Namaste, Lorna’s and Project Three!

I know you’re going to skim the blog post until you find out the information for Camp Loopy’s Project Three, so I’ll get to it right off the bat, and then I’ll go into how we decided on that! Project Three begins August 15th and ends September 15th. Photos must be uploaded to the Project Three Photo Gallery by 9/17, which gives you two days to wash and block it before photo-ing. (International Camper deadlines: 9/22 finished knitting, 9/24 photo uploaded.)

Project Three: you can knit anything you’d like to knit. The only requirement is that you use 800 or more yards of yarn for the project. (731.5 meters) All 800 yds. must be used in one project. (So it doesn’t count if you make a hat plus mittens to equal 800 yds.) Edit: The intention in “leveling the playing field” is that everyone should be knitting the 800 yds. single stranded, to make an 800+ yd. project. Double stranding 800 yds. would give you a 400 yd. project.

With this last project, we wanted something that put everyone on the same playing field (thus the “Field Day” title for this project). Many of you used 800 or more yards for the first project, and some of you made much smaller items. With Project Two, some of you are making very intricate socks or gloves out of fingering weight yarn, and others knit the project up quickly with worsted weight yarn (like me!). This time, everyone will be working with the same amount of yarn (although I realize that some of you who want more of a challenge will choose to do bigger projects than that, which is fine) and I’m looking forward to seeing what you can do with 800 yds.

With each Camp Loopy project, we have tried to challenge or stretch you just a bit. The challenge in Project One was to think beyond the norm and knit a scarf or shawl with two colors instead of one. Many of you told us that you would not have picked a two color shawl, but not that you’ve done one, you love it and want to make more. Me, too! The challenge in Project Two was to use a cable pattern for socks, gloves, or mittens. Again, so many of you stretched to make something you’d never made before, or you stretched to try cables for the first time. We’ve loved seeing the photos come in. And I love the mittens that I did for this project. (Photo later this week.) For Project Three, the challenge (stretch) is the quantity of yarn. I made my Girasole blanket (1700+ yds.) in one month, a couple of summers ago. It was a fun knit, and I was motivated enough that I wanted to knit on it several nights a week, even after working all day long. I was amazed at how quickly it was done. I’ve also done a few other big projects in a one month time period. For me, the key is to make sure I am working on a project that I’m enjoying and can’t wait to sit down and get at it. Not all of my knitting projects fall under that category.

I want to assure you that we have enough Wollmeise for every one of you Loopy Campers to complete this three-month challenge. We had 750+ participants finish the first one, and we are ready to reward each one of you with a Wollmeise skein and a pattern, at the end (if you also finish projects two and three on time). I saw someone on Ravelry mention that they hoped we had enough or that Claudia could dye enough for this, but we’re already on top of all that – no worries. (OK, so maybe the Wollmeise is currently being held hostage in Customs, but at least it’s en route!) We’re planning on all of you rising to this final challenge and look forward to rewarding you for finishing, whether it’s double FSB amounts or Wollmeise at the end.

To get 20% off on the yarn for your third project, leave us an order note and tell us which yarn in the order will be used for this project. The discount is good for one project’s worth of yarn and can only be applied to the order if you leave us an order note and indicate that it’s for Camp Loopy and tell us which yarn the discount should be applied to. Discount offer is good between now and Sunday (8/7) at midnight, Central time. (If you’re going for free shipping in the U.S., make sure that the discount won’t take you under the $75 level or the system will add the regular $5.95 shipping charge back in.) As with the past two projects, we’ll apply the discount to your order after you submit it. You can always check the order notes on that order to be sure that the discount has been applied (but give us 24 hours to make the change and leave the note on your order.) Once again, we’ll double the FSB total for the project yarn, if you purchase it during Camp Loopy Store Week (between now and Sunday, 8/7) and upload a finished project photo by the deadline.

Here are some pattern suggestions, to get you going. For this project, we’ll set up discussion threads on Rav based on the type of project you’re going to be doing. It has been fun to see you get to know different Campers as you move from your cabin group to your trail guide group, and now into your project group. I hope you all have enjoyed that part of it, too! So pick a project, order your yarn, and get ready to start on 8/15. (On the patterns below – some have options to use more or less yardage. Make sure that you pick a pattern where you will be using 800 yds. or more. If you’re a size small or medium, some of the sweater/vest patterns linked below won’t use enough yardage to qualify for this project.)

Sweaters and Vests:
February Lady Sweater
Vine Yoke Cardigan
Heather Hoodie Vest
Sleeveless Top
Mr. Greenjeans
Dayflower Camisole
Wood Hollow Vest
Dr. G’s Memory Vest

Afghans and Blankets:
Shale Baby Blanket
Cradle Me
Lyn’s Round Ripple Baby Afghan
Lucy’s Granny Stripes

Shawls: (again, make sure you pick the 800 yds. + sizes of these)
Stripe Study Shawl
Juno Regina Stole and Wrap
Radiance Shawl
Winter’s Rhythm
Catherine’s Shawl
Oh Canada
My Wish

Calla Lily Bag
Kalahari Tote
Kauni Damask Understated Bag
Boredom Buster Bag
Carie Lyn Bag
Ballband Bag
Fair Isle Bag

I am going to do my second-ever crochet project, and will be working on a throw in blue/tans/cream. 1) Because crochet uses up a lot of yarn, quickly. 2) Because we need a throw for our bedroom.  But looking at all of those cute bag patterns makes me think that maybe I ought to be doing a bag instead. It has been ages since I knit a bag, and there are such cute patterns out there. They look like fun. I’ll have to think on this.

Since it’s a Monday night, we also have a few new things up on the website for you. Check out the Kauni patterns, new bags and accessory cases from Namaste, and re-stocks in Lorna’s Laces. Someone asked me if I planned to let our inventory run down so that we don’t have to move as much yarn this fall when we take Loopy from Missouri to Colorado. The answer is no. We will continue to get orders in, right through the cross-country move. We want to continue to provide you with a fully stocked shop. One exception: Cascade 220. I might let that long wall of yarn dwindle a bit, just because that is all yarn that has to be packed into boxes (versus yarn on our regular shelves, which will be shrink wrapped). But we’ll get it all fully stocked again, once we have the 220 wall set up here in Colorado.

I’ll be back to the blog on Wednesday to show you my favorite spot in our house here, and then on Friday I have a yummy recipe to share with you (and a photo of my Project Two Mittens. When is it going to be cold enough to wear them? I’m anxious.)

Sheri workingonmyKauniCitronuntilProjectThreebeginson8/15


  1. So glad the post is finally up! Can’t wait to figure out a project. With us being on day 47 of temps over 100 I can guarantee it won’t be a blanket! Hope life is starting to smooth out at least a little for you!

  2. Thanks, Amy! You know, you could do a blanket that goes together in blocks. That way you never have very much on your lap at one time. 🙂

  3. Thanks for all you are doing, Sheri! I am amazed at how you have been able to keep up with all of us/this and move, too 🙂 Very excited to get going on Project 3!!!

  4. So happy!!! 🙂 I’ve had some Studio June Simply Cashmere in my cart for several days, hoping it would work for Project #3! Hooray! Now off to buy my megatama beads… Thanks Sheri!

  5. Thanks to normal Colorado weather, you may get to wear your gloves as early as September, or maybe as late as December! As we say here in Colorado, if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it’ll change! 🙂

  6. Yikes, I’ll be out of the country for 10 days of the next challenge so had hoped for something small enough to take with me. Not sure I’ll be able to get 800 yds knit up in 2 weeks.

  7. Sheri, thank you so much for suggesting My Wish as a possibility for this project! It’s perfect timing on our final push to raise $5,000 for Make-A-Wish. The sales of the My Wish pattern have made a huge impact toward reaching our goal and we’re less than $400 away. I need to go pick out the yarn to make mine. 🙂

  8. Wow. Hmmm. 800 yards, huh? Hmmmm. **think think think**

    Glad you’re settling in ok. Not only am I curious to see your favorite place, I’m curious to see the cats’ new favorite place.

  9. Nice project challenge! But gah i am gonna go pout now…. I ordered yarn for a sweater a lil over a week ago and it came the end of last week. I coulda shoulda waited a week to order eh? Lol.

  10. I think I’ll tackle Cinxia, as an exercise in faith that at some point it will be below 100 degrees in Oklahoma, and wearing a sweater will seem less insane.

  11. I love the Kauni Damask Bag! This might be it. I’m not sure I want to felt it , or want it more to be more of a tote, bag, but I might as well spend hours picking the yarn colors and order.

  12. I LOVE this idea! I wish I would’ve known what you had planned since I’ve been knitting on a blanket for my little Bug coming in October. I’m going to have to really put some thought into this one.

  13. 800 yards of yarn in my bag 800 yards of yarn take one out and knit it around 799 yards of yarn in my bag. might as well start singing those camp songs !

    actually I’m going to make a blanket for those cold winter nights………….

  14. Wow. 800 yards feels really high, but that might be because I have picked a mitten pattern that is going to take every iota of time I have between now and the 15th to finish. I’m still on the first one!

  15. Oh, this is such fun! I’ve been wanting to do a cardigan and this will be ready when the weather finally gets cool. It is going to get cool isn’t it….some day…not too soon, but soonish?! This summer has been the PITS!

  16. JackiewhoissorryshehastoleavethemountainsofColoradotomorrow. Yes, and to return to hot muggy St. Louis. Sorry we couldn’t stop by for a visit!

  17. I will be making a smaller version of “Joseph’s Blankie of Many Colors”. I am pleased with my choices of colors too. Thanks Sheri. I probably would never have attempted this on my own. I’m going to have surgery on the 18th and I figure that this project will be excellent during my recovery period. It will keep my mind and hands occupied.

  18. I am ready to go. This has been a ball. Camp leader, moving, running a business–I don’t know how you do it. Thank you.

  19. Sheri – just curious as to what throw you are making for project three? I too, am going to crochet a throw for me. I crochet much faster than I knit and the blankets seem to make up really quickly. I think I’m going to use the granny stripe blanket by Attic 24. I love her blog (thanks for introducing me to it) and her wonderful use of color. What yarn are you using? Thanks!

  20. We certainly appreciate the co-ordination this huge summer camp is taking. You all really putting all your effort into making this an exciting summer for us. What a great theme for our camp – always something new and exciting to try.
    My Bugga and TLE solid butterscotch pkg was just put in the mail. Shouldn’t be long now I’m just down the road in Jeff City.
    hugs & ♥♥♥

  21. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents… challenging us to knit/crochet 800 yards is a completely reasonable challenge! Thanks for getting us out of our comfort zones. Still “jealous” you got to move to Colorado, I sure do miss home!! ♥

  22. Hi Sheri, it should be cold enough by Halloween, but you may get an opportunity in mid-October. Hang in there – it’s coming!

    How do you like this cooler dry stuff (well, except for yesterday, that was a long cloudy day)?

  23. I have not been knitting that long and I am a very slow knitter so 800 yards to me just seems impossible. I did knit a blanket when I first started to knit for my grandson and I made some mistake somewhere as I ended up with an adult sized blanket. I am almost done with my mittens. I hate taking time to try to figure what to make and what yarn to use as I need to finish my mittens….right now I am not a happy camper.
    Glad you love Ft Collins, I know I would if I was there but my BFF is there. You are so going to love the sunshine.

  24. My eyes are obviously bigger than my hands, because I just put in my order for Camp Loopy project 3. I think only 2 people have knit Oranje in under a month. It is going to be huge!

  25. Trying to complete an item with 800+ yards and getting the kids back to school and on schedule sounds harder than knitting some socks.

    I’m up to the challenge, I hope there are no pitfalls though.

  26. I finished Project 2 over the weekend; and I’ve decided to go for Project 3! I’ll knit up the Every Way Wrap from IK Fall 2009! The size I want uses over 1000 yards. I’m knitting it from stash yarn, a lovely plum colored angora-wool blend. I’ll have enough left over to make a beret, but that will be later. Picutres of Project 2 to follow.

  27. Posted photos of finished mittens on Ravelry. Echelon is my Ravlery name! fun project with nocable pattern or cable needle. Improvise and Punt while out in Colorado on vacation. Interesting!!

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