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Campfire Games The Loopy EweWe’re busy getting your Camp Loopy Project Three orders out this week, and having a great time seeing all of the beautiful yarn and colors you have picked. I can’t wait to see your finished photos coming back in to us when August is over. (Remember that the start date is August 1st – not a day sooner. That’s an important part of the Camp rules!) We have split everyone into Campfire Games Groups for the August project. Even if you’re not doing Camp Loopy with us this summer, you could make a fun family (or friends) evening with Campfire Games (see below). You might also want to whip up some Camper’s Crunch, S’More Pops, and S’Mores Dessert Pizza for your guests. Eat a s’more for us! Here are the Campfire Games we’re using for Camp Loopy this summer:

Camp Loopy-Johnny Johnny OopsJohnny Johnny Oops – Sit in a circle and one person (the leader) starts by saying, “I have S’More Pops for everyone, but in order to get yours, you have to do exactly as I do.” Then, the leader says the following words: Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, OOPS, Johnny, OOPS, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. While saying those words, hold up your left hand and with your right hand, touch each finger on the left hand as you say a word, starting with the little finger. So little finger, ring finger, and middle finger are each “Johnny”. When you get to your pointer finger, slide down the side of the pointer finger and up the side of the thumb saying “Oops”. Then start at the thumb (Johnny) and go backwards again (OOPS between the thumb and pointer, then Johnny, Johnny, Johnny as you point to middle, ring and little fingers again.) Then – quietly put your hands in your lap. See who can follow the instructions exactly like you did it. You may have to demo it again. Most will pick up the Johnny Johnny Oops routine, but they won’t quietly put their hands in their laps when they are done, which is an equally important part of the directions to “do exactly as I do”!

Camp Loopy-Marshmallow MaverickMarshmallow Maverick – Get out the sticks and the bag of marshmallows! This one involves a little skill and a light hand. The goal here is to see how many times you can roast a crust around the marshmallow on a stick. Each time you get a nice roast, pull the crust off (and eat it – yum!), and then roast it again and repeat until there is no marshmallow left. Word is, the record is 12 times for one regular-sized marshmallow. Can you beat it? (Or try this game with those gigantic marshmallows – you ought to get 20 or more times out of those.)

Camp Loopy-WinkWink – In each round, one person is the Winker. (One way to do this is to deal out a number of playing cards, and designate one card as “it”.) The Winker is in charge of getting each person in the game out by making eye contact and winking at them as subtly as possible. When someone has been winked at, they wait five seconds and then declare themselves out and back out of the circle. The goal of the game is to figure out the Winker before you’ve been put out of the game. If you figure it out beforehand, you can “accuse” and point to the person you think is the Winker. If you’re right, you win. If you’re wrong, you’re out! If the Winker gets the circle down to one person, the Winker wins.

Camp Loopy-Dutch ShoeDutch Shoe – Sit in a circle and everyone needs to have a shoe in their right hand. As you say the phrase below, each person will pass their shoe to the right in rhythm on each of the bolded words. Then, on the first “do”, everyone keeps the shoe they have and taps it on the floor to their right. On “what”, the same shoe is tapped on the floor to the left. On the second “do”, everyone passes their shoe to their right-hand neighbor and the whole thing starts again.

You must pass this shoe from me to you, to you,
You must pass this shoe and do just what I do.

Of course you should say that phrase (and pass the shoes) faster and faster each time around!

Camp Loopy-Hot PotatoHot Potato – this is an easy game. You’ll need someone in charge of the music, and everyone else sits in a circle around the campfire. When the music starts, pass a small object (like a potato) around the circle as music is playing. When the music stops. the person holding the potato is out. Continue passing the potato as the music plays, until there is one person left.

Have fun with your family and friends campfire! And if you’re doing Camp Loopy with us this summer, feel free to share your Campfire Games button on your blog or on Ravelry or Facebook. (You’ll be assigned a Campfire Game group on your Project Three order form. We’ll use these different titles to form new discussion groups on Ravelry for Project Three.)

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  1. We called Marshmallow Maverick “Skin-the-Cat” when my family roasted marshmallows around the campfire. I don’t know why we called skimming off the browned layer. We were usually in the 6 layers removed before we ran out, we had fun! I will be in playing Hot Potato which suits me just fine! Summer Camp is Virtual Fun all Summer long!

  2. Johnny huh, what? You must have been an A+ camper! With your endless creativity, you make everything so fun. Can we sing, too?

  3. My grandson and I make s’mores in the microwave using giant marshmallows. It’s fun to put one in and watch it grow and grow – be sure to keep your hand on the off button or there is marshmallow splat all over the m’wave. Please don’t ask me how I know this,,,

  4. Looks fun. I just want to say I appreciate your customer service staff. I received an email today (sent yesterday) that my 2 skeins are not a good match. I just emailed them back with 2 other color options. I realize they aren’t open again till Tuesday but I think they are holding my order till they hear from me. For my project, I really need them to be a close enough match.

  5. I bought my yarn in person on Friday July19 and I got my discount (and my Tootsie Rolls) but no Campfire Games Group–what is a girl to do?

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