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Blue Sky Royal Kits The Loopy EweWe’re back with our Random Acts of Kindness Friday blog posts for the month of December! If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you might know that this is a fun tradition that we share around the holidays. (You can find links to past RAK posts here, if you need some ideas!) We encourage you to go out of your way to do something nice for someone (anonymously or otherwise), and then come back to the comments section on this post and tell us about it. Why tell us about it, when the nice thing to do is to be humble about your acts of kindness? Well, because we’re all inspired and encouraged by your great ideas and kind hearts. And to encourage you a bit further, we’ll be randomly drawing names from the comments to win one of these sweet kits from Blue Sky Alpacas! Included in each kit is the pattern (mitts, cowls, hats) and yarn to make the kit (small balls of Blue Sky Royal – the most luscious alpaca around). We had this trunk show at the shop in November and loved the little kits so much that we quickly knit up samples to keep on display, when it was time to send the trunk show back to Blue Sky! We’ve had these for sale in-store for a month now, and will add them to the website next week. But – you might win one for free if you participate in our December contests by doing something nice for someone!

Hat KnittingHere’s something fun that Melissa in California does for her co-workers every year. She knits them hats! This year, she used Cascade 220 and made them in all colors of the rainbow. I’d say those are some lucky co-workers, wouldn’t you? And that is a whole bunch of RAK’s all at one time. You don’t have to knit for this contest (although you can if you’d like). You can visit a lonely relative, buy coffee for the person behind you in the drive-through, pack up extra yarn and drop it off at your local retirement center, shovel your neighbor’s driveway, clean the snow off your co-worker’s windshield at the end of the day, make cookies for the teacher’s lounge at your local school, or any number of other things. (See why we need you to leave a comment telling us what you did? It gives the rest of us more good ideas!) Pick something to do in the next week, and come back to this blog post to tell us about it. Next Friday, I’ll announce the winner from this week and we’ll start a new contest for next Friday’s blog. Be creative and have fun with it! Β Need some more inspiration? Watch this video. At the end, it will take you to a screen with 12 more videos of RAK’s. Heartwarming!

Sheri hopingyouhaveagreatweekend!


  1. Kinda silly sounding….but yesterday we went to the cemetery to decorate the graves of hubby’s family for the holidays. And there are so many ignored looking graves out there midst the decorated ones. Makes me sad. So we had some extras, and so a few of the loneliest graves got some holiday decorations.

  2. I just got 3 skeins of “red” yarn from you guys to weave at least 2 scarves for the Red Scarf Project, the first one is on the loom and 1/2 woven. Rigid heddle, plain weave, goes super fast.

    Not that I don’t have Christmas prep to do but this seemed like the thing to do right now.

  3. I work at a large university, and this year one of the clubs on campus had a “Socks for Seniors” drive requesting donations of new socks. I had just completed a beautiful pair of socks that (very unfortunately) were too small for me or any of my sock-worthy friends and family, so I decided the socks would be a nice treat for a senior. I dropped the small socks in the donation bin just as the contents of the bin were being collected. I had to reassure the nice young lady that they were clean, never worn and that, indeed, socks could be made by hand.

  4. My RAK group just met last night πŸ™‚ We (12 women) meet monthly and each donate $20. Whoever is hosting gets to donate to the cause of their choice. It’s a great group, and a lot of fun and good come from it. I think everyone should be part of a group like this!

  5. My Christmas card list is not very long. I try to concentrate on the older friends and family members the most, esp. those that I don’t have the opportunity to visit with very often. I addressed my leftover cards to seniors at the local nursing home just last evening!

  6. I’m a portrait photographer and I know there are a lot of families down on their luck this year. I have given away one free family session (with prints) and I would love to give away another. If you know anyone in the Northern Colorado area who could use some family portraits please feel free to email me and I will send you the information. Blessings!


  7. Wednesday I donated cans of apple pie filling to our food bank to add to the seasons flavors. I am sure that people get tired of green beans and corn. I know that I would!

  8. Flew to Colorado for a week to help a friend’s family during the birth of their second child. Have spent the week as nanny and house cleaner – just finished a very satisfying scrubbing of the refrigerator!

  9. There are two ladies in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that collect hats for underprivileged folks around here, since it gets so cold. One is called Hats for the Homeless, and the other is called Merrie’s Hat Tree. They have drastically different methods of distribution, but they both do good work, so I’ve been knitting hats and splitting between them! 4 donated so far, with 4 more to drop off!

  10. For the last 4 years I’ve volunteered as an AARP tax preparer, to help seniors get their taxes done and get the credits that they deserve. There is great satisfaction in helping seniors that have so little.

  11. My husband needed to have radiation treatments 5 days a week for 8 weeks. We decided to make Tuesdays cookie day and I made a few dozen cookies for staff and patients. Upon treatments end I knit scarves for all the treatment staff.

  12. Scarves and hats to the Merchant Marine Seaman’s Church every year – some years I get plenty done, others only a few.

  13. Knitters from my LYS, including me, make hats for a local hospital’s Angel Heart program. The hats are for miscarried and stillborn babies. The hats, along with some other items, provide the parents of these babies with a tangible memory of their child. Some of the hats also go to premature infants.

  14. My favorite RAK is buying a coffee for the person behind me in the drive through. It is just something that can make any day bright.

  15. I paid for lunch for the man in front of me at the register while he was counting up his dollar bills. He was adding one small thing at a time so that he wouldn’t go over what he could afford that day. When he thanked me I told him he could do something nice for someone else!

  16. Our family for several years now has drawn names for Christmas but we don’t buy a gift for each other, instead we pick a charity to donate to in that person’s name. I got Mom’s name and a bag full of toys are under our office holiday tree in her name where we collect for Toys for Tots so next week the Marines will come collect them all.

  17. This has nothing to do yarn or knitting. My husband is a doctor. At the hospital where he’s an attending physician, there is something called the Medical Staff Office that supports the doctors, not with money but with any help that they can. It’s staffed by some really wonderful ladies. The doctors are often short-tempered and rude, sometimes on purpose because the doctor thinks they are above the help, but more often because they are pressed for time with patients and their families pulling at them. Knowing this, I periodically bring in lunch or pastries or even bake for them and sometimes I bring in flowers or balloons. The Medical Staff Office ladies work really hard to make the doctors’ work at the hospital run smoothly and are truly not appreciated. It’s just a small token to show them how much they are valued.

  18. It’s almost 2 years since I moved in to this lovely community, but I am about to make a big overseas move very soon. My neighbor is a widow and really loved the fact that a family with small children moved in next door after it was vacant for years (I’m just always ashamed of how much noise our children can make, but she loves the fact that she can here our children sing in the bath, which can go on for an hour…). Over the last months we have grown closer, with occasional meals together, sharing of food, sweeping the leaves outside, etc.. I think I will make an extra effort to be kind, and we are all going to the zoo together. I hope I can knit her something soon, but until then, I think I will gift my bright red triangle shawl because she likes bright colors and deserves some cheerfulness in her life!

  19. I’ve just made some moisture bars for my sons teachers and teacher aides; I felt like making the extra effort to acknowledge the extra effort they’ve put into both my boys educations this year. I also like that they’re totally natural and something that most people will actually use.

  20. Over the years I’ve heard about friends of friends of friends who have cancer. I knit these strangers (sometimes people I know) chemo caps. They are very quick knits and are so very much appreciated. They give warmth and comfort. Nancy – Menomonee Falls WI

  21. I saw the Meals on Wheels car parked crookedly off the side of the road near my home early the other morning. The driver, who said it was her first week, said the car had just quit and she thought it was a dead battery. AAA said it would be at least an hr before they could reach her. I helped her jump start it and offered to take the meals to three of her people who live right near my street.

  22. One of my jobs is located across the street from a homeless camp so I always see people walking around all day over there. I took a pile of blankets with me to work yesterday and passed them out to a few of the people. It was 28 degrees and I felt horrible for them! Sadly there were children there πŸ™

  23. I donated my collection of boxed Muffy Vanderbears to the Toys for Tots campaign in Md. I thought the kids would enjoy them.

  24. I knit Hats for Sailors. Google the project and join us. The hats outfit an entire ship (or two) for leisure wear, so they can be any color and any pattern., which make them a loot of fun to knit. Yarn must be 100% wool, and super wash, but other than that, use your imagination. They got almost 600 hats in November for the sailors. Great project, great people.

  25. I gave a working smart phone that i was going to trade in to a military mom of four, hers broke, and they dont have a house phone. πŸ™‚

  26. It has been miserably rainy here in Georgia lately, so I skipped a primo parking space in the front lot at work today and parked around back since I had my umbrella. Hopefully, that left the space for someone who could make a mad dash into work and not be totally drenched if he/she forgot an umbrella.

  27. There are three high school girls who catch the school bus at my daughter’s bus stop. This morning the bus was running very late and it was cold, so I gave all the girls a ride to school and saved the other moms a trip.

  28. We’ve been having a rough year here at work and morale has been pretty low. I bought desk-sized poinsettias for my co-workers to spread some Christmas cheer. Everyone was all smiles this morning – that’s saying something for a Monday morning!

  29. One of my lab mates is shall we say organizationally challenged and managed to misplace his hats (or possibly never owned one but pretended he did), so I knitted him a hat over the weekend in a nice boring manly dark brown. I’ve got the yarn picked out for when he loses that hat and needs another one.

  30. We had our first snow here yesterday. Our neighbor is in his 80’s and his son lives with him. The son had spinal surgery this year, and hasn’t fully recovered. My husband made arrangement weeks ago for one of the neighborhood kids to come shovel snow for us on a “contract” basis. So yesterday we asked him to shovel our neighbor’s walk and stairs and we paid for it. We called the neighbor and told him about it (didn’t want him to think that some kids were going to shovel the walk and then hold him up for payment) and said it was our Christmas present to him. He was thrilled, because we also made arrangements for Mac to shovel his walk every time he does ours (at his expense going forward, cause he can afford it and we can’t afford both)

  31. We went to visit my little sister in Boulder, Colorado this weekend. She just started a new job and moved into her own place. There was a problem with the natural gas pipelines in Boulder this weekend, and she didn’t have any heat. I helped her out with some chores so that she could take some time and rest on her birthday.

  32. A friend of mine collects clothing and items for a small charity that is located in a couple of St. Louis schools. The charity provides warm, clean clothes for children who might come to school in need. I was shopping at Costco and picked up some packages of socks in children’s sizes and gave them to her at knitting today.

  33. We took a bunch of extra books to the elementary school library, pulled out a bunch of coats for the school coat drive, and dropped off a couple bags of toys in the toy donation bin this morning. Little girl has been having so much fun being generous.

  34. We have a Caring Tree project at work where we “adopt” a family and take care of Christmas for them. They also ask for hats and mittens for the children to keep them warm. This year is especially cold in our area, so I’m trying to crank out pairs of wool mittens before the deadline of December 16th. I’m working on pair 6 as we speak! I’m also trying to make them bright, colorful and cheerful!
    Thank goodness I like football on Sundays! πŸ˜‰

  35. I just mailed a medium sized box of very lovely items to a dear friend who just turned 57. She is always so hospitable when we visit her and goes out of her way to make us comfortable and entertained. We live in the “bush” so she has not visited us very often;they live near the largest city in Canada so we go there many times. I included a beautiful scarf, a premium luxury brand hand cream, some blueberry tea and a Scrabble mug with the first letter of her name on it (she is a Scrabble nut) I know she will be over the moon as we don;t as a rule exchange gifts. But she deserves it.

  36. I’m carrying blankets and pet food in my car. When I see someone (usually at an intersection or freeway exit ramp) asking for help, I give a little cash. I also offer a blanket, and if they have an animal with them, a few servings of pet food in a zip bag.

  37. I picked a name off a dove tree. I don’t know the girl, but she is 10 years old and there was a list of some things she was needing, so I got her a pair of jeans, a cute sweater, some undies, a cool pair of socks (no, I didn’t knit them:( ), and a book of popular flute music, as I understand she is studying the flute. I hope she likes my fashion picks for her and I hope she and her family have a blessed Christmas.

  38. An older man was attempting to back out of his parking spot with an extra long pickup. This was made more difficult by large piles of snow. I helped direct him so he could make full use of the little bit of space he had and not hit vehicles behind him. He was thrilled.

  39. Two of my girlfriends and I made our annual 3 day Christmas shopping trip. At a “rest stop” in Ohio, we were in the bathroom and heard a woman talking on the phone and crying. We found her in the parking lot (two toddlers in her van) and asked if we could help. She didn’t have enough gas to get home (2 hour drive) and didn’t know what to do. We each gave her some of our “shopping” money and wished her well. We prayed for her safety and it was a good feeling to help a young mom in need.

  40. This weekend I baked cookies and helped to give them out at an event that provides free gift certificates to local families that might not otherwise have the money to afford Christmas presents for their kids.

  41. Made my first Red Scarf Project scarf and will mail it off tomorrow.

    Great cause and wonderful organizers.

    If you are doing a red scarf for thus group, it must be RECEIVED by them by Dec. 15!

  42. I gifted a crocheted headband I’d been trying out to a coworker who admired it last week. To make it more special, I crocheted a lovely flower to dress it up for her.

  43. Standing in the checkout line today, they were calling for employees to go out and get carts. It’s been bitterly cold here, so I ran over, added a box of the thermal hand warmers to my cart, and on my way out asked to see the manager on duty. I gave her the box, and asked her to give them to the kids getting carts, and to the bell ringer out in front of the store.

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