Chat Groups and knit along with us.

Have fun picking out your project and your yarn! You can start in on the project as soon as your yarn arrives (if you need a little break from the busyness of the season) or after the holidays (if you’re too busy to start something new right now). We’ll look forward to seeing how you “mix things up” for this new challenge.

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  1. I’m super excited about this challenge! I was hoping for a challenge where I could knit a beaded shawl. I already have the yarn the yarn and the beads (both purchased from TLE earlier this year and needed a little extra push to get it started! wahoo!

  2. Just placed my order. Can’t wait to get started – sounds like a really fun challenge! Once again, thank you, Sheri, for making knitting so enjoyable!

  3. Sounds great- I’m all in! Sheri, maybe I’m having a blond moment or something, but Is this an extra challenge in addition to the quarterly challenges or is this going to be a new type of quarterly challenge? And is the exact deadline the end of January or the end of February? I know you don’t get full credit if you upload in Feb but is that the actual deadline? I want to make sure I don’t screw up the directions! And believe me, right now, that would be easy for me to do! Thanks so much!!!

  4. Hi Lisa – glad you’re knitting along with us! This is our new Challenge system. We used to run into trouble with 2nd quarter challenge overlapping with Camp Loopy, so this new schedule will help. The actual due date of the first one is the end of February.

    Then we’ll have a March/April Loopy’s Challenge.

    June/July/August will be Camp Loopy.

    September/October will be our third Loopy’s Challenge for the year.

    And we’ll take off in November/December, as everyone is busy focusing on gift knitting.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Oooh…. I’ve been thinking about doing a Midtown/Perianth mashup for a while now. Using the basic pattern from Midtown (a skirt), but the continuous colorwork chart from Perianth. My biggest fear is that it’ll look too cutesy (I’m going for something I can wear professionally. Maybe a careful color choice could fix that…

  6. It actually is 30 degrees here hut delicious not Fahrenheit so very warm . However , I never stop knitting so this looks very interesting 🙂

  7. Hi Lisa, I know, I know the yarn in the lower picture….. but could you confirm, please. Is it a DIC yarn? Would like to get some…..

  8. Love the new schedule and maybe just maybe if I use every challenge for Christmas gifts I might actually finish all my Christmas knitting next year.
    Yup you guessed it there will be a lot midnight oil being burned up in the Great North Woods trying to finish this years.
    Thanks Sheri— Love the all the challenges —- helps keep me focused — some of the time that is!

  9. Thanks so much for explaining, Sheri!!! I do understand completely now!!!! I am going to write the schedule in my planner so I won’t forget! It’s good to mix things up sometimes in life, isn’t it?! Especially for those of us who usually stick to the same stuff all the time! :).

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