Wanted: Colorado Loopy Elves

It’s time! Time to start interviewing for Colorado Loopy Elf positions. It has taken us longer than we thought to find a new spot for Loopy here in Fort Collins, but we’re finishing up the final lease details and hope to be able to tell you about that soon. In the meantime, we are ready to find a group of people who would love to work with us here in Colorado.

Details: We will be hiring an Office Manager, an Inventory Manager, and several Customer Service people (aka: Elves). For all positions, we are looking for people who are comfortable on the computer, able to do a lot of standing and walking while working, and able to lift up to 40 lb. boxes of yarn, when our inventory arrives each week. We’re looking for upbeat, detail-oriented people who are great at communication and value top-notch customer service.

While we do want to hire some people with knit/crochet experience, it’s not necessary for all positions. If you have non-knitting friends that you think would be a great fit for one of these positions, please pass this job information on to them. We’d love to meet them. (Although you might delete the “Elf” title when you tell them about these positions, as anyone not familiar with The Loopy Ewe might not get the whole Elf thing ….) 🙂

The positions will officially begin the first full week in December, but we will have a training session before that. The Office Manager position will require more training time before the shop gets here that first week in December as well.

If you’d like to apply for one of these positions or have further questions, please email me. (sheri@theloopyewe.com) We’ll be conducting interviews in the next couple of weeks. Our Founding Elves in St. Louis have set a high bar with their awesome service, and we’re looking forward to finding a team here in Colorado that can do the same.

Sheri enjoyingthedownrightCOLDhereinFt.Collinsthismorning

(P.S. Monday is Columbus Day here in the States, which means a No-Mail Monday. We’ll be back in the shop for your calls on Tuesday. Of course you know the website is open 24/7 – that never closes!)


  1. I wish Fort Collins weren’t so far away! I would love to be one of your Loopy Elves! I have a friend who lives in Fort Collins, I will pass this on to her!

  2. I will miss our old Elves. 🙁 But you’re right, you’re going to be challenged to find anyone as super great as they are!

    My one resume-reviewing tip: Make sure the applicants correctly spell their own names. Yes, this is based on an actual experience.

  3. Like everyone else, I will miss our Elves and I wish you luck in finding the right people to fill the positions. Oh, if Colorado weren’t so far away…….

  4. Wish we were relocating to Colorado. It would be my perfect place to work. I wouldn’t need to be paid in money, just yarn. 😉
    Good luck in finding the “perfect”elves”. Will the St. Loouis shop be closing or will there be 2?

  5. If I were in Colorado I would apply (especially if you had part time slots, because I love my job). Unfortunately myself and my friends are fairly east coast centric. Good luck with the hiring!

  6. I just had to check, but from Lone Tree to Ft Collins it’s a 1 hour 31 mins, 83.2 mi drive 🙁

    I would make an AWESOME Office Manager!!!

  7. Oh, you’re much closer to me now, but still too far away to apply for an Elf position. This makes me sad. But yay for new place!

  8. I would love to be an Elf, but someone has to watch these little kids. I will have to console myself with shopping and spending way too much money in your store. 🙂

  9. If only I still lived there! I guess I will have to settle for coming by to shop when I go home to visit my Mom 🙂

  10. So, if the positions don’t start in Colorado until December, does that mean we get to keep visiting Loopy here in St. Louis through November?

  11. If only Maryland were not so far from Ft Collins…sigh… I think every comment on here is from someone expressing the same thought.

  12. really wishing I lived in CO right now, I have friends that are in FT. Collins & I’ve wanted to move there for a while now. Dang hubby’s job is here in Abq NM though.

  13. Interesting…passing this along, have a friend that would be a great inventory manager. You gonna be looking for knitting teachers too? Can’t wait to find out the location….might just become a groupie 🙂

  14. Too bad the elves were not able to move with the yarn ( I suppose some family members might object). We will miss them as much as you will/are.

    I am thinking you have to live within reasonable commuting distance to CO Loopy … MN is a bit of a drive … love all of you for the fun we have because of you and the elves’ efforts on our behalf.

  15. I sent your notice to my awsome sister in law who lives in Ft. Collins. She is computer savy and a super sock knitter.

  16. I am from Colorado and went to at school at CSU. You will love the town and the people. Good Luck. hope to getup there to see you/

  17. Squeeee! I’ve been hoping and waiting for the new shop to arrive. Only got to the one in STL once, but yes, everyone was as totally awesome in person as they are digitally. I’m about an hour away, so I’m not a candidate either. I’ll keep my ears open for anyone who might be just right.

  18. Man wish I lived back home..there..Good luck in finding new Elfs and Thanks to the old Ones who did a Fanstaict Job!!

  19. I am seriously going to miss the STL Elves! They rock!

    Now, to ponder whether it would be a good idea to move to CO and apply for the job… **ducks to avoid BFF Liz** 😉

  20. I need to know. In the picture with all the yarn in the hutch, I love the color all the way to the left on the second shelf. It reminds me of a Wollmeise. Pray tell color and dyer.

  21. Oh my word! I wish Colorado weren’t so far away! To be an elf would be ridiculously fun and educational. Heck, even to wander around your store and see all of your incredible merchandise would be an adventure! The color selection alone makes my heart pound. I just can’t find ANYTHING like that around here. Best of luck with your elf and employee search!

  22. I just started knitting about 1 year ago and discovered your St Louis store soon after. I wil miss the St Louis store terribly. I understand that you wanted to live in CO but I will stil miss your St Louis store. I hope the St Louis elves find other jobs in this economy. I always found them to be nice and helpful.

  23. Well Sheri, I can’t help with any new potential elves but I do want to highly compliment the current Evles – they did a great job filling my last order and getting it to my quickly – THANK YOU.

    I bought a great Loopy Ewe coaster that I love, some HiyaHiya stitch markers and some Tosh he yarn is for te 4th quarter challenge and I’m using it for Wendy’s Lace Tunic. I have a camisole that matches my yarn just perfecctly.

    I have a Loopy Ewe yarn bowl and the now the coaster – they make a great set and look just right on my knitting table. I think a Hadley coffe cup or drinking glass might be just what I need next :>

    I’m also using your cowl suggestions for a few Christmas presents. I had planned on doing any Christmas knitting, but after your blog I rethought that plan. Thanks!

  24. We are going to visit our daughter in Boulder in November—-SO close to Fort Collins! We are definitely coming to the new shop!! (Never made it to your STL shop) I.can.not.wait!!

  25. Hmmm should I move to Ft Collins area?????????….I’d better plan to visit St Louis real soon!!!!!!!!!!!!….It probably means no more 1-2 day delivery starting in December for me! waaaaaaaaah! 🙁

  26. Would love to run your shop, but live in the Salt Lake City area, even though we’re from Denver! Will stop in over the Christmas holiday!! Congrats and good luck with the shop.

    Perhaps a Salt Lake City shop is in the future plans?:)

  27. Wow. I wish I lived in Colorado so I could go work at Loopy! Best of luck with your move and new shop location – I know no matter where your shop is located, I’ll be one of your customers.


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