Dream in Color’s Dream Club Signups

dream clubIt’s time to get yourself signed up for 6 more months of gorgeous yarn and fun patterns in the Dream in Color Dream Club! This is our fourth year of participating, and I know many of you look forward to it each year, too.

The shipments will go out the first week in September, October, November, December, January and February. The prices ranges from $28 – $34 per month (plus applicable tax and shipping), depending on the yarn base featured that month. I’ve talked to them about some of the new yarns they have coming up this year for the club, and you’re going to love them! Plus, they seem to come up with some of the most amazing colors for their Dream Club yarns. This is a great way to get some beautiful things knit up for gifts for the upcoming holiday season. (Or keep them for yourself. That’s always a good option, too!)

We don’t require payment ahead of time. We’ll email you when the shipment is ready each month and you can log into your Loopy account and put payment through. This signup is only for people who are committing to purchasing all six months of shipments.  (This is different than in past years, where you signed up but weren’t committing to all six months, necessarily.) If you’d like to sign up for six months of fun, hop on over and sign up through this link on our website. If you think you might just want a couple of different months worth of yarn, wait until we put them up on the website each month. We’ll order a few extras so that there are additional skeins available while they last.

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  1. I was just on the DIC website today looking for any info on when sign-ups would start! Thanks so much for all you do, Sheri!

  2. I so totally just jumped over and signed up. I won’t be able to knit anything up for months, because I’m expecting (and I’m expecting a slowish transition back to knitting) but it will be worth it to have something pretty come in the mail each month.

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