Herman (the name made all the difference)

This new Colorado post office decided that we needed one of their official postal cages for all of the boxes that we ship out. The cage is 6 feet tall, 4 feet wide and almost 3 feet deep – it’s huge. It holds a lot of packages, and sometimes we have to fill it two or three times in a day. It’s useful for taking a lot of packages down the elevator at once. But did I mention that it’s huge? And ugly? When they said we were to store it here so that we could fill it up each day, I tried to envision that big, ugly, goofy looking thing taking up space in the shop. It looks out of place. Definitely doesn’t go with the pretty yarn.

Then someone suggested that we should name it. Maybe that would help. And someone else said, “How about Herman, after big, goofy looking Herman Munster?” Β We decided that the name fit perfectly. Now, all of a sudden, we like our big, ugly, goofy looking mail cage. It has a personality. Kind of out of place, definitely bumbling and a bit difficult to maneuver. But we like it. And all of your packages get a ride down the elevator in Herman, so I know you’ll like it, too.

Sheri doesanyonelesenameinanimateobjectsfromtimetotime?


  1. I haven’t for along time but have named cars in the past. I am sure we will all grow to love Herman – but you have to deal with him being in your space all the time. I hope you all grow to appreciate what will surely be his useful nature!

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

  2. I really like the thought that Herman is working the post room and probably looking at the packages wondering what yarn is in this one, drinking his trolley oil and dreaming of the distant places the yarn is travelling to πŸ™‚

  3. It’s easier to accept “things” that have names to them! I’m curious about the post office reaction to all the shipping boxes. Have they question you on what your shipping out all day long? Do they love you or do they turn and run when they see you coming?!

  4. Hi Herman! Can’t wait to have some packages ride in you! And no, Sheri, you aren’t the only one who names things. We have a food processor named Fred and a huge All Clad frying pan named Oscar. Yep, we are completely nuts in this household. πŸ™‚

  5. I thought naming inanimate objects was just an Idaho thing. Everyone in Idaho names her car (mine is a Saab named Signe). My new commercial Juki sewing machine is named Zippy (1500 stitches per minute). BTW, welcome to Colorado, can’t wait to drive up and see you all!

  6. Isn’t it amazing how names make that much more acceptable, and occassionally loveable? Magic! And I must say, Herman is the absolute perfect name for your new accessory πŸ˜€ Herman Munster. Brilliant.

  7. I think you picked the perfect name. Herman Munster makes me think of a fun loving guy. If Herman needs some rest or an extra hand (when you’re very busy shipping), I bet Lurch http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Lurch.JPG from The Addams Family would help out:-)

    Personally, I don’t often name objects, but this likely because I have 5 pets. Between the 5, they probably have 25 names. There are only so many names I can remember.

  8. Love this post! We name everything, our cars, bicycles, gps. I agree, interesting response by the post office. My husband’s office took some packages last week to the post office. They were greeted with the question, “You don’t expect to send them from this post office do you?”

  9. Not inanimate objects but we did name the mouse that lived with us last year, Emily. I figured any mouse that could survive 4 traps, 2 cats and 1 human was pretty smart. She also didn’t get into any food and left no “tracks”. I think she was litter box trained. I do know she ate the cat’s food because it was always cleaned up neat and tidy each morning….something the cats are not!! When the warm weather came she left us. I didn’t miss her at all!!

  10. I name things all the time. My tech usually gets named something either literary or unfortunate, but it’s a bad idea. I feel like the name you give them defines them (or at least defines your relationship to them). One of my friends named their car Titania and it was the most tempermental vehicle on the road!

  11. I think you should knit him a Herman cozy. Besides, who’s to say which objects are animate and which are inanimate? Maybe you just haven’t seen him move yet! lol

  12. I have several inanimate objects that have names. Both wheels are naned. My GPS is named (well the digitized voice). Have you considered yarn bombing Herman?

  13. Welcome aboard, Herman! πŸ™‚ I name things all the time. My current car is Willoughby, and my sewing machine is Freya. So yes, not weird. And I like the yarn bombing idea. He needs a Herman Cozy.

  14. How wonderful and how helpful your local Post Office is. Maybe this one will remain open. Are you doing more packages in CO than you did in St Louis? Or is this postoffice kinder because you are not on the first floor?

  15. Herman is great!! I name everything I can. The most important names are for my bilateral cochlear implants. They are called “Magnolia Blossom and Rose Petal”. They have flower names because my life blossomed upon receiving the gift of hearing (which they gave me).

  16. Sounds like Herman needs socks knitted for him out of what else? ZOMBIE BARBQUE yarn, goes great with his complexion.

  17. I have a 94 Mustang named Sadie (think Beatles song) and we have a blue spruce tree named Sherman. Nothing wrong with naming things…

  18. Sheri, DH and I loaded thousands of those cages during our postal careers (70 yrs total in service)! Seeing Herman brought back memories of loading up parcels in cages, then loading the cages onto trucks. Glad I’m retired so I can knit and spin more. As for naming things, our Subaru Is named Nugget and my Ladybug spinning wheel is named Ruby. BTW I’m sure that the Post Office is thrilled to have your great business.

  19. I named my red Kitchenaid stand mixer, Lucy. And we call our portable GPS Joan, after the office manager on Mad Men. I love that you named Herman! πŸ™‚

  20. We’ve named a lot of inanimate objects over the years. My spinning wheel is the only thing with a name right now (My Preciousssss).The last car we had was Bessie but our poor Honda has yet to be named. I think Herman is a wonderful name. πŸ™‚

  21. I name things all the time – both wheels are named (Lady MarienkΓ€fer and Ethel, I let you figure out which is which) and a hat model named Hedda.

    Herman is a perfect fit and I think you should decorate it with green yarn or even zombie bbq

  22. My first car in the 70’s was Nancy Nova. And we have flocks of ducks that land in our city in the spring and nest and every one that has chosen somewhere on our property to have her babies is called Evelyn. I don’t even remember why!

  23. Dh bought me a 20-qt. Hobart mixer for our anniversary this year (why yes, I make a lot of bread, why do you ask?!). Her name is Brunhilde. She will have braids as soon as dd and I get our act together.

  24. Names? Let’s see–my wheels are Charlotte and Frigga (she spun the clouds in Norse mythology) my car is Lulu, my sago palm is Foolish Pleasure (named for the Kentucky Derby winner the year I bought her for my mom)….and the calves my landlord has now pastured around my house are all named Bob (except for 1, he’s Buster). Oh, my GPS is Foster!

  25. Do I name my inanimate objects? My car is Xena, my MacBook Air is BabyMac. My iPad is Ignatius. My personal cellphone is Thor the Thunderbolt (HTC), and my work cellphone is Bozo the Blackberry.

    What was the question again? πŸ™‚

  26. My mom always named our cars; several were called Betsy, but I also remember a Sylvia. Therefore, I’ve always named my cars. We have two Saturns, Phoebe and Sophie, and it is easier to say “Phoebe needs gas” than to clarify which Saturn it is that needs fuel. I’m just getting comfortable enough with my spinning wheel to start thinking of a name for her. These replies have given me a couple of ideas!

  27. All of our cars get names, we have Tula, Bessie, and Reisling right now. Also my sewing machine Handy Andy and the girls named their laptops.
    Herman is perfect for your box conveyor. I got my first package from Loopy West today!

  28. He definitely needs a cozy–a green one ! We have a purple minivan (Barney) and a Lexus (Lexi). And several years ago we had a blue Mazda that had something nasty spilled in it. It became ‘Blue Stinky’ until we finally donated it. Blech.

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