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Today is the day!**  Day One of Project One for Camp Loopy. Are you camping with us? Remember, it’s a bug-free, travel-free opportunity to participate in some fun this summer. You can knit up one project with us, or do all three. The Project One information can be found here, and answers to your questions can be found here. We’ll have information on Project Two in the July 1st blog. It has been fun to see all of the wonderful color combinations shipping out of here for the first project.

I have been eyeing the Pamuya Shawl since I saw it in person (on several people) at our Spring Fling. Since it uses about 575 yds, it’s definitely a two-skein project and perfect for doing up in two colors. I picked these two Madelinetosh Merino Light colors this week – shown here in Celadon and Mansfield Garden Party. Two color projects are fun. These two skeins alllllmost don’t go together. The Mansfield has more olive greens mixed in. However, it also contains a version of blue that combines just right with the Celadon and I think it will turn out great. But … we’ll see. I’m just going to jump in and do it. I haven’t started it yet, but I did bring it to Loopy with me today, in case I can squeeze in a few stitches at lunch. (The fact that this project needs to be done in 4 weeks and I’m moving in 4 1/2 weeks and need to pack up the whole house? I’m ignoring that.)

We have winners from last week’s Camp Contest! The following people won a copy of the Winter Rhythm Capelet pattern that I knit up and featured on last Wednesday’s blog: Sherry from AK, Pat from OH, Debbie from TN, Linda from New Brunswick, and Sue from WY. All winners have been contacted. We’ll have another Camp Contest soon.

The Project One Photo Gallery will be going up at The Loopy Ewe, sometime next week. Will anyone be done the first week? I know there were a bunch of you who were starting at 12:01 this morning. Maybe you’re done already. Me? It’s going to take me the whole month.

Sheri hotinSt.LouistodayandCicadabuzzingisalmostgone!

** no turtles were harmed in the photography process. (Harmed? Are you kidding? The little guy said, “WHEEEE!!” the whole way across the room …..)


  1. Congrats to the winners!! 🙂

    I’m one of those who cast-on just after midnight… and knit right on through until about 3:30 am!!! The campfire went out, and I had to retreat to my cabin… :p And now all my roomies are making such wonderful music with their knitting needles, it’s time to get back up and knit some more!! 🙂 Looking forward to more Camp Loopy fun!!

  2. Awesome. I woke up early and after walking Mr. Victor, I wound my two yarns up by hand and then started knitting this on the bus. I don’t think I’ll be done today, but it would be awesome to be done this week (it won’t happen). I love my colors and yarns so much that I want to work on this all the time!

  3. Love that turtle picture! I can just hear him, too! Got all my yarn wound in preparation last night, with a bit of help from the furkids. Will cast on after work and it will likely take me at least 2 weeks to finish.

  4. missed out on the camp sign up purchase, had items all picked out then went camping, lol! (for real) Have fun! Glad no turtles were harmed.

  5. Ditching the co-workers for lunch, I’m knitting in the closet!!!! I work with all men (only gal) THEY JUST DON’T GET IT!!!!!

  6. I started this morning before work! Actually I had trouble getting to sleep last night and almost got up at midnight, but I was good and stayed put until I finally got some zzzz. I love my yarn and my project! Just hope I can finish in time, it’s going to be a big shawl!

  7. I’m ‘camping’ from the sidelines for this first project…I could NOT wrap my head around a two-colored shawl, and missed the deadline for the purchase discount. Not to be deterred (I never let a little thing like a discount keep me from buying yarn, or knitting from my vast stash), I settled on a pattern, but was less then thrilled with all the color combinations I came up with. I have ultimately decided to knit from the sidelines- I will be knitting along, but in a single color. I can’t wait to see all of your multi-colored creations…maybe it will inspire me past this obsession with single-colored shawls!

  8. @PattyV: I’m the only girl here, too. I tell them they don’t have to get it, they just have to go with it and be glad about it because they’d be REALLY UNHAPPY if it wasn’t here. 😛

  9. Hi, I am so glad to hear that you have your priorities, knitting first and packing to move second or possibly further down the list. My kind of gal. I started Skewed Camper this morning and hope to have it done by, okay, the deadline. This is so much fun.

  10. DAy one of camp- I over slept and I am in Cabin 2! How dumb is that? But at 6:15 casted on Cladonia. A few minor mishaps along the way- but no one hurt! Maybe I need glasses. Really love your color combos for your project. The turtle is so cute.
    I am hoping day 2 of camp is better!

  11. Congratulations to the winners! I love the choices of yarn you picked out Sheri! Hope you have time to start that gorgeous shawl! I am so excited to start my project 🙂

  12. Staying in the hotel. Got up, showered, and cast on Cladonia in Dream in Color Smooshy. Love the pattern and love the yarn. Thank you Sheri for the fun!!!

  13. Hi Sherri,
    I JUST found your business and have been to your space twice. I love everything about it and I think your blog is so fun! But then I heard you are moving and moving the yarn with you!!! But I JUST found you!!!
    Any way you could keep the physical business here in the Lou? Think about no packing, no moving, no finding new elves!

    I’m just sayin’!

  14. Cast on during the bus ride to work, knit at lunch, and on the ride home so I’m off to a good start – especially since I picked a smaller project knowing my time would be limited for this first camp project. I’m staying in the hotel – I like my hot morning shower and didn’t want to wake up any cabin mates since I’m a night owl and an early riser. 🙂 Working on the Flower Scarf from the blog free patterns so it should be done in no time – I hope.

  15. Cast on — my first KAL — just love camping, even if it’s only virtual. Since this is purely recreational knitting — no stress, even with a Loopy contest deadline, it’s just a very simple knitted triangle at present. Having fun with the 2 beautiful soft hanks purchased right here.

  16. Sadly no camping for me. Because I, like Sheri am neglecting packing to move in favor of working on a project. I’m only moving about 15 miles away not all the way to the Rockies though. 🙂

  17. Love the turtle!! Love your two color choices together!! – green is a neutral and goes with everything – just look outside at nature 🙂
    I would have participated with the KAL but had just started a lacey capelet for my daughter – a nursing mother who has a lot of nursing mom tank tops with the bra built in but needed something for being in ac and to help cover up when going visiting (only using one color – 3AM Enchantments (beautiful color to work with! – I had purchased it from Loopy Ewe) I have 16 more rows to go – but unfortunately with what is on my plate (work, things at home, etc) I am more like that dear turtle minus the “firecracker encouragement” 😀

  18. I understand many think the turtle thing is cute, but I found the picture quite disturbing. Sorry but I needed to voice that.

    Hope you are all enjoying camp! Looking forward to seeing the knit a longs.

  19. My Camp Loopy yarn is stuck in the mail service and Canada Post has locked out the postal workers. I will have to knit super fast when it gets here I guess.

    Thought the photo of the turtle was fun, we have turtles all over the front lawn laying eggs in holes…

    Waiting for the post lady to be allowed back into work

  20. Syd – thanks for weighing in and I’m sorry the photo was disturbing for you. That was definitely not my intention! Of course I didn’t take it – I got it over at (a great source of photos from many different photographers.) I thought it was a good representation of lighting a fire to get us all going forward. 🙂 (And he does look like he’s having rarin’ and ready to go. But then again, I am good at assuming to know what all animals must be thinking at any given time ….)

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