Crepes and Bugs and Dogs, Oh My

I want to report in that I have indeed been working on my Project Three blanket. We headed up into the mountains to spend a couple of days with my folks last weekend, and I took that opportunity to steal the blanket from Gracie and work on it away from her. I’ve used up the 800 yards I originally wound up, and have emailed the Elves to send me more this week. I am hoping to crank on it next weekend, to get it done in time!

While in the mountains, we had these amazing Crepes from a little cart on main street in Breckenridge. These are filled with bananas, milk chocolate, and peanut butter. Holy cow, they were delicious.

Also along that street – dogs. Dogs walking with their owners, dogs sitting under tables while their owners ate, and dogs laying in the doors of stores. I told WH that if someone had had a basket of puppies for sale, I would have had to buy one. (Me? Susceptible to cute dogs and thinking I need one? Yes.) Fortunately, no one offered to sell me one and WH breathed a sigh of relief.

Speaking of WH (my hubby), a few of you have asked what he is doing out here in Colorado, since we moved. He sold his business in St. Louis (a graphic design/interior graphics business) and is ramping up his second business (which he also did in St. Louis) – photography. He’ll continue to work with an art gallery there in St. Louis, but will also expand that out here. He’s having a good time taking pictures in beautiful Colorado. Here’s an interesting sequence. While we were sitting there eating those awesome crepes, we noticed something fluttering around the flowers nearby. It moved like a hummingbird (flitting from flower to flower, suspended in mid-air with wings beating), but it didn’t look like a hummingbird. WH got some great pictures of it and then we looked it up online when we got home. It’s called a White-lined Sphinx Hummingbird Moth. See how his feeder tube is all curled up in the first picture and then beginning to extend to the flower in the second picture? That’s him in all his glory in the third picture. (And then he was tired of the photos, because he flew up at WH to protest after the last one!)

I’ll leave you with a couple of flower photos, in case you need to get that moth out of your head. I know some of you don’t like bugs.Β The flowers out here are just gorgeous and we’re so enjoying the color.

Sheri impatientlywaitingformymailmantobringmeaLoopyEwepackage


  1. lovely pics of the flowers and the moth. They are something!

    Colorado is particularly dog-crazy, which I enjoy. And I put my vote in for a shih tzu (or mix) for you. Mostly non-shedding, smart, interesting and small. You can spin their combings. And when the fur is cut down, they are particularly bouncy (they feel cooler).

    My Ana knows not to look for attention when I have needles out, but when the crochet hook is going, it’s ok.

  2. The pictures of the moth are gorgeous! A winner for sure. I agree- Bugga needs to dye some yarn those colors.
    So glad that your are enjoing your new home!

  3. Love the moth!!!!! – the rose, grays and white or cream are SO pretty together. Makes me thankful I don’t have to gracefully hover over food and uncurl my tongue to eat my meals πŸ˜€ The petunias are pretty too – mine have long since wilted from the summer heat – and I love their scent.

  4. Thanks for the flower pics! It’s like you read my mind!!! After the third moth pic, I thought “Blech…cool but still heebie jeebies.” Sure enough, you came to my rescue with pretty flowers.

  5. ooh! The Sanguine Gryphon TOTALLY needs to dye some White-lined Sphinx Hummingbird Moth up! hehe That would be a pretty yarn. πŸ˜€

    I’m glad you’re enjoying Colorado! πŸ™‚

  6. Wow Sheri – just plain Wow. Gorgeous flowers. But totally weird that there’s a moth that mimics the hummingbird! Learn something new every day. πŸ™‚

    Can you believe it’s already September?!
    Good luck to WH with the photography business – looks like you don’t have much to worry about there – and we’ll help you out with the Loopy Stuff as much as we can πŸ™‚ Who doesn’t need more yarn? Go on, I dare ya, raise a hand ….. lol

  7. Your WH takes some of the most fantastic pictures! And welcome to the wonderful world of obsessively checking that TLE tracking number. 😎

    I’m ready for some cooler weather to start wearing some of the shawlette’s I completed in the spring and early summer. And I am working like a fiend on Camp Loopy 3. Hope to get it done. But I’m worried. It’s gonna be close…..

    Oh, and if you need any help with the dog thing, I’m really good at convincing people they need new pets. Ask BFF Liz. πŸ˜€

  8. And I’m really good at keeping BFF Sarah from coming home with new pets. When I’m around her, that is. When she’s on her own…. Like one night, she was just going to stop at Target on the way home. Don’t ask me how she ended up with a kitten, but she did.

    I’d also like to state that I do not obsess over the Loopy tracking number. I have all the faith in the world that the box will get here in about two days just fine. And I’ve been so busy with Camp Loopy projects I haven’t had time to worry over non-project yarn! I’m glad it’s cool today so I could wear my Lakedale Shawl. πŸ™‚

    Those pictures are amazing! I agree, that’s a Bugga bug for sure!

  9. Sheri!! I KNOW the crepe cart you went to!! I ate at it 7 years ago when I was last in Breckenridge, several times that week! πŸ™‚ I am so happy to see it is still in business. My mouth is watering at the picture!!

  10. Love the pictures!!!!! The moth was just beautiful. It’s colors was interesting….we do need a yarn in that color. Food looked gooooood! Now I am hungry.

  11. Those moth photos are incredible! I’d love to know the camera setup your hubby used to capture so much detail.
    And the moth is much prettier than the gypsy moths we can get around here. I had a close encounter with one of those behemoths when I worked a grave shift at a convenience store. I was changing the outside garbage bags, and one had decided to nestle into the bag somehow. I didn’t notice it until I had the bag lifted out of the can, with the gypsy moth then eye level with me, staring. Then it started to flap it’s huge wings and rush at my face.
    Luckily I didn’t scream, or I’m sure a deputy from the sheriff’s office down the street would have come to check on me, but it *freaked me out*. I still swear it was half the size of my head, had a beak, and was hissing at me! πŸ˜€

  12. Love the moth photos! I just saw this moth for the first time when we were vacationing in New Mexico. I was amazed. I caught a photo with two bees hanging on the moth’s “tail.” Perhaps the bees were scavenging pollen from the moth’s body?

  13. I’ve seen that kind of moth several times; I have referred to them as ‘hummingbugs’. It’s wonderful to know their real name!

  14. We have Sphinx moths here in IL, but I hadn’t seen one for several years, until this week I spotted one. Usually in the evening just at dusk checking out the flowers is when to see them. The first time I saw one I thought it was a hummingbird. The IL variety aren’t as beautiful as the ones your husband caught a photo of, but I am still always excited to see one.

  15. You should totally submit that to Sanguine Gryphon to get a colorway made. It’s a beautiful moth, but I don’t want any moths getting close to my yarn, lol.

    Awesome photos of it though!

  16. I agree with the Sanquine Gryphon ideas – it could be a Loopy exclusive colorway – really pretty photos, your hubby is very talented!

  17. That is one totally interesting moth. I must say I also agree that you should try to get the Sanquine Gryphon to do a Loopy Exclusive colorway. I would buy it for sure!!!! Luv Bugga and love those colors! The crepes weren’t bad looking either. As for waiting impatiently for yarn I bet that is a totally new experience for you. Glad to hear you are enjoying Colorado and that hubby has a new business venture!
    Cheryl (wonderingwhyamIsohungryagain)

  18. Oh I LOVE that you are waiting for yarn from the Loopy Ewe!! Poetic justice really, although I never complained because yarn from you always arrived so very quickly.

    Do the elves send you Tootsie Rolls too???

    I can’t wait until you have your store open, my friends and I down here in Palmer Lake (about 60 miles south of Denver) plan a road trip when you are open!! WOO HOO!

  19. Still trying to work off the crepe I ate at that stand in July! Mine was filled with strawberries; whipped cream and chocolate… Oh so delicious!!! And, yes, I do believe you need a dog. I recommend a lab. πŸ™‚

  20. Funny….everyones talking about the flowers and the moth and all I’m thinking about is the crepes…gosh they look good. FYI – I have been knitting like a crazy woman on Project Three so I know what you mean – hope to be done this weekend!! Had to start on my 5th hank of Cascade 220 last night! I am so ready to be done. Have a great weekend, girlfriend!!

  21. Wow. Great pictures of the moth. We’ve seen those occasionally in our garden in Michigan. At first, we thought it was a hummingbird and like you, we had to look it up. They’re interesting to watch.

    I think you should come up with a recipe for that crepe. My mouth is watering!

    A new puppy to go with your new home, perfect.

  22. Beautiful flowers! My favorite colors. And, a very cool moth. Just finished my Girasole shawl last night. Just have to weave in the ends and block, and my third Camp Loopy project will be complete, yay!

  23. My family and I were just in Breck on Sunday, taking the boys down the alpine slide for the first time. So fun and such great weather!

  24. I love hummingbird/sphynx moths and your husband’s photos are fabulous! The sphynx moth the adult form of the horn worm that so many people despise. The horn worm gives me the heebie jeebies but I love the moths so much I leave the horn worms alone.

  25. I’m catching up on some of your blog posts —

    I have seen hummingbird moths here in Oklahoma, but have not been able to get a decent photo of one. That first photo is amazing! We took many vacations in CO when I was growing up and I’m sure your hubby is enjoying the environment there for photography!

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