Biscotte, Madelinetosh, Dream in Color and more!

Check out my new pair of socks. (Shown here in Grincheux.) Nope – I didn’t photoshop it to get the second one. Both are knit, fair and square! I just had such a good time watching the stripes come along that I wanted to do another one when the first sock was done. And now I’m planning two more pairs, because there are other colors I want to work on, too. My socks are a plain vanilla toe-up sock with 2 x 2 ribbing for the cuff. This is a gorgeous self-striping line from Biscottie and Cie in Canada.  (Here’s a free pattern on, if you’d like to tackle some spiral socks.) If socks aren’t your thing, self-striping yarn also looks really cute in hats, gloves, and mitts or mittens. We’re really happy to be able to add Biscotte and Cie to our lineup of indie-dyed yarns at The Loopy Ewe!

In addition to the Biscotte & Cie line, we’ve also just added:

Madelinetosh – Sock. Now in stock in over 100 colors. This has been a popular line for socks, but we also see people using it a lot for one skein shawls. Kirsten Kapur’s Nefertem Shawl was done with a skein of this. It would also be beautiful for this drapey Ecuador cardigan by Joji Locatelli, which would be a fun spring/summer wear. Or how about picking three colors for a Color Affection shawl? (I am working on a Color Affection this week, because someone wore one in last week and I decided I had to have one. Story of my life here at Loopy.)

Done Roving – Frolicking Feet. The color combinations are always so fun in this line. Shown here in Cozy Cove and available in 30 different color combinations. Multi colors are great for sock patterns that let the colors show well, like Yarnissima’s Brainless, Gail Marracci’s Intrepid Traveler, and Dena Stelly’s Dalekanium.

Dream in Color – Smooshy. This is another yarn that is good for socks, but also for shawls. How about Rose Beck’s Sunflower Shawlette, or her Sugared Violets? I also love Marjorie Dussaud’s Calumet, which I think would show off the Smooshy perfectly.

Dream in Color – Everlasting DK. I think this is some of the prettiest yarn colors we’ve gotten from Dream in Color. 32 color choices, perfect for socks and sweaters, but also an easy way to make that little fingering shawlette pattern that you love (whichever one that might be) in a little larger size. (Shown here in Morning Glory.) If you’re in the mood to start your holiday gift knitting, Nadia Elgawarsha’s Winglet is a gorgeous hat that would look pretty in this Everlasting DK. Or how about the Lanata sweater or the Regent Sweater that just came out in the new issue of Twist Collective?

Three Bags Full – Project Bags. When these arrived this week, the Loopy Elves were all over them. We have them in Owls, Sushi, Daisies, Sugar Skulls, Polka Dots, Monkeys, Sheep, and more. Surely you need a new project bag?

Have fun shopping. You can bet we’ll be oohing and aahing over your choices as we pack up your orders in the morning!

Sheri whydidIgetmysockmojobackjustintimeforsummerweather?


  1. Love the self striping yarn! Nice socks. I just started the edging of my Color Affection shawl tonight, and with 387 (and growing), it feels like forever as you go back and forth in garter stitch. Ugh! Maybe I’ll start a pair of socks! Seriously, I love the shawl which I am doing in Mad Tosh sock.

  2. Your socks look like snakes. And while I really like self-striping yarn, I detest snakes. But then I live in S. CA where we are always on the lookout for rattlers.

  3. Oh, Color Affection is a slippery slope! I am nearly finished my first, have yarn for three more, and just saw another awesome combo of two greens and a grey that I now want. (yes, it’s true, I already have a green and grey Striped Study. So??) There can never be too much green yarn!

    Sock mojo just comes and goes, doesn’t it? I need mine back soon, as many of my handknit socks have recently developed holes…

  4. What is the red color you have at the top of your Grinch socks? I love those!!!!! I’m pretty sure I need a pair!!!

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