Madelinetosh Sock, Sanguine Bugga, and more

There are lots of new things for you on the website in tonight’s Monday Update. (Monday Update – my favorite part of Mondays ….) We have:

Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino Fingering – in our third exclusive anniversary color, “Sweet Home Colorado”. We had them dye this up in honor of the Colorado State Flower – the Columbine. I love this combination of colors.

Madelinetosh Sock – Just as popular for shawls as it is for socks, and we have it in over 100 color choices for you. I am anticipating Wendy’s new book arrival at my house tomorrow, and I know there will be plenty of new patterns in there to knit up with Madtosh Sock. This yarn was popular for many of the two color shawls in Camp Loopy’s Project One. This beautiful pattern was written as a result of Camp Loopy and it’s on sale until Camp Loopy is over.

Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere – this base yarn is not always in stock at Dream in Color. When it is, we order it! This is our first late summer batch, but we’ll have more soon. The 70/20/10 merino/cashmere/nylon base continues to be a popular one for socks and scarves, mittens and gloves.  Here’s a new glove pattern that I just added to my favorites on Rav.  Or how about this pretty cowl?

Dream in Color Smooshy – this 100% superwash merino fingering base continues to be a popular one here. I added this sock pattern to my favorites this week. (Approving all of the photos for Camp Loopy’s Project Two has been as hazardous to my Favorites list as it was when I was doing Project One.)

Studio June’s Super Cash Sock – another cashmere blend (80/10/10), with colors that brighten up any day (shown here in Mad Scientist). I might try this in this simple shawl/scarf that I found this week. And wouldn’t that pattern make some nice holiday gifts for those on your list? Just a thought.

The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga – our monthly installment of one of our favorites.  Currently contemplating using this for a pair of these amazing gloves.

Malabrigo Worsted – just in time for knitting a sweater before the cold weather hits here in the States. And look at this pretty sweater pattern I favorited this week. Love the cables and the short sleeves on it.

Malabrigo Rasta – quick to knit as cowls, hats and scarves. If you’d like the free pattern with purchase (you can see the cowl I knit from it here), just leave us an order note and we’ll email it to you later this week.

ChiaoGoo Lace Circular Needles – because they have wonderful points, because the joins are awesome, and because the cable is red. You know how we feel about red around here.

If you haven’t gotten in on the Fifth Anniversary Blog Contest, don’t forget to leave your answer for us. We have over 2200 entries so far and we’ll be doing the drawing this Friday. We’re giving $50 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificates to 5 winners!

And don’t forget to download the pattern that we had designed for our Fifth Anniversary – Banyan Tree, by Debbie O’Neill. One thing to note – Round 1 of the twisted ribbing should read * P1, k1tbl; repeat from * to end of round. We’ve updated the pattern link as well.

I’m off taking Knitting Daughter back to college this week (sad), so there won’t be a post on Wednesday. But I’ll be in St. Louis at Loopy on Thursday and Friday of this week, and will blog from there on Friday. I’m trying to gear up for midwest humidity again. The mountains have spoiled me already. Isn’t that ridiculous?

Sheri whowillalsobeaddingtostashwhenI’matLoopythisweek



  1. It is a little harder to bring stash home from work when you are in CO and the yarn is in MO. The weather was beautiful when we were traveling in CO last week – I’m not ready for the midwest humidity to kick into high gear tomorrow.

  2. Sorry-yeah, it’s humid here. Happy-grab some gooey butter cake and our good Missouri wines (I recommend St. James Strawberry, drunk cold. The only sweet wine I drink, tastes like…strawberries)
    Sorry-Knitting Daughter has to go back. Happy-she is moving on with her life.
    Sorry-you are not in cool and lovely Colorado. Happy-you’ll love it when you get back.

    I took a group of young males to Loopy last week and they LOVED it. Even the non-knitter, who loved the peaceful atmosphere.

  3. I just fell in love with Sweet Home Colorado! What beautiful, beautiful colors! It’s gone straight onto my wishlist because I can’t afford it right now…………….so please tell me this is a color you will always have in stock!!

  4. So funny – you’re fantasizing about shopping at your own shop (just like the rest of us). Yummy stuff added today

  5. The Mad Scientist colorway is too funny! I showed it to dh (who is in fact a scientist) & he wanted to know WHY it is called that…. I could not answer.

  6. Sheri, all I can say is that while you are returning to St. Louis for a few days, i’m still ecstatic that you are living in Colorado!!

  7. I love Chiao Goos!!!! I was an Addis fan and refused to use anything else until I used Chiao Goos. Best joins ever!!!

  8. Have a safe trip..
    Another great shawl pattern and a nice easy one for beginners is the Oaklet Shawl found on Ravelry….I made one the Madelintosh and it is wonderful….nice quick knit

  9. Ugh, i wish you were closer! I went to my LYS this morning asking for MT and she has none. I like to touch my yarn and look at the colors in person.

  10. There are a ton of gorgeous socks and mittens in the Project 2 lineup, though I’m still sadly biased to my own. I don’t think I’ve ever been as ridiculously proud of a project as I am of those mittens.

  11. I just received the Three Irish Girls columbine sock yarn. It is beautiful. Glad I sprung for it, as if I needed more sock yarn…

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