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I have a few miscellaneous things to share with you today. First of all, check out the great squirrel picture that WH took. It almost makes squirrels look cute (instead of the birdfeeder destroying, birdfood stealing imps that they are).

Gracie and Zoe continue to find sunshine to sleep in around the house. Today, they seemed to want the same sunbeam at the same time.

Zoe likes to sit on the back of my chair when I’m working. I keep thinking she’ll nod off to sleep and fall off. It could happen. She was sleeping on my lap the other day and had a dream that made her jump and she bounced right out of my lap and onto the floor. Then she looked at me confused, wondering what just happened (and why we were all laughing …)

I’m sorry about the Anniversary Bugga selling out so fast. If you’d like us to reserve a skein for you from the next batch, email us: Next week we’ll have another dyer/colorway for the anniversary!

Camp Loopy Reminders:

– remember to finish your Project Two projects by 8/15, with photos uploaded by 8/16 in order to qualify for double FSB points (if you bought the yarn during Camp Store Week – 7/1 – 7/8) and in order to qualify for the Wollmeise bonus (if you complete all three projects by the deadlines).

– to qualify for bonuses, remember that the yarn you use must have been purchased from us during or after Camp Store Week for that project. As we said before, that’s the way we insure that you aren’t sharing an old project with us (or that you didn’t start the project before the start-date.)

– you are welcome to knit from stash and upload a photo to the gallery, as long as it’s yarn that you purchased here. Your photo will be eligible for the random gallery drawings that we will do, even though it won’t be eligible for double FSB points or the Wollmeise bonus.

I know we covered all of these situations in the Camp Loopy Q & A blog post and on Ravelry, but I thought I’d mention it again.

Have you checked out the socks, mittens and gloves that have been uploaded so far? I have had such a fun time seeing what you have done. I’ve also decided that I need to knit a pair of Cookie A’s BFF Socks, and I want yellow mittens out of  the Wood Hollow pattern and red mittens out of the Eugenia’s Mittens pattern. My fall, winter and spring knitting has been set, between Projects One and Two. I’m almost afraid to see what you all do with Project Three.

Got any Bits and Bobs to tell us?

Sheri fivemoredaysandthenwecanstartthelastCampLoopyProject!



  1. I’m still waiting for my mittens to finish drying. I think I’ll have the photo ready on Friday (it has been humid here with rain every day this week). I love my mittens and I’m glad that I have enough yarn to make a second pair. They are awesome!

  2. I love the squirrel pic! Although I’ve had to replace several bird feeders over the years due to the little “darlings” enthusiasm, I still enjoy Squirrel TV. And our three spoiled indoor only cats are glued to every episode. 😀

  3. I know Camp Loopy must have created extra work for you and the Elves. I have had SO much fun planning and knitting the projects!!! Thank you!!!!

    …and I made BFF socks and Eugenia mittens for Project 2 so I think you should definitely make them. They were both REALLY fun and fast knits.

  4. The photos & projects are WONDERFUL. I LOVE seeing how the different yarns knit up – am being tempted to purchase a few of them now that I can see how they look in a finished project 🙂

  5. Cute pic of the squirrel, Sherri… FYI–I got one of those squirrel-proof bird feeders that you had looked at some time ago–they spin around and throw the squirrels off. It works for big ‘ole crows too that think they “own” the feeder. The crow thinks that they are going to plop down and start feeding–but he goes for a circular ride! It’s hilarious! It’s expensive, but it’s sooooo worth it ‘cuz I don’t have any squirrel/big ole crow problems any more!!

  6. Love that squirrel picture. Maggie, the World’s Fattest Kit-ten, was all a-flutter last week, as one of our squirrels was stocking for winter in my garden, just under the front window. I thought Maggie was going to launch, it was so close! 😀 My bits and bobs for the day: it’s really expensive to own a car, especially if you’re fastidious about the standard maintenance and care. And the little splurge at the store for a bag of cherries last night was really worth it.

  7. The squirrels in our yard like broccoli stems. I couldn’t believe it! I expected the deer to eat it but the squirrels got to it first. Now, I make sure to cut up stems small enough for little squirrel paws. 🙂 They don’t like asparagus though.

  8. Cute pictures!
    Feeling “anty” waiting for the official start of CL III. Should be saving my wrists, since they give me fits sometimes from too much knitting, but of course I’m not! I’m knitting away on more socks from Scorched Lime, another of those great DIC smoked Smooshy colors.
    My Ravelry queue has grown from adding all of the great patterns people have used in their Camp Loopy projects!

  9. I received my yarn for Project III and I’m so excited! The Dream in Color Classy (Butter Peeps colorway) is so pretty (yellow/peach colors). I’m going to make the Cradle Me pattern for my nephew’s baby who will arrive in January. Since I’m making it in worsted weight rather than DK, I’m hoping I bought enough yarn for this project. If not, I may have to order another skein from The Loopy Ewe! Counting the days before we can start (4.5 days to go).

  10. Yes, my “gotta knit” list has gotten much longer as well, thanks to Camp Loopy!

    My needles are itching to knit project III (and hoping I can get it done in a month!). I’m counting down to the 15th!

  11. Before I got my dog, I used to feed birds/squirrels. I had a squirrel-proof feeder (yeah right). It was metal so squirrels didn’t chew it up but I enjoyed watching one squirrel hang upside down from perch, curl up, lift food cover flap with nose, grab a seed then hang upside down and eat. My neighbor and I found watching that squirrel worth every seed he ate.

    I wish I’d knit BFF socks for project 2 and I might have finished on time. I’m knitting WendyKnits’ Diamonds and Cables and I’m not going to make deadline. But I love love love Tosh Sock.

  12. I saved a squirrel from a hawk this summer – the hawk was sitting on it and the squirrel was screaming – I couldn’t stand the thought of what was happening to the poor thing even though they cost me tons of money in “lost” bird seed. I had another that I called Stumpy that had a hurt paw and half a tail (could have been the one I snatched from the hawk, I’m thinking). But in general, they make my blood pressure spike as I watch them dangle from my squirrel proof bird feeders or make me slam on the brakes as they run under my tires!

    On a knitting note, I am so loving this Camp Loopy experience! I’m very nervous about project III. It takes me a year (or more!) to knit a sweater, and yet I’ve chosen one for my third project. The yarn I chose is LOVELY (TIG Glenhaven Cashmerino Worsted). It’s so soft and silky. The sweater has minimal finishing (thank goodness – it’s the Saratoga Shrug, so I guess it’s not technically a sweater – but it looks like one to me!). Still – that’s a lot of knitting for me in one month. I will do my best and hope I make it. Good luck to all you campers!

  13. I love the squirrels. They are just hungry too. We have chipmunks that ravage our birdfeeders. We have found that if we hang our feeders from a shepherds hook, lots f things, like raccoons and opossums, can’t get up that skinny little post. The chipmunks figured it out, though. Just waiting for the 15 so I can start my project III. Gotta get the kitchening done and post my chocolate cabled sockies.

  14. BAD NEWS: Right now there is NO SUCH THING AS A CUTE SQUIRREL in my book! For the first time my little apple tree was loaded with apples and I was eagerly counting the pies and apple crisps that I could bake this year. WAIT A MINUTE seems I must of sent out invitations because every squirrel in the neighborhood has shown up and now I will be lucky if I have enough apples left to make one pie!
    GOOD NEWS: There’s only 4 days and 3 and a half hours left until I can start Project 3 but who’s counting!

  15. Nancy, if you grease the post of the shepherd’s crook with Vaseline, squirrels can’t get up it. And it’s hysterical to see them jump up, grab hold, and slide down to the bottom, at which point they sit and stare at their greasy tummies with disgust. I haven’t seen any of them try it more than twice. LOL

    Sheri, thank you for mentioning the Eugenia Mittens – that’s my name, and those are going to be my mittens! Can’t wait to get started.

  16. Love the squirrel photo. Friendly litle chap.

    I am being a Good Camper and waiting until the 15th to start my third project. The Malabrigo came last week and all I am doing now is lovingly glancing at it while I am completing a ring bearer pillow for my friend’s daughter. The pillow should be done by Sunday and on Monday I can pick up the new project! Woo-HOO!

  17. I absolutely adore squirrels, but they’ve stolen every last pear and apple from my trees! They aren’t even ripe yet? What were they thinking! We’ve got cute little black ones near work… I wish we’d have them up near the house too.

    I finished my mittens the other day… I need to get a nice picture of them for the gallery. I’ve started winding the yarn for project III. If I can pull this off, I’m definitely rethinking my knitting queue…

  18. Work has been too crazy to join in the Camp but I am loving all the projects and my to-do list is growing fast!

  19. Oh bummer! I thought I was welcome to use any yarn purchased from TLE for my Camp Loopy Projects in order to qualify for the final bonus kit. I specifically picked out yarn from my stash for Project 2 that was from TLE even though it wasn’t perfect for the project. Ah well, it probably all works out for the best as I’m busy dyeing 50 kilos of yarn so Project 3 will be challenging to get done in time.

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