First Quarter Challenge

We have a lot of fun with our Quarterly Challenges each year. Be sure to take a look at the projects completed last year in the challenges for First Quarter, Second Quarter, and Fourth Quarter. (During the summer we do Camp Loopy instead, which involves a monthly challenge for 3 months in a row. You can find those photo galleries here, here and here. Lots of beautiful projects in there!)

Before I announce the First Quarter Challenge for 2013, we need to vote on a Reader’s Choice award for our Fourth Quarter participants. Take a look at the Fourth Quarter gallery and email us your favorite project ( and we’ll announce the winners soon. Thanks for your voting help!

Our first challenge project for 2013 involves 1 skein of yarn and cables. You’ll need to pick a one-skein project that features cables in the design. You can use any weight of yarn, but just a single skein. You might consider Hats, Cowls, Socks, Shawls, or Mittens/Mitts/Gloves. One of my favorite cable projects was my Camp Loopy 2011 mittens (All the Water by Through the Loops, shown above.) At that time, I mentioned wanting to make a pair of red mittens, and a pair of yellow mittens, too. Of course I haven’t done that yet, so maybe now is my time. Although I could use a new cabled hat, too. And I saw some really cool sock patterns with cables. Choices, choices.


– The challenge runs from today through March 31st. All projects must be done and photos uploaded to our First Quarter Challenge 2013 Gallery by 3/31.

– If you’d like to order yarn for this project, you can get 20% off of the skein you choose to work with. This discount is available between now and next Friday, January 11th. You must leave us an order note, letting us know which skein you will be using for the project so we know which one to apply your discount to.

– If you purchase this project yarn between today and 1/11 and finish your cable project and upload a photo of it by 3/31, we will double your Frequent Shopper points for that skein. So if your skein is $18.50 after discount, you will see 18.50 added to your point tally when we ship the yarn, and another 18.50 added to your point tally when we have received your completed photo (by 3/31). With our new Loopy Rewards Program, the extra points accumulate to earn you even more rewards!

– You are also welcome to participate using stash yarn, as long as it’s a line that we carry here at The Loopy Ewe. You won’t be eligible for the double Frequent Shopper points, but if you finish in time and upload your photo to the gallery,  you’re still eligible to win a Reader’s Choice award or our random drawing done with all entrants.

Do you need some pattern suggestions for one-skein cable projects? I’ve started a list for you! If you have other ideas, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Hats: Princess Lace Beret, Soft Shimmers Hat, Koolhaas, Antler Hat, Declans Hat, Claudia, Gretel, and Iced Hat.

Mittens/Mitts/Gloves: Bellas Mittens, Fetching, Knotty Gloves, Vancouver Fog, Eugenia’s Mittens, Wanderlust, Yummy Mummy Wristwarmers, and Wood Hollow Mittens.

Socks: Owlie Socks, Java Socks, BFF Socks, Neely Ohara, Katniss, Sunshine, Aragorn, and Smaug.

Shawls: Marin, Creekwood, Batik, Sunset Shawl, Theia, Dubliner, and Lafant Wrap.

Cowls: Cream and Sugar Cowl, City Creek Cowl, Lava Flow Cowl (shown here), Nennir, Cabernet Infinity Scarf, Heart on a String, Tom’s Crossed Cowl and Caera Cowl.

Are you up for the Challenge? And if so, what are you going to make?

Sheri contemplatingyarnchoices


  1. I’m up for the challenge, and I think I’m going to make a cowl. Don’t know which one yet, but will start looking.

  2. Hurray, the fourth quarter challenge is up! I know many of us have been stalking your blog this week. I have a question about it. I want to make Marin. However, it looks like I would need 2 skeins of DK yarn to have enough and you said this is a one skein project. Can it be from 2 skeins (since many of the dk skeins are only 200 yards) or do I need to find a different project? I’d understand if I could only get credit for one skein towards the project. Or, do you think Marin would work with fingering yarn instead? I’d appreciate any guidance with this. Thank you Sheri!

  3. My dd wants green Eugenia’s mittens “just like the red ones” I did for 2011 Camp Loopy (TIG Glenhaven worsted). I will also hope to make myself an Adiri Slouchy hat in blue… can’t resist that yarn, and perfect time of year for hats and mittens!

  4. YEAH! I am glad I waited to place an order! Earlier this week I was thinking about making a new pair of mittens. I am in!

  5. I love Old Bones, but it calls for 360 yards — more like 2 skeins of worsted weight. Is there a worsted weight that has 360+ yards in a skein?

  6. I am definitely in for this challenge! I have started working with cables and want to continue to get better! I am thinking of some Jared Flood (Brooklyn Tweed) patterns. If there’s a little bit of yarn left in the one skein, will it still count? Or does the whole skein need to be used? What a great opportunity to try a new or luxury fiber!!!

  7. I’M READY ! ! !

    Reversible cable have captured my attention this past week while browsing Barnes & Noble and have a Starbucks.

    Isn’t this just the opportunity ????? :^)


  8. Looks like Marin is going back to the queue so I can stick to the one skein. I’m excited that I’ll be making a pair of Eugenia’s Mittens. I’m so glad I saw the link for thos.! This is just the right time of year (at least in the US) to be working on a pair of warm mittens!

  9. Does the project have to be made from a published pattern, or can I use one of my own made-up designs?

  10. General Celebrations Abound!!!! The Quarter 1 Challenge is Up and Running!!! YeeHAW!!! I love cables, so will have a good think about a project before launching into something. I am sooooooo excited!!! And I know all my Loopy Groupie friends have been “champing at the bit” to get going on this challenge!!! Thanks Sheri, for making our lives so much more fun!

  11. I’m thinking ysolda’s rose red hat using, you guessed it, rose red colored cascade 220. From stash, but no less fun!

  12. How about a headband & matching fingerless gloves; both accessories very popular right now. Would this be an acceptable 1st quarter challenge.

  13. Lots of great questions today! I’ll answer all of you here:

    Techmuse: Does that pattern have stitches that are knit in a different order to make the cable? Or is it designed to look like a cable but without rearranging stitches? Since it’s not a free pattern, I can’t tell. It needs to rearrange the stitches and knit them in a different order for cabling.

    Ellen – it should be one skein for the project.

    Lisa – you’re right. I shouldn’t have put Old Bones in the list! If you wanted to make it slightly smaller, you could use a skein of Alpaca with a Twist Baby Twist – 500+ yards:

    Lisa S – it’s ok to have a little yarn left over in your skein. We’d like you to use at least half of the skein, though.

    Ruth – you can definitely make up your own pattern!

    Laura – you could make the fingerless gloves as your challenge project and then do the headband as an extra bonus.

  14. Okay, I’m in. I hope I’m not getting in over my head by joining too many KALs! I think I’m already participating in four others.Lol – I’m going to have to make a spread sheet to keep track of them. I’m either going to make a cowl or a hat. 🙂

  15. Another possibility is a cabled hot water bottle cozy. There are are a number of free patterns on Ravelry. Or you could start with one of the basic patterns and design your own cable panel.

  16. Oh I am SO IN! I can’t wait to order my yarn! I’m going to make the Celtic Moonrise mittens. The cabling is sooo pretty, and I think I have just the color to really make the pattern shine!

  17. I am up for the challenge. Now to decide what I shall make and then what yarn I want to use for the project.

  18. Sheri – I was going to place an order – where do you place a note saying which yarn you’re going to use for the challenge? I got as far as entering my pmt info and didn’t see a place to make an order note. Thanks!!

  19. Diane – after you put payment through, it brings you back to a page that gives you your rider number and a link to leave a note. If you miss that, you can always go to your account page and click on that order number to leave a note at any time.

  20. Uh, yeah! It’s Batik for me in Alpaca With a Twist. Just what I need, another project. Maybe this will shake me out of my winter doldrums and get me knitting again (I can’t believe I said that ’cause I live to knit). I must be worse off than I think!

  21. Thanks Sheri! I won’t need to worry about having any yarn left- I am going to make the Multipattern Mittens by Jared Flood. :). LOTS of different stitches in these! Lots of cables as well!

  22. Oh dear, I don’t know what I was thinking. I decided to make the BFF socks by Cookie A, then went and ordered Seasonings, which of course has TWO skeins. Rats and double rats. Gosh, now I will have to order more yarn. 😀

    If I order a solid color then I will make the Aragorn socks. Or maybe, I will make a cabled scarf. Oh man, now I’m back in decision mode. A not unhappy place to be.

  23. darn, I was hoping the fallberry from knitty deep fall 2011 would fit the bill but that isn’t really a cable — I guess I better find something else for this cahallenge….

  24. I think I will knit Beth Kling’s Voleur – a cute cabled hat. I’ll be using a stash skein of Tosh Sock that I got from The Loopy Ewe in the Betty Draper’s Blues colorway. Now to see if I have the right needles…

  25. Oh, this one looks great! I first wanted to do the Knotty Gloves! They are gorgeous with the cabled wrist area. But I might have trouble working with such tiny dpn’s and my arthritic hands. So I may do the Lava Flow Cowl. It has a lot of ribbing, not my favorite, but I love the finished look! Not completely sure, yet, but I’m IN! Thanks!

  26. Oh, fine, twist my arm. 😉 Either Elsebeth Lavold’s Ragna hat, or the trunKate wrist warmers in Cascade 220 Superwash. Wasabi. 😀

  27. I’m in for the Koolhaas. I’m going to use Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport that I ordered from The Loopy Ewe at the end of December.

  28. Socks for sure, I’m thinking the Aragorn socks. That’s what’s coming off the printer right now, anyway.

  29. Looks like I’m not the only one to be knitting the Eugenia Mittens. But I have a really good reason, since my full given name is Eugenia. Meant to be!
    In Madtosh Vintage Cedar, which arrived from the Speed Demon Elves in today’s mail!

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