Happy New Year!

I’m just popping by to wish you a Happy New Year! We have so many fun things planned for 2013 that our calendar is already bursting at the seams. New clubs, new kits, new product lines, new rewards, new challenges – you’ll find it all here. I can’t wait to share them with you as we move along through the months! In the meantime, stay safe tonight and enjoy the first day of 2013 tomorrow. Do you have the day off? I’m planning on taking down the Christmas decorations and then settling back for knitting and a movie with the family. How about you?

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  1. Spending my day with mom who broke her leg. Getting some popcorn and hot chocolate for the kids tonight and watch a Disney movie!

  2. My husband and I are going out but only because our son is a waiter at the Melting Pot (fondue restaurant). We’re going there so that we can be with him at midnight (his idea). Staying in with a movie and knitting sounds more appealing!
    I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2013!.Happy New Year!

  3. We had our snow this morning- probably the same storm that’s in CO (I’m in NM).
    Doing my New Year’s Eve housecleaning, making a nice dinner, plus reading, knitting, movie, relaxing.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I’ll be finishing up WIPs in order to begin 2013 with a somewhat cleaner slate.

    And chomping at the bit to learn of our 1Qtr Challenge

    Wishing you and yours the very best est 2013 has to offer


    Thank you for all the wonderful experiences I’ve encountered via TLE


  5. Happy New Year, Sheri! Today I’ll be shoveling snow. On New Year’s Day, we always take down the Christmas decorations. Can’t wait to come to Spring Fling in April. Janine

  6. Happy New Year to you too! (very cute pic with the buttons!) Hubby is doing a jigsaw, son is on his laptop, and I’ll be knitting! We’ll hug each other at midnight and then head for sleepsville! xx

  7. I have to work tomorrow and it looks seriously as if it will snow this afternoon, tonight, or tomorrow. I’m determined to finish my pair of socks before the end of 1/1/13! Better get busy this afternoon!

  8. Took our decorations down this morning. Have a fire going in the fireplace and ready to knit! Happy New Year Sheri and the Elves!

  9. I have a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow. Completely bizarre, isn’t it? But after that I will probably watch a movie and stitch.
    Tonight I have about 6 hours of knitting if I am going to finish this one project that has been on my needles all month. I love ringing out the new year with a finished project.

  10. Rest and Relaxation are planned for tonight after a crazy few holiday work weeks (I worked Shanghai time in NYC). A very happy New Year to you and your family and all of the Loopy Elves. See you all in April 🙂

  11. My WH and I are going out to dinner then back home to see the New Year in with pot banging at midnight. Have to drive the bad spirits out and start over for the New Year!

  12. Cooking Lobster Tail tonight for my mom and I! STAYIN IN AND OFF THE ROADS—– IT’S SNOWING HERE up in the Great North Woods. Usually someone sets off fireworks over the lake but that looks doubtful with the weather.
    Tomorrow kicking back with the Rose Bowl Parade and my knitting!

  13. Whoops——- I forgot to wish you and the Elves a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

    Looking forward to all the fun things you have planned. You really know how to get ones curiosity up don’t you??

  14. Yep that’s pretty much the plan, although I’m hoping to start the morning on XC skis since we actually have snow. Happy new year to all.

  15. Snowing here in central CO. Red flannel hash made with roasted beets and potatoes, onions and leftover prime rib all chopped up together, along with a glass of champagne. Happy New Year to all, and l’ll be seeing before the Fling!

  16. Happy New Year!!! I am looking forward to a wonderful year of knitting and buying goodies from TLE!!! Today we have an extreme UV warning with a forecast high of 34 C – which is 93 F, and we are expecting temps of 40 C plus for the rest of the week!!! No snow here for awhile! ; )

    I am looking forward to finding out what the 1st Quarter Challenge will be for 2013!

    All the best to you Sheri, and all your Loopy Ewe Elves, too!

  17. Happy new Year!. I’m knitting with friends tomorrow. Looking forward to Spring Fling, thank you for holding it again. Good health to you and your family and to all the Elves.

  18. Happy New Year Sheri and to everyone at The Loopy Ewe! My baby and husband are in bed, so I’m staying up knitting and watching some tv and podcasts. I might start a Downton Abbey marathon before the new season starts. Anyway, I’m bringing in the new year in a quiet, relaxing way. 🙂

  19. Stayed in making pizza for teenagers while hubby took care of our social obligations by taking a batch of my eggnog to a friends’ party. Discovered that the local PBS station was running the Downton Abbey Christmas episode – it was also on Sunday night but the Redskins game took precedence and this way I got to see both! Hopelessly behind on FINISHING my projects, but having a great time knitting, and looking forward to a super 2013.

  20. Well since it was my holiday to work…I worked all night, slept all day and came back to work again. I’m hoping that hubby gets the tree taken down while I work but I doubt it.

  21. I did very little today. Took lunch to an invalid friend and spent some time with her. Did a little more on cleaning my kitchen. Fixed myself a nice dinner. Mostly read a book (we have a fantastic indie bookseller in town), piddled on the computer, and watched the Mystery! Marathon on one of the local PBS stations. Tomorrow, I get back to serious planning. Lots to do before a move, you know!

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