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My friend Maria in Germany knit these gorgeous gloves and gave them to me when I was visiting. I just love them. I have often pondered over this designer’s amazing glove patterns, but haven’t had the gumption to give them a try. This is Eve, knit up in Wollmeise Pure in the Sabrina colorway (which happens to be one of my favorite Wollmeise colors.) The beads are worked in to both sides of the gloves.


Here are some gloves and mitts completed by other Loopy knitters this year, in case you need some more ideas and inspiration!

Maia Fingerless Mitts (done in ShibuiKnits Staccato).


Celtic Flower Mittens (done in Dream in Color Classy):


Knotty Gloves (done in Hand Maiden’s Casbah Sock):


Nunt’s Cabled Wristwarmers (done in Shalimar Breathless):


Lady Eowyn (done in Madelinetosh Sock):


Eugenia’s Mittens (done in Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino Worsted):


and Wanderlust Mitts (done in Dream in Color Cashmere Blend Worsted):


Looking at all of these pictures has me wanting to make some mittens or mitts again. Gloves have a lot of fingers to knit, which holds me back a little. Although I did hear a good tip – poke each finger inside out (back into the palm of the glove) after knitting it, so it’s not hanging around and getting in the way when you’re working on the other fingers. That sounded like a good plan.

Do you have a favorite glove/mitten/mitt pattern? If so, share it in the comments so we can check it out, too!

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  1. All those mittens and gloves are sooooo yummy. I find that Ann Budd’s The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns is my go to book for basic mittens. I have the Cinmaugara wristlets by Melanie Berg in my queue.

  2. My favorite glove pattern has been from an issue of the Piecework magazine ( Jan/Feb 1996), the Norwegian Glove pattern. I’ve made these so many times ! It started with knitting the left hand and starting the right hand , BUT forgetting to work the chart the opposite way ! So, I had 2 left hands….ended up with multiple pairs !

  3. I like the Knucks pattern from Knitty. Made a pair several years ago and just recently have considered making another pair.

  4. I love two patterns, the Very Cabley Mittens and just about any basic Thrummed Mitten pattern. They are both available on Ravelry, and both are FREE patterns (always a nice thing).

  5. Hey, those are my Knotty Gloves! (Blushes that you used my pic). I’m looking at the designer you just posted and I’m drooling. Our knitting group is doing a mitten/glove swap for our Christmas party this year, and depending on who I’m knitting for, one of these patterns will get chosen.

  6. One of my favorite ‘gift’ fingerless mitts patterns is Fetching. I make them longer in the cuff and at the knuckles, but they are easy to knit and lovely to wear.

  7. I made a pair of Fetchings on a road trip across Kansas (from Colorado to northwest Arkansas) partly to just have something to do and partly to knit with some Kool-aid dyed yarn (newly dyed, hence the fascination). When we got to Arkansas I asked my daughter to model them for Ravelry photos. Haven’t seen them since (and, she’s asked for more).

  8. I’ve only made one pair of mittens, and one pair of fingerless mitts, both for Loopy projects. I found that they weren’t all that scary, and that they were kind of fun! Of course, I haven’t gotten around to making anything else, but I may just have to try the Woody fingerless gloves on Julia Mueller’s list. Thanks for sharing that!

  9. My favorite are the Knotty gloves. I had never knitted gloves before . First pair I knitted was a Christmas present for my mother. Take the plunge Sheri- they are a lot of fun to knit! 😉

  10. I made a Jared Flood mitten pattern for a loopy project last winter. Only I made them fingerless with an attached top for ease. It was out of the Stitch Red book. These mittens were definitely a challenge! Slipped stitches, cables, bobbles, knit, purl, you name it!!! The end result though? I love them and wear them all the time when it’s cold to walk Dora! You can see them in the 1st Quarter Challenge 2013 project pages at Loopy. :).

  11. I work a few hours each week in my LYS, and our Knit-Along project for November is the “Manly Mittens” from Knitty. They are the simplest color-work mittens I have ever seen. I have knit the shop sample and another pair for myself, and I love both of them.

  12. I second what Ann said. If you have a fab hat and want mittens in the same yarn (but the designer didn’t create a mitten pattern), I go for Ann Budd’s book. I’ve even made mittens using superbulky yarn from her pattern, and they still fit and feel great.

  13. I have Thrummed Mittens and Winter Wonder Mittens in my queue. I need to keep my fingers warm so gloves and fingerless gloves are out.

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