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WH and I have been doing a lot of work around our house over the past two months. It’s amazing what a difference a little thing like brushed nickel door handles and new light fixtures, make. We’ve been in our house for 16 years and I didn’t realize how much I did not like the gold door handles and fixtures until we got rid of them. One of my very favorite things about our house is our screen porch. We added it to our house 8 or 10 years ago, and we use it daily. I recently saw the blue-ceiling porch photo (below) in this fun online magazine, that shows a blue ceiling on a screen porch. I think it makes it look like a beautiful blue sky. (Not sure I could get WH to buy into a blue ceiling on our porch and I’m not sure it would look right on ours, but it sure looks perfect on the one in the photo.)

My friend Janice and I were talking about things we like and don’t like about our houses this week. What’s one thing you love about your current house/condo/apt and/or one thing you wish you could change?

Thanks for all of your blog comments on the May Contest post. We bring a LOT of years worth of knitting experience together! If there weren’t over 1200 comments, I’d go through and add up all of our years. 🙂  But just suffice it to say, it’s a LOT.  I drew two names for the two Spring Fling Goodie Bags that I set aside for our May Contest. We’ll be sending those out to Caroline from Oregon and Maria from MN. Thanks again for participating in the contest!

WH and I are heading out to Colorado for a quick few days this next week. I’m leaving the Lovely Loopy Elves in charge here at Loopy, and one of Knitting Daughter’s good friends in charge of housesitting and cat watching at home. (I’m betting he will gravitate to the porch on most days, just like we do. I’m also betting he’ll be glad that we didn’t paint the ceiling baby blue before his housesitting job began.) I’ll do a blog update on Monday to fill you in on the Monday Update stuff (but probably later in the evening), and then I’ll be back to blogging again on Monday, the 23rd. In the meantime, back to the blog question today – what do you love and what would you change about where you live?

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  1. My house if 4 years old and was custom built. I picked out everything. With that being said, I would still make chagnes. I would have made the kitchen a little bigger so I could have put in a commerical stove.

  2. I love the fact that I have a pleasant place to knit indoors all year and a semi-shady yard in the summer. I wish that I could get rid of “unnecessary clutter”, but need to be careful lest DH applies the same criteria to knitting & quilting stash/supplies/libraries.

  3. I just found out this past weekend that the reason that people used to paint their porch ceilings blue is it is thought to repel bugs. Not sure how much truth there is in this but a lot of people apparently believe it.

    In our house I want to change the kitchen, the layout is horrible and we want to add a screened in porch on the back of our house also. There was a house very similar to ours that had one when we were house hunting and we loved it, we are probably going to try and do the same thing.

  4. I really like my new house so not much needs to be changed yet. I think the most favorite thing is the patio. I have had many patios but this one is used more than any previous house as it is covered and out of the sun, plus the weather, even though it is hot, is more conducive to being outdoors. Enjoy your break!

  5. Growing up I always wanted to live in a two story house across from a college- and now we live across from Western State College in a 107 yr old small 2 story house with a yard full of aspens in western Colorado. So I really love my house, but I hate that we are beginning a major remodel including new plumbing and wiring!!!

  6. I love the view from my backyard–we back to county-owned woods, that are land-locked and protected (there’s a seasonal stream back there) so I will NEVER have back-door neighbors. I also love the street–one way in and out, and there’s a good number of children the same age as my son. It’s a big bus stop. 🙂

    I do not like our interior doors. They’re the cheapest things, have awful plastic door handles, and no longer close completely. I want to replace all of them. But the non-sealing fridge will probably come first.

  7. I love the quiet here, and the turkey vultures that soar in lazy circles in the late afternoon thermals.

    Sometimes I wish my nearest next door neighbor was more than a quarter of a mile away.

  8. First, two years ago I had our bedroom painted a med green with a med blue ceiling and my husband loves it!

    I want a screened in porch! Want so bad.

  9. My home is 111 years old a Victorian farmhouse we have been restoring since purchasing 3 years ago. My porch ceili ng is blue,was when we came and repainted. It is to simulate the sky and rumor has it confuses bees so they tend not to congregate under it. We also have a three story barn with a tin roof, which is my favorite thing along with the 3 out of 4 tin ceilings in the home we were able to restore. The one in the livingroom is painted chocolate brown with a trim of copper and blue..I love it, it was old dingy white. What I would change is the plaster hiding the ceiling in the diningroom as it is permanantly damaged now after many years under the plaster, I am not sure why folks covered the tin and it is very sad that they did.

  10. I would really really love to have a first floor bathroom. And I *do* love my garden, which is looking good right now in spite of the miserable cold and rainy weather …..

  11. What do I dislike about our house? The back screen porch! It was cobbled together by the last owner and we have given up trying to fix it. It is on the lowest level of our tri-level house, and as far from the kitchen/living area as humanly possible. Extremely inconvenient for sitting, and that was before the raccoons tore up the screens.
    The “roof” of the screen porch is also the “floor” of the deck above-so during the rain it leaks.
    But I love where I live, so eventually the the back porch will be redone.

  12. Hi Sheri,

    I just wanted to Thank You for the Spring Fling Goodie Bag Prize. I really appreciate it. The Wollmeise Yarn is something I have many a times thought about getting, but being frugel always won out. My favorite prize in the bag I have to say was the Loopy Ewe Mug, for some reason my coffee tastes better. he he
    Thank you again.

  13. Love my baby blue patio ceiling – it keeps the bugs away because they see it as the same color as the sky. It’s a Southern thing, so I’m told. I would change my kitchen cabinet doors.

  14. I love the yellow walls of our guest bedroom and my craft closet in the office. Things I would like to change include the faucet in our kitchen and carpet in the master bathroom. All in due time. 😀

  15. i love my “project room” with lots of windows & built-in bookshelves! And our blue-ceilinged porch 🙂 and neighborhood full of sidewalks and happy kids. Not crazy about green walls & gold drapes that “came with” our master bedroom but that is minor and theoretically changeable.

  16. I love the location of our house. It’s close to walking trails next to a creek. You can feel like you are out in nature in a matter of minutes.

    I wish our laundry facilities were on the main floor. Tough on the knees going down and up. I love your screened in porch. Wish we had one instead of a deck. I’ll keep playing the powerball…

  17. We’re putting a new paneled ceiling in our porch…I have paint that color. Seems like a win-win situation.

  18. My MIL’s porch had a blue ceiling, so my niece painted hers that way as well. Did not know it was a southern custom until reading these comments. I love it!

  19. Woh. I decided to chang my guest bath two months ago, then thought might as well do the hall. took out the old wainscoating, textured the walls, took out the old floring and put down tile, beautiful. then we thought might as well tile the kitchen and great room portion of tile and then do the carpet in there too. Jest got through with five days of people laying the tile and in the morning more strange people to put down the new carpet. today my son and i finished texturing the kitchen walls…… thing leads to another It will be great, but there is not one room in my house that is straight. Going to love it though..Hot here in Texas…should be doing this in the fall…Its exciting doing this after 28 years of the same stuff…

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