Biscotte & Cie, Three Irish Girls, and Fibernymph

ice_9130Happy Monday to you! It finally feels like Spring here.The icicles are melting, the snow is gone as of late morning (at least in our back yard), and the sun is shining and warm. (Don’t you love the way WH caught the drop coming off the end of the icicle?)

Now I’m just hoping my lilacs will still bloom. Of course I’ll be sharing pictures if they do. Lilacs are my very favorite flower, and our yard is full of different varieties! But enough of spring talk – let’s get on to the Monday Update talk. We just added in:

Arc-en-cielBiscotte & Cie – I absolutely love Louise’s self-striping yarn. This batch is in her fingering weight and it’s great not only for socks, but you will also enjoy using it for gloves and mitts and hats and scarves. I used it for socks and also used it for my Sockhead Hat, which is a great gift project. (And remember, we also carry her Gobelin line, which is self-striping on worsted weight yarn. I made this hat in the worsted weight.) Shown here in Arc-en-ciel, and yes, I did happen to buy a skein of this color for myself.

Storm BrewThree Irish Girls – Cashmerino Worsted. This is beautiful sweater yarn, but you should also try it for shawls, hats, scarves and vests. I used two different colors of the Cashmerino Worsted for my Winter’s Rhythm shawl and it feels so luxurious. It was soft and squishy to work on, and feels even better to wear. I also used it for my Camp Loopy mittens a couple of summers ago. (Off-topic – check out the Cake Batter Truffles recipe on that post. I need to make more of those. They are delicious.)

Three Irish Girls – Adorn Sock. A fingering weight yarn that you’ll love for socks, but also for shawls and lightweight sweaters. Sharon comes up with some really unique color combinations, which is always fun! I used a pretty colorway to knit up this sock. (Of course we didn’t get that color in this batch. But we did get Cottage Garden and Mairin – two of my other favorites.) Shown above in Storm Brew.

Candy MountainFibernymph Dye Works – BFL Roving. Lisa’s colors are gorgeous, and this roving will spin up into a beautiful skein of yarn. BFL Roving is especially nice to spin if you’re newer to spinning, as the fibers are a little grabby, making it easier to work with. Of course experienced spinners love BLF, too, because it spins up so beautifully. Pull out your wheels and your spindles and get at it! Shown here in Candy Mountain.

Head on over to the website and check out all of these new things. And don’t forget to sign up for our Fall Giftables Club, if you’re interested. We have left signups open (and thanks to all of you who have already signed up!), but we’re about at our maximum number of spots and will be closing the signups tomorrow evening so that we can get our dyers working on the yarn.

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  1. I have made those truffles a gazillion times since you posted…they’re great for teacher luncheons. I eecently modified the recipe and added a package of watermelon jello and chocolate sprinkles. Then covered them in green coating sprinkled with lime green sugar. They were delicious and looked (and tasted) like little watermelons!

  2. Gorgeous photo of the ice crystals!

    I also like lilacs. We had a few lilac bushes on the farm/ranch where I grew up and we always brought in some fresh lilac blooms to put in a vase on the table.

  3. Here in Missouri, my lilac bush is already done blooming. It sure was pretty (and smelled good) while it lasted…

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