Hexapuffs, Scrappy Squares and a CONTEST!

After working on a big project for the past month (Camp Loopy Project Three, 2600 yds., photos soon!), I’m ready to do something smaller. In fact, maybe I’ll work on a few-somethings-smaller. If you’re like me, you probably have lots of leftover balls of sock yarn from various projects. I’ve seen people make some cute things from their leftover sock yarn, but frankly, I really like keeping all of those little leftovers in pretty jars. If and when I get holes in my hand knit socks, I know exactly where to find the leftover yarn to fix that. And the thought of getting a full skein to knit into something that calls for scraps defeats the whole purpose of using lots of small skeins to make something with lots of colors.

But then I started looking at The Beekeeper’s Quilt again. And the Sock Yarn Blanket. (Oh, I love Shelly’s Sock Yarn Blanket.) And the fun, multi-squaredย Babette Blanket. And the Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf. And the Dicke Decke (which looks like a beautiful water color). And the Zig and Zag Baby Blanket. Well – I wanted to jump in and make something up in lots of fun colors like that. (But … without using up my leftover-but-I-like-them-in-my-jars sock yarns.)

Lorna’s Laces to the rescue! We’ve teamed up with Lorna’s to bring you a special kit full of unique colors, just for projects like the ones I linked to, above. Each kit will contain 1200 yards (1097 meters) of fingering weight Shepherd Sock yarn. You’ll get 24 colors, 50 yds. in each color, all wound up into miniature balls, ready for your knitting. We’ll have two different options – ย the Multi Mix and the Semi Solids. The multis will contain color ways that they are dyeing up just for these kits. That way, if you already have leftover Lorna’s Laces colors that you are using for your project, you can be assured that these will all be different. I think Beth and her team are looking forward to just playing in the dye pots and coming up with brand new mixes! If you’re more of a semi-solids kind of person, then you’ll want the Semi Solids kit which contains solids and no mixes. (Or if you’re like me, you’ll want to use both so that you have a mix of semi’s and multi’s in your finished project.)

Each bag 0f 24 balls will retail for $80. If, for example, you’re making hexapuffs for the Beekeeper’s Quilt, it looks like you should be able to get 3-4 puffs out of each mini skein, depending on needle size and gauge. That means a kit of 1200 yards (24 mini balls) should result in somewhere between 72 – 96 puffs.

We’re hoping to start getting the kits in around mid October. We’re taking pre-orders, so let us know if you’d like us to save you some. Email support@theloopyewe.com and tell us if you want the Multi Mix, the Semi Solids, or both. When the kits come in, we’ll set up your orders and will have you put payment through. I hope you have fun with them. I need to go decide which of these fun projects I want to do first. I might knit the Beekeeper’s Quilt without the puff stuffing. Or does that take all of the fun out of it? Is the puff part necessary?

Would you like to win a free kit? Just leave a comment and tell us which pattern you might be interested in making. We’ll randomly draw a winner next week and will let you pick between a Multi Mix and a Semi Solid kit!

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  1. I would love to start the Beekeeper’s quilt, need to see what the buzz is all about! ๐Ÿ™‚ Who can resist those little hexipuffs right?

  2. I am VERY SLOWLY knitting hexipuffs for *the beekeeper’s quilt* … or rather two — one for me and one for my mother, whose love of the grandmother’s flower garden quilt pattern inspired me to embark on this and to enable a lot of folks along the way. Sewing is difficult enough without those fussy Y-seams! This is a fun, portable knitting project. Shhhhh! Don’t tell Mom! I haven’t let the secret slip!

  3. I am making the bee keepers quilt and am in heaven. I am absolutely having a blast with the mini skeins of yarn. It gives me the opportunity to test out each type of yarn and see if it would be somthing that I would enjoy working with on a larger scale.

  4. What a great give-away! thanks so much for thinking of it AND for offering yarn kits! I’d love to add some Semi-Solids! Wheeeee!

  5. I am working on getting around to starting a beekeepers quilt! I want to make hexiflats rather than the puffs and am already trading around for minis.

  6. I’m scared to commit to a sock yarn blanket out of my own scraps, but if I were given the yarn for it, I would have to do it!

  7. well…it looks like there is still time for leaving a message!! I am definitely interested in making the beekeepers quilt! First knitted …. and then quilted! Wouldn’t that be fun! Yippee!! I hope I win…I hope I win..

  8. I want to make the beekeeper’s quilt but just don’t have enough sock weight to really jump in. Soooo please add me to the giveaway contest, and I prefer solids (or as close to it as possible). Thank you!

  9. Would love to win a kit, looks like a fun project. Heading to St. Louis this week, may try to check the store out.

  10. For awhile now I’ve been torn between the Beekeeper’s Quilt and Babette’s Blanket (which will force me to expand my crochet skills past the basics). Both patterns are beautiful and I just can’t choose!!!

  11. I am on year 3 of working on my sock yarn blanket, & I definitely need more yarn to add to it. I’m making a queen size version & I’m almost 3/4 done. I’m also knitting up 2 matching pillowcases. I’m also dying to start a beekeeper’s quilt, too!

  12. I fear I might have found this contest too late, but if not, please count me in!!! I think a little hexipuff love might just do the trick to get me out of my unemployment blues!!!

  13. I’ve got the Beekeeper’s Quilt in my Ravelry queue, just waiting for me to get started! A boost to my sock yarn supply just might be the motivation I need to push other projects aside, and cast on!

  14. I am loving the hexipuff project….and you can do it anywhere! You get that sense of completion at every puff and at the end you have a whole other project. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I love the Beekeeper quilt. I am a new knitter so I don’t have extra sock yarn and I wasn’t looking forward to buying a lot of the same yarn just for this project so this offer would be perfect!

  16. What a great idea. I loved the hexapuff video but her new fox stole video

    is great too. I have yet to try the puffs but I would if I had the kit!

  17. I’ve been working on the Beekeeper’s quilt during my “off time” between big projects. Those hexipuffs are easy to memorize and are great for moving your hands while spacing out in front of the tv ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Wow, what fun! I have three of these patterns in my Rav favourites…..I think Babette would keep me interested this time around.

  19. I think I would like to do the Dicke Decke. I’ve never seen that pattern before and it is really beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity to win the yarn to do it!

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