Sweet Georgia, Kauni, Hand Maiden, and More!

Kauni EQ The Loopy EweWe added a lot of pretty colors to the website in tonight’s Monday Update! Just up:

Kauni 8/2 Effekgarn – this popular color-changing yarn is so fun to work with. I made a Citron out of the chocolate/tan/ecru color (you can see it here), but there are so many pretty patterns that would work well with it. Check out the Tallin ShawlWingspan,Boneyard ShawlTGVMon Petit Gilet Raye (I linked to the really pretty sweater out of Kauni – you can click to the pattern from there) or Northern Lights.. Of course you can also intermix the Kauni (which is a sportweight) with other solids to really show off the colors, too. Check out the Fly With Me Coat (which may be incredibly expensive … or not … I can’t tell. But it’s gorgeous!), Thistle, or Dreambird. I could go on and on with patterns for this – it’s just so fun. Remember, Kauni is not a superwash merino wool – it’s not as soft as merino, and it does felt if you toss it in the washer. But that makes for some fun felting projects, too. (Shown here in EQ.)

Tea Party The Loopy EweSweet Georgia Tough Love Sock – Felicia has done up some wonderful colors for us in this batch. Tough Love Sock is a fingering weight that is 80% Superwash Merino and 20% Nylon, making it perfect for socks, shawls, cowls or scarves. We have it in over 40 colors for you, and I’m sure you’ll find some new colors in there that you love! (Shown here in Tea Party.)

Sweet Georgia BFL Roving – this is a new roving line for us, and if you are new to spinning BFL, I think you will love it. It’s going to be so stunning when it is all spun up.

Puffin The Loopy EweHand Maiden Sea SilkI like everything that Hand Maiden dyes up, but I have to say that Sea Silk is one of my very favorites. It feels awesome. It’s one of the yarns here that people pick up in-store and don’t want to put back down. (There are a few bases like that, and I wish you could reach through your computer to touch them all! Click on the photo to make it bigger. Can you see how that might feel?) This fingering weight yarn is 70% Silk and 30% Seacell. Seacell is a cellulose based fiber made with seaweed and it feels as luxurious as the silk. This knits up with a lovely drape, so it’s perfect for luscious shawls and scarves. (Shown here in Puffin.)

Hand Maiden Mini Maiden – this is a single ply fingering weight yarn that is 50% silk and 50% wool, with 545 yards in the skein. The great yardage makes it ideal for one-skein shawls (and makes it easy to lengthen some of those, since a typical one-skein shawl uses around 400 yards and sometimes you wish it could be made just a bit longer). Of course you can’t beat the colors that Hand Maiden consistently comes up with.

Watercress The Loopy EweShaune Bazner Shawl Pins – we have a fresh batch of Shaune’s wonderful shawl pins in stock! Different colors, different beads, all great for clipping your shawls together so they stay on your shoulders. (Also nice to give with a shawl as a gift.) In addition to shawls, you can tuck them into a scarf or infinity cowl looped around your neck, as extra decoration and color. (Shown here in Watercress.)

Don’t forget to order our Seventh Anniversary KitWith anniversary kits, we try to plan to have enough for them to last in-store for at least a week, but I’m not sure these will last that long. We’ve sent so many out already and we’re happy that you all are loving the color and the fun Loopy accessories! If you’ve had your eye on it, now’s the time to order, since they are limited edition and we won’t be getting more in.

Have fun checking out the new things, and we’ll get your orders out asap. (We’re still a little backed up with all of the Anniversary Kit orders, so it might take an extra day for shipping this week. But I promise we’re all working hard to get them out quickly. The Elves are really just awesome that way.)

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  1. Soooo many pretty colors to choose from this week! I love all of them! Sheri, when will the 4th quarter challenge be posted?! What a good reason to buy more yarn!!!

  2. I recommend the Venus Rising cardigan which was written specifically for Kauni to take advantage of the colors. A challenging knit, but lots of fun. I’m getting ready to cast one on once I’m finished with my Camp Loopy project. The yarn was bought at Fling.

  3. Hi Barb – we did have some that apparently did not get through on Saturday, so we’re re-sending those today. Sorry about that!

  4. Hi Sheri, You were talking about in- and out-door cats. My husband and I have six outdoor children and eight in-door. Our youngest adult in-door, Fidget, has two babies. Salty is about four months old and a darling pointed white baby who dearly loves his dad. Sugar is an identical three week old who is just learning to get around. She seems to like her dad too. They are both sooooo sweet. We current;y have about four generations of their family and they are all sweet kitties. Michael’s brother and his wife have an old girl, nearly 20, and a beautiful red long-hair their daughter found as a tiny kit in the ceiling of the mall where she worked. She now has two grays, Zoe and Cyrus who are beauties and very sweet. Can you tell we are cat folk?
    Ann Carpenter in Dallas Texas

  5. Handmaiden sea silk feels like heaven to wear – I love it! My only issue is that it does show the increase holes – but once you know this you can make adaptations in the pattern so they are not in the center front 😀

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