RAK Reporting Day!

It’s Week Two (of Three) for reporting the Random Acts of Kindness that you may have participated in this week! I so enjoyed reading all of your comments on last Friday’s blog post. I know you don’t do these things for the chance to win a skein of our Seasonings Series (although that’s a cool prize!). You do these things because it makes your day to help make someone else’s day, right? And all of us get to benefit from your RAK’s because we read them and it inspires us with new ideas for additional ways to help. So thank you again for all that you’re doing and for sharing back here on the blog. Like last week, I’ll draw 1 name for every 50 comments and I’ll be contacting those winners to pick the Seasonings Skein that they’d like.

I wanted to share one story with you that amazed me. Denise in New York works as a nurse, but in her spare time she makes teddy bears to distribute to kids in shelters at Christmas time. Here you see her sitting in the middle of the 850 9″ teddy bears that she sewed up from September until now. (This year’s work brings her total made over the years to 6200!) They are made with muslin on the front and a pretty fabric on the back, with matching bow around the neck. She then pops each bear into a brown paper lunch bag and makes that pretty by tying ribbon on the top. That way, each child gets to open a package. Some of the bears go to Hour Children, where her husband dresses up and gets to play Santa each year. The rest of the bears are distributed to shelters in her area. Denise has also started knitting up hats, scarves, mittens and slippers to share with women just entering the shelter system. I can only imagine how the work of her hands blesses the hearts of so many. Thanks for letting me share your story, Denise!

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to leave your RAK report below. We’ll draw winners on Monday.

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  1. I am an oncology nurse in a busy private practice. My RAK doesn’t compare to Denise’s, but earlier this week, my colleagues and I found out that one of our patients was going in for a transplant and would miss Christmas with her family (including a young daughter). They don’t have much. We collected money from everyone in our office, so she and her family could have Christmas before she went for her transplant.

  2. On my Monday trip to Wicker Park for knit time and tea with my daughter after her tutoring time I used my el card to pay for the max “extra riders” for people waiting to board the bus. It was simple easy and made a few strangers day on their bus ride home.

  3. After a super late night at work, I offered to give one of my co-workers a ride home. She normally takes the bus, which ends up taking her around 2 hours to get home. She was so excited to not have to take the bus and was completely shocked that I offered to drive her. So, instead of the usual 2 hours, she was home in 20 minutes.

  4. I had purchased 2 wedding dresses since our original wedding date changed from July to January. I couldn’t return the summer style wedding dress due to it being a final sale. I tried selling the dress on craigslist a few times and only received one response from a woman that said she could only afford to pay me half the price I was asking due to losing he job. When we met up I felt so bad that I couldn’t take her money. She had walked to our meeting place because she didn’t have a car anymore. I gave her the dress without taking the money and she seemed flabbergasted!

  5. This week, I gifted knitting patterns to a few people in Ravelry groups. It’s not much, but I hope I made their days a bit brighter.

  6. I absolutely love all of these stories. Thanks for sharing Loopies! It really lifts my spirits after the last couple of weeks have been not the greatest. So everyone is doing RAK’s! My only story to share is about a little girl at a school in a small community near where I live. One of the therapists at Daniel’s school travels to various others in the area. I just happened to be in the teacher lounge on the day she was at our school and she was telling us about this cute little girl from from one of the other schools that she helped DUCT tape her shoes together for. The little girl did not have another pair of shoes. Her family couldn’t afford new shoes right now. That’s why the therapist used the duct tape. She said she felt so bad- this girl is so sweet and didn’t complain about the shoes falling apart. The therapist was going to go to Goodwill and find her some shoes- out of her own pocket, mind you. I then told her not to because I was going to go through all of my shoes at home and would find her some. It sounded like she would be close in size. I did just that. I went home, found about 3- 4 pair plus some extra insoles and took them back to the school. No child should EVER have to go without shoes on their feet. It just broke my heart. The staff knows that most of us will do just about anything to help someone in need. It does not matter if that child goes to our school or not. A child in need is everyone’s concern. I don’t know this little girl – and that’s just fine. Knowing that she has some nice shoes to get her through the cold months here in dairyland is more than enough to make me feel good. I will gladly do it again, if and when the need arises.

  7. I don’t know, not sure if this is a RAK or not, but it’s something that I do every day. I work at the checkout in the grocery store, and personally, I feel that part of my job is to make the customers’ day better. Whether it’s something as little as a GENUINE smile (not some put on have @$$ed something vaguely resembling a smile), to a kind word, to knowing the names of the homeless or people from the half-way house or the “regulars” who buy way more beer/wine/booze than any one individual should, to asking a vague acquaintance how their sister’s sick husband is doing. I spend my day smiling and laughing most of the time, in a happy cheerful way. So I don’t know if it qualifies as a RAK, but it’s what I do…..

  8. I decided to participate in my first RAP Tuesday this week and the notes of appreciation I got in return were so happy and thankful. It felt good to put a smile on someone’s face.

  9. I am on vacation so the only thing I have been able to do is gift some patterns for RAP Tuesday in loving memory of Knit Purl Gurl. It makes me feel so good to brighten someone else’s day!

  10. I received a RAP and it was amazing! So was inspired to participated in the Random act of Pattern by choosing a favorite and randomly gifting it to someone who had cued it. And read this blog of other knitting RAK’s! So amazing to give to others even if you don’t see the results!

  11. This week i focused on tipping people who don’t normally get tips, And it was fun! I also ran into a Boy Scout troop who were collecting on behalf of the Salvation Army and bought gum for the troop as well as my donation for the kettle. And the best thing this week is that i told a coworker about your RAK program and now she’s playing too! She bought 5 Starbucks cards to hand out. : )

    I couldn’t post yesterday; it was such a sad and terrible day. But today I’m reminded that it is with kindness that we can fight against the darkness. I thank God today for all of you who are willing to be kind and shine a light in your part of the world.

  12. Last Sunday I called up a friend who is losing her sight and cannot see to drive. In addition, the roads were snowy. So I drove this lady to church where she was able to reconnect with her retired friends from the local. University.

  13. I already posted my RAK for the week, but with the horrific event in Sandy Hook CT, I felted I needed to reach out to members of the community. I searched Ravelry for knitters in Sandy Hook and have gifted each a pattern. I know how much knitting can keep our sanity at times and wanted these sisters to feel a bit of love knitter to knitter.

  14. after months of one of the supermarkets girls commenting about my ostrich baggu, i went on-line and bought her one. when my husband and i gave it to her, her eyes welled up and she thanked us profusely, saying that we had made a hard day her best of the week. now, every time we see her, she tells us of how much she loves it, loves using it, and especially loves doing her christmas shopping by slowly filling the bag throughout her day.

  15. i should mention we gave her the bag right before thanksgiving, but we saw her again today and it made me feel especially good after all the terrible stuff on the news….

  16. My trainer and his wife just had their first baby and are settling in with her. Instead of his usual Christmas present of a GC to the supplement store, DH and I gave them a gift certificate to a nice restaurant in town with free babysitting for their date night. They liked the gift card and were thrilled that we included watching the wee one.

  17. I work in a laboratory at a university. Part of my job is to mentor undergrad and grad students which I enjoy very much. One of our fantastically, gifted undergrads had her finals this week. I knew that she and her roommate were so busy studying that they were not getting dinners on a regular schedule. So, I made them both dinner and packed up meals for them to reheat. That way they did not have to worry about finding the time to make their meals. I remember what those days were like and how difficult it can be to remember taking the time to do the little things.

  18. I’m keeping my patience amid the start of the Christmas crazies…students who have been flat out rude are suddenly in need of help before the end of the semester. I smile, and I offer to meet them whenever and where ever is best for them. Sigh…

  19. Last year a friend who goes to Africa with a team through her church asked people to knit teddy bears (she learned to knit them herself!) – I made a few – and have a few made already for this year – but wow! nothing like the amount of teddy bears sewn!!! I am impressed! Hm…..money in the r ed kettles….$200 worth of gift cards for the Food Pantry my husband volunteers at….dont really know what kindnesses this week…but they all pale in the shade of all those teddy bears!

  20. My neighbor has a two year old and is pregnant with twins. I offered to help her out with her son whenever she needs a little extra help durng her pregnancy. She has no family nearby and having a two year old myself, I know that alone can be exhausting at times without being pregnant!

  21. So amazed and excited to see what everyone is doing!! I want to share what my 12yo dd has been up to since this summer: “stealth knitting” garter stitch scarves to secretly mail to friends and classmates for a Christmas surprise once school gets out this week. She has such a generous spirit and I am learning so much from her!

  22. It’s a small one but our neighbors who only live off of his income and SS. just recently he went thur chemo And radition for throat cancer he was not working. SO a least once a week I would make a meal for them take it over so that they could just eat.

  23. Nothing can match those bears! Wow! This week I gave a ride to an elderly person in our community. And, at Starbucks I purchased my drink and I paid for the order that the people behind me ordered. It is often the little things that make a difference for someone.

  24. Denise, what a wonderful holiday gesture. Really proves to me that Christmas does live in our hearts all year long. This week I went to a stitching group and took snacks. Not just a few, lots. and left the leftovers for snacking later in the week by the staff. I also gave 2 days work to a co-worker. I am on vacation at my one job, but not the other. She is the goto one when my first job does not allow me to get to the play job. She has recently lost her job so the extra hours makes a bigger difference to her than to me. Merry Christmas!

  25. One of my coworkers is having surgery and wanted to order some scent products for her house, but couldn’t afford them. I gave her mine. Also, with the help of my 1st and 2nd grade Sunday School class we are sending a Christmas box to one of the Dad’s who is on board ship serving our country in the Navy.

  26. I’ve been knitting preemie/infant caps and booties and blankets over the last couple weeks to send to Stitches from the Heart and a women’s clinic in Guatemala.

  27. There is a 7 year old girl in a local nearby community who is fighting brain cancer. I sent her a Christmas card with an encouraging note to her and her family because she loves Christmas so much.

  28. I ‘ve been bringing extra coupons to stores (food and toy and game coupons) and leaving them next to the items they go with. You can print out extra ones on your computer from the coupon websites so I have extras to share. Yesterday at one store they had a sale on board games so I left quite a few there. Even with the sales – the extra $3.00 off helps for gift buying for your kids or toy collections at church and community centers. And also with personal grocery shopping or food drive collections.

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