A New Batch of Knitters

Happy Shoppers The Loopy EweLast week I spent several days with some of my sweetest friends in the world. We met almost 20 years ago when we were consultants for a scrapbooking company, and started doing our own yearly retreats soon after that. The group of 12 hails from several different states, so it’s extra special when we can all agree on one weekend and make it happen! We used to scrapbook when we got together. Now we shop and eat and talk all weekend. And guess what else? This time, I taught everyone to knit. And they all loved it!! A few of them came in early to visit Loopy and they quickly started shopping. (And texting to get orders from the ones who hadn’t arrived yet. Please note, they all had to get bags, too. They are bag ladies, just like me.) It was so fun to have them in the shop, and then to see them get to the point where they really enjoyed their projects. (You know, the first hour or so of knitting just feels awkward. New KnittersBut if you stick with it, you get to the point where it’s relaxing and fun, right?) On our last day, I got a few of them to pose, showing the progress they made on their scarves. (See Susan on the left? She finished! Two skeins of Malabrigo Worsted, turned into a gorgeous scarf.) What a fun weekend. Now I think they all need to become Loopy Groupies, don’t you? 🙂 (Check out the Aspens and the snow on the mountains in the background. It was beautiful up in the mountains!)

Do you have a group of friends that you get together with regularly? If not, you could always start one!

Sheri alreadylookingforwardtobeingwiththemagainnextyear!


  1. What a wonderful fun group you have! How great that you got them involved in what you love. I have a friend from pre-school who I’ve stayed in touch with for more than 65 years…. Just had a birthday lunch with him last week. Friends are a priceless treasure!

  2. Being a bag person myself had to check out the bags – is it the Blue Q line? I have a Namaste in my cart at the moment and hoping to use my credit to buy. Can’t wait.

  3. What a fun looking group. It is a treat to spend concentrated time with friends, isn’t it? And I’m not a bag person, but some of those were so gorgeous it made me think I might need to shop TLE for a bag, if they didn’t get all the good ones. ;^)

  4. Oh, my, you know how you read what you expect to see? (why I’m a terrible proof reader) I read your headline as “A new batch of kittens”! I’m as sheepish as Loopy!

  5. Wow, looks like you girls had a great time! Welcome to the Dark Side, ladies! 😉 Yes, they most definitely will become groupies! And the scarves look great! Love the color choices!!

    There was a knit night at the LYS when I moved here, but the LYS closed because I didn’t buy it (long story), so there is no more knit night. I do, however, knit with my Goddaughter on a regular basis. I’ve gotten more finished since I moved here than I have in months!

  6. We do have a knit group. We knit most Monday evenings, currently at Panera, until they close and mop us out the door. Good friends, including one granddaughter, good food, good times. I wouldn’t be happy to lose this evening. I hope we can manage to stay together for a long time to come. This said, we have already been knitting together for close to 5 years, I think. The group changes here and there but we keep knitting along. Wow! Doesn’t seem that long.

  7. I work every other Saturday in our local scrapbook store. I have taught the girl that I work with how to knit and she is now making a scarf for her daughter and hoping to get it finished for Christmas. We have Staff crops several times a year and I always taking my knitting, because sometimes I just need to regroup and knitting is very relaxing.

  8. I travel for business and have missed my regular knitting group for a month now. Can’t wait to see what they are up to next time.

    This summer when I was on the road for a month I made up for he lack of my knitting group by visiting my ole friend The Loopy Ewe ( I live in St. Louis) previous home to loop Ewe.

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