Malabrigo, Socktopus, Hand Maiden

It’s another beautiful day here in Northern Colorado. I’m sprinkling a few more fall photos into the blog posts this week. I know that there are pretty fall scenes all over the country. WH and I spent a fall weekend in Portland, Maine one year and I don’t think I have ever seen prettier fall trees. You all really know how to do up the colors in the northeast! But just in case you are in a place where you don’t have fall color, I hope you enjoy some of these photos.

In addition to fall colors, we also have a lot of yarn colors to tempt you with in today’s update! Just up on the website, you’ll find:

Hand Maiden Casbah – this merino/cashmere/nylon blend was one of the very first MCN bases to come out, and it remains one of the softest and prettiest, in my opinion. New colors and re-stocks. Here it is shown in Nymph.

Socktopus – part of our Socktopus order has arrived and we’ve added this in to the website. I know that many of you have been waiting for this!

Three Irish Girls – more Glenhaven Cashmerino Worsted Weight, which is what I used to make my Winter’s Rhythm capelet this past spring. I’m so glad that I’ll be able to wear that, soon. I loved knitting with this MCN yarn in the worsted weight.

Shibui – more colors in Sock, Staccato and Worsted have arrived. Have you tried the Staccato base yet? It’s made of a combination of  Superwash Merino (65%), Silk (30%) and Nylon (5%).  If you click on one of the close-up photos on our website, you can see just the slightest sheen. Try this for socks, shawls, or lacey scarves. Maybe the Maia Shoulderette, or Boing, or The Chevron Shawlette.

Tempted – Stacey’s Good Grrl yarn, in gorgeous colors (shown here in Frigid). Good Grrl is the 100% super wash merino base, and is wonderful for socks and shawls. Wouldn’t it be pretty knit up in Pimpelliese or  Simple Things or the 3S Shawl?

Malabrigo – Worsted, Rios, and Silky. Hard to pick a favorite from those three bases! I’m tempted to make Ptarmigan out of the Silky. And I’m loving the Guernsey Wrap (which will take some concentration) or the Nimbus Shawl (which doesn’t look like it will take any concentration, but what a cool shape!) with the Worsted or the Rios. (Note – the Nimbus calls for fingering weight, but I’d probably make it in DK or Worsted, to get it a little bigger.)

Lorna’s Laces Solemate – this is the thermostat yarn! (You know, the base that makes your hot self feel cooler and your cool self feel warmer?) For that reason, I’d use it for socks, scarves, cowls or mitts. But it’s equally pretty for shawls. Check out this Technical sock pattern. That Jeannie is a master of sock patterns! Or Nine-to-Five Socks – I love the cable going down the side of the heel.

We’ve also restocked the HiyaHiya needles, the Soak, Puppy Snips, Dumpling Cases with Stitchmarkers, and all SOAK scents, so stock up on your needles and accessories, too!

I’ve been on a knitting streak. I finished a cowl, my latest shawl, and a few more puffs. I’ve also started in on my Fourth Quarter Challenge (which is not a two-color shawl, like I thought it would be.) I have to take advantage of knitting streak time, because there are also times when I don’t feel like knitting for a couple of weeks at a time, and that’s never good. There are just too many patterns out there that are in my queue and too many different yarns that I want to work with. I hope this streak lasts awhile. Anyone else on a knitting streak?

Sheri nowthatI’vesaidthat,thestreakwillprobablycomecrashingtoahalt


  1. Do you have any idea how many patterns I add to my queue and how many yarns I drool over with each of your blog posts???

    And I am on a knitting streak right now, heavily into Christmas knitting. 7 items down, 4 more to go, then my swirl to finish and some baby things to knit for my niece. Oh and a scarf (or two for me) and a shawl (or two) and a poncho – got the pattern and the yarn…………and…………….and…………….and……………..

    Oh you know how it goes!!

  2. Love the pictures… it’s been grey, chilly, & rainy here in Maryland for a month now, so I REALLY enjoy them!

    I’m in a knitting “breather” right now… just working on one man’s scarf for a Christmas gift. I have a Dr. G’s Memory Vest and many other Christmas gifts to get started on, but I’m in yarn confusion and can’t commit to hitting “submit order” on any of them! AND I’d like to participate in the 4th Q challenge… ay yai yai… this breather had better end soon!

    Thanks for your constant enabling I mean encouragement! 🙂

  3. I have a ton of things in my queue, but nothing on the needles at the moment due to my procrastinating streak. (That takes the place of a knitting streak sometimes.) I thought I knew exactly what I was going to make for the Fourth Quarter Challenge, but I have even been rethinking that. Knitting streak….I wish. I’ll get my mojo back as soon as I cast on for something. : )

  4. Yes and no – I want to knit all the things, such that I am so distracted that I can’t concentrate and finish the things that are currently on the needles. My major problem is that I’m trying to finish the Christmas knitting and what I really want to knit is a Citron for me – or a Fair Isle and Rib sweater vest for work – or a cowichan-esque sweater from some blanket leftovers – or a pair of socks for me – basically anything for me!

  5. I have so many projects in mind right now it’s not funny – but the deceiding factor right now for me as to what I start is: Can I wear this in a warm climat – will it pack small and not weight much – How will it fit in with my other items I am taking with me.

    I am planning a trip in Feb. I want a couple of shawls that will be used on board the cruse ship in the evenings to dress up my basic wardrob and maybe a couple of cotten tanks to wear during the day walking around in the Carabean.

    Also trying not to spend too much right now so trying to use the stash I have. The less I spend now the more I have for my trip.

  6. Starting to get color here, too! It’s just glorious! I hit those knitting jags, too, along with the fairly long pauses. Did you see, by the way, the Malabrigo Silky sweater in the current Interweave Crochet? It’s on my list! 😀

  7. With the exception of not feeling well last week (sinus into chest issues) and not even feeling like knitting, I am always on a knitting streak. When I finished my West KAL shawl last week, DH thinks I only have one pair of socks on the needles …. so I guess I can have more yarn (?) Glad to see more colors in solemate.

  8. I am on a finishing streak. I finished three items on my needles, Shibui Staccato Spring Garden socks that have been on needles forever!!; booties for a kniiting group friend’s brand new daughter, Fixation by Cascade (green for a lassie) and two cowls for Christmas gifts! All since Camp Loopy ended. Yes,… I know…. I still am working on the shawl with that beautiful Socktopus yarn! It will be done soon because it is beautiful, I can tell already 😉 . I have my swatch for 4th quarter done, I think I can finish this one on time. I so! do! love! Mondays! Knit on!

  9. I finally finished my Vilai socks and have now cast on the first of 3 kids Christmas gift sweaters. I’m hoping to get on a streak because I’ve been doing a lot of sleep knitting lately. I’m pretty motivated because I have some me knitting that I really want to cast on. I have enough Cascade Eco Duo to knit a henley sweater for me but must finish Christmas knits and my Featherweight first

  10. As crazy as those streaks can get, they sure are fun! And productive! I’m on the tapering end of a crochet streak (knitting is being learned at too slow of a pace for my liking, but that’s my own fault) and desperately wanting to stay in it. It’s such a challenge to find time to do yarny things during the week that the desire to do so builds and builds so that when the weekend rolls around, I feel overwhelmed with all of the things I want to accomplish! Ahh! And your posts always give me a case of the wanties for both patterns and yarns. I swear my queue and my wishlist grow every time! Alas for my yarn diet….

  11. I think I’ve been on a bit of an anti-knitting streak this past week! Needed a breather from the copius amounts of knitting I’ve gotten done recently. These mittens I’m working on have needed to be restarted 3 times already… Probably why I’m not knitting right now!

    And I don’t mean to nag or pester, just genuinely curious – when is the Camp Loopy Wollmeise shipping out? I am beyond excited 🙂

  12. yup, been having fun playing with some jared flood designs and his yarn shelter. luv it! It makes me homesick for NH, especially with it being fall!

  13. I don’t think that there is a day that goes by that I don’t knit for at least an hour or more as I knit on my commute daily. If I can get more in, which I usually do, it’s gravy. I hope your streak doesn’t end, we all need that time 🙂

  14. It seems to me I am always on a knitting streak. My husband loves socks so there is always at least one pair going for him. I ordered some of the Solemate to try for his tootsies, in the dark gray. He doesn’t like “pretty” colors. I am pretty excited to get it and see how it turns out. Ohio color is just beginning. I underrstand the aspens are in full color in Colorado right now. I have a friend whose father lives in Estes Park and his recent photos are just stunning! Have a great week.

  15. Umm, I’m sure you already got this comment, but Portland, ME is in the northeast. Such an easy little typo.

    I’m knitting my first scarf for the red scarf project this season and weaving in ends. I love the Mitred Cross blanket, but it has a ton of ends (easily more than 12 per square) and I have a ton of squares. I’m hoping to be done weaving in ends by the end of the week!

  16. Michele – not a year ago. About 10 years ago! And Seanna Lea – thanks for alerting me to the typo!! I changed it. 🙂 Not sure what the colors look like in the NorthWEST in the fall. I’ve only been there in the summer!

  17. I have a terrible case of startitis. I also know if I start 3 more sweaters to go with the 2 I’m working on plus socks, a scarve and a shawl it’s not really a good thing. I’ll just be stressed that nothing seems to be progressing at all. I WILL finish one sweater before I start any more!!! I swear…maybe…

  18. Not really on a streak, as I don’t seem to have too much time to knit, but I have knit 3 comfort monsters in as many months! They’re fun! (I haven’t had time to link any pictures yet, but you could find some others on Ravelry in the Knitters and Crocheters Care group, under the Comfort Monsters thread.) And they’re so easy, too, that it makes them an easy project to pick up and knit, as opposed to the shawl I SHOULD be knitting!

    Thanks for the pretty pictures! It’s been raining here a lot around DC, so I haven’t noticed if leaves are changing yet! (Also doesn’t help that I’m at work about when it gets light, and go home about when it gets dark, so don’t really see the leaves!)

  19. When have I not been on a fiber streak? Having a family of artists and crafters around me has made me constantly creative, even when other things need to get done.

    Luckily, the chicken hops up on the edge of the chick box (it’s in the dining room) to remind me when the kids need more food. Like she is now.


    I am making apple butter and she wants some. Not apples, but apple butter.

  20. Serveral things on the needles. They are mostly Christmas but a few things in the line up are for me. I love it when I can make Christmas gifts. The cost comes out the same, but I get more enjoyment out of it.!

  21. Just the opposite. I had a bit of an accident last Thursday and haven’t been able to pick up a needle since then. I’m going crazy!!! I have all these wonderful projects and can’t do anything yet. Maybe in a few more days I’ll heal up enough to get busy!!

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