Three Irish Girls, Rowan, Frogtree, and More!

It’s another one of those No Mail Mondays here in the U.S. (Presidents Day), but that didn’t stop us from getting lots of fun things ready for you in the Monday Update! (I really have been having way too much fun ordering things for the shop in the last few weeks. Someone needs to stop me.) Just up:

Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmere Worsted – You really need (“need”) a sweater, shawl or caplet out of this yarn. It’s squishy and heavenly. I made the Winter’s Rhythm Capelet out of it. (And mittens. And mitts. Yes, I do love yarn with cashmere in it. Remember?)

Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmere Fingering – You also need socks or a lighter weight shawl out of this one. (Need.) Be sure to check out our exclusive colors – a re-stock of the popular Sweet Home Colorado color (shown above), as well as new colors Moon for the Misbegotten and Beyond the Horizon.

Swan’s Island Organic Merino Fingering – Soft. Great yardage. Beautiful colors (shown here in Raspberry). Perfect for wrapping up in.

Fiesta Baby Boom – I have socks from Fiesta, but I also love using their bright, happy colors for those two-color Chevron Scarves that I showed you on the blog last week. Taking two colors that don’t match at all and blending them into one scarf that winds up look gorgeous is fun!

Malabrigo Arroyo – This is the final shipment of our first order of Arroyo. (Remember, we ordered a lot so they had to split it up into 3 different shipments to us.) This new sport weight super wash has been very popular, and we’ll do our best to continue to keep it in stock for you, as often as they can get it to us.

Patterns – lots of pattern re-stocks. Check Ysolda, French Press Knits, Cosmic Pluto Knits, Heirloom Stitches, Westknits, Romi, Carina Spencer, Tiny Owl Knits, Grace Akhrem and Rowan.

Atenti Bags – more Overnight Bags have arrived, including more Sugar Skulls.

NEW Rowan Fine Lace – a little ball of lusciousness (shown here in 933 Aged). This 80% Baby Alpaca, 20% Extra Fine Merino yarn is one of those that you pick up and don’t put back down. It feels wonderful in you hands, and you can only imagine how it might be around your shoulders or neck! 437 yards per ball, and just $11.95.

NEW Frogtree Pediboo – a 3 ply fingering weight yarn made up of 80% merino wool and 20% bamboo, which gives it a nice extra pop in your projects.

NEW Jordana Paige bags – I ordered one, just to check it out. (You know, for YOU. In case it was something that YOU might like.) Well the answer is yes – you’ll like it, because I love it and we have the same excellent taste in bags. 🙂 Here’s what caught my eye – the pockets inside. Pockets for all kinds of things (which means great organization). Also, the divided sections. It allows me to carry a no-brainer knitting project on one side, and a “watch what you’re knitting” project on the other side. You never know what you’re going to need to work on. Plus, there’s a zippered compartment separating the two, where I can keep my wallet and checkbook, in case I want to leave my purse at home. I got the LJ Kaelms bag for myself (shown here in Red), but the Rio bags are equally cool.

New bags, new patterns, new yarn, new projects – it’s a good day.

Sheri lookingforwardtobeingbackatLoopytomorrow


  1. I have the Cashmerino in Strawberry Fields, but I can’t find a pattern pretty enough to do the yarn justice. I just hold and pet it sometimes 🙂

  2. Gosh. I really want one of the Jordana Page bags. I really need to switch from my duffel bag to something a little more fun (and less likely for me to carry so much to cause back injuries).

  3. The next time my husband pops into your shop and wants to purchase off my Wish List, PLEASE direct him to the Jordana Paige bag I have added!! Not that I need another bag. I just need THAT bag. I do. Honest. And maybe more yarn. The bag first though.
    Of course, the bag will need a project………

    Still not over the fact that my husband has been to the new shop. Am hopeful that there is a Fling in my future!

  4. Can’t believe the Sweet Home Colorado vanished so quickly yet again!! Oh well, It is still great fun to look at everything else. Lovely update, Sheri (& hooray for Frog Tree too! 🙂

  5. Frog Tree? You got Frog Tree??? Have I mentioned lately how much I love you??? Ask BFF Liz how I feel about Fro1g Tree!!!

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