Resolutions Still Going Strong?

We didn’t talk about our 2013 Resolutions this year. In the past, I’ve shared some of my resolutions with you, although it looks like I haven’t done that in a couple of years (including this year). But here it is, almost the end of January, and I’m wondering how you’re doing so far in 2013? One of my continuing resolutions is to walk several times a week. I got a Fitbit late last spring, and it really has kept me on track. Mostly. (Any days “not on track” are completely my fault. Not the Fitbit’s fault.)

I would like to do my one-hour morning walks 5-6 days a week. I end up averaging about 4 days a week. I’m working on that. Part of the problem is that I hate getting up when it’s dark outside. And it’s especially a bugger when it’s dark AND cold out there. (The treadmill in the basement is just too boring. I tried.) The upside to getting up and going outside when it’s still dark is that I get to see some beautiful sunrises.

And one day last week, I found a heart on the street. That was fun.

Of course it’s always a big plus that I get to see mountains on my walk. I never get tired of that.

So that’s how my walking resolution is going. I also make sure that I write down a few resolutions that might not be such a stretch. Included in that for 2013:

1. Buy more pretty yarn.
2. Never have just one project going at a time.
3. Get a new knitting bag (or three) this year.

I’m happy to report that those three resolutions are going amazingly well. Success!

Did you make resolutions? And are you still successfully working on them at the end of January?

Sheri whowilltryforwalks5daysaweekinFebruary

P.S. I see that if you click to make the photos bigger on Safari it works fine, but if you click to make them bigger on Firefox, they turn upside down. Oh well!


  1. I also have a fitbit and love it. Especially when it tells me when I look at it that I have been at my desk to long. It says Lets GO! Also am back to journaling my food. December was filled with family drama and lost track for a while. Back at it…..Drama led to serious knitting however so that was good!

  2. Do you like the fitbit? I’ve been pondering getting one …

    My goal is to journal my food (, knit from stash (so far notsogood, too much pretty yarn needs a home!), and do more interesting stuff outside the house. (We live in far too pretty an area to be such homebodies).

    I’m also determined to knit a few sweaters this year!

  3. And on Internet Explorer 7, they turn 90 degrees counterclockwise!

    Maybe I need a Fitbit to motivate me! (Although I thought I was supposed to motivate myself!) I do my walks to and from the transportation options, but not much else, although we have started square dancing again! A bit hard with the stiff knees right now, but I’m really having fun.

    I see I’ve been going at the resolutions business all wrong — I need to put some in that I can actually achieve! I’ll have to thnk about that! The ‘shoulda’ ones aren’t working so well yet.

  4. Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home tapes are great when you can’t get outdoors!

    I’m going back to knitting my Puffin sweater now…

  5. I got a Fitbit for Christmas, but I already have a Nike Fuelband, so I gave the Fitbit to my husband.

    I don’t really have any resolutions. Just generic things. Try to be healthy. Eat less chocolate (the bar for that one is pretty low. I eat a lot of sweets, so even skipping dessert once a week is a bonus). Work from the stash. I know that last one is sad for most of the yarn shops I like, but it is necessary. It is unfortunately much quicker to buy yarn than it is to use yarn!

  6. I finally organized my stash at the end of 2012, so this year I’m trying to “shop” at home. I have no excuses since I sorted my yarn into projects and included patterns. I’m also trying to save at least $5 a week have one less latte a week.

  7. Gorgeous sunrises Sherri – it almost makes ME want to walk before the sun comes up … almost. πŸ˜‰ Keep up the great work!

  8. Mountains and BLUE skies are what I miss living in Jeff City.

    My resolutions
    Buy more yarn
    Knit more yarn
    Stash more yarn


  9. My resolution for this year (and forever more) is to knit only the things I enjoy. That does not mean no challenges. It means I must “want” to do it. I see lots of new yarn headed my way!!

  10. I just figured out that I can watch Amazon Prime and Craftsy videos while on my elliptical – hopefully that will help keep me getting on there and working out.

  11. I am working on reducing my BMI! Back in August it was over 31 which is obese (not gonna say how much higher it was). Not me, obese! this cannot stay this way, No Way, Not Anymore! Now I am at “overweight” heading to REGULAR over the next 6 months.

    I have removed all chocolate, cookies, candies, and ice cream from the house. It is a life style change for sure cause I love chocolate. I can now walk further than I could in August and talk at the same time. I have not figured out how to knit and walk yet.

  12. I became a vegetarian in October, so I resolved to stick to that (which I have) and also eat more whole foods and eat mostly whole, nonprocessed foods. I’m doing pretty good with it, and becoming much more aware of what I put into my body in the process!

  13. I also have a Fitbit and love it. I like that you can set a weight loss goal: easy, medium or hard and the Fitbit will calculate based on your activity how many calories you have left to eat after an activity. It makes me want to exercise more so I can eat more! I don’t have mountains to see and I’m not great at getting my exercise in during the morning hours. But watching the number of steps add up makes me want to go farther. I would recommend the Fitbit to anyone.

  14. I hear you on the treadmill. I switched to spinning, but what works best for me is to plop a TV in front of the bike, turn one my favorite show or a movie and I end up working out longer. if I start a Downton Abbey episode, I’ll bike 20miles so I can see the end!

  15. I love my fitbit!!!! Really keeps me motivated to stay on track.

    Resolutions – I make them and then I break them, so this year I did something a little different. I took a mason jar and I’m writing myself little notes of the good things that happen and folding them up small and putting them in the jar. At the end of the year, I’ll be able to look back and see what a wonderful year I did have rather than beat myself up for breaking the resolutions.

  16. I’ve had a FitBit for a couple of years and I love it. I’ve found I can knit simple things and walk at the same time, so the treadmill is much more appealing when “exercise” becomes “ooh, knitting time!”

  17. I try to make one or two small, easy to keep resolutions each month rather than trying to make a big change once a year. This month it is to clean below my gumlines with a gum massager every night, and I’ve only skipped once. Putting a star on the calendar every night really motivates me. πŸ™‚
    I am also going to try to finish one knitting project a month – I’m behind on my Tilia for this month, so we’ll see how that goes….

  18. I haven’t had time for resolutions this year because I am fulfilling a big one from 2012…to open my own yarn shop in Central PA. Renovations will be completed within a month and opening will be in March or April.

    We bought a building. Hubby is opening a used book shop in part of it and I will have the yarn shop in the other section. A dream come true….

  19. I am trying to knit from queue (and also, not add to my queu-that has been tough!)
    I went through on January 1st and trimmed it down to 5 pages. My resolution is that 2 of every 3 things I knit must be from there. Also, I’m trying to keep my projects down to three at a time. (This does not count a few that have been laying around for ever! That will be next year’s resolution!)

  20. I honestly try to have only 1 project at a time. I need to have that “closure” before I can move on to the next! One of my goals for this new year is to work with the yarns I already have. By the way, that is a lot of yarn! I will buy yarn but need to make sure I am going to use it for something specific. :). I may just try your walking idea in February, Sheri!

  21. You are in Fort Collins now – I haven’t swung by for ages. You should get the best sunrises and sunsets there, and the best thunderstorms in summer. I miss those! At least you should see a few nice sunrises on your morning walks. That whole new lot of buildings were only just going in when we left.
    I have several small projects but no big ones on the needles at the moment.

  22. Love my fitbit. We have the fitbit one. My Hubby isn’t so much of a fan as he isn’t happy that it is supposed to count the stairs but it doesn’t do it correctly.

    I love the ease of the syncing and the alarm.

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