What would you do …

…. with an afternoon off? I think I’d get myself a cup of coffee and sit out on my back porch with a good book or a good knitting project, enjoying the spring air. This is the ideal time to live in St. Louis. Early Spring and late Fall are wonderful! Late Spring, Summer, and early Fall? Not so much. Unless you love heat and humidity. I don’t. So afternoons like this one need to be used for something fun, outside.

Thanks to those of you who posted about your ideal vacation destination last week. I wish I could afford to pick someone and send them to their spot! (Wouldn’t that be fun??) Instead, I’m going to be sending these two winners some lovely Wollmeise. Congratulations to Michele in Maine (who used to want to go to Paris, but wants a trip to Hawaii after this crazy cold winter) and Joline in Edmonton, Canada (who would love to go see an old friend in Ireland, who has certainly been through a lot).

For those of you working on the First Quarter Challenge, remember that your photos are due in to our photo gallery by 4/4. (If you have entered photos and they have not been approved, it’s because there was no yarn information given. Please be sure to include that information when you upload the photo, and be sure that it’s yarn available at The Loopy Ewe.) I love seeing so many of you cabling and look forward to the rest of the photos coming in. We’ll talk about the new Second Quarter Challenge next week.

Sheri stillfinalizingwhatthatChallengewillbe.Thoughts?


  1. I had just such an afternoon yesterday. I spent the time catching up on guilty pleasure tv and knitting the Ruched Yoke Tee (from Spring Interweave) out of Cascade Ultra Pima. I love, love, LOVE working with that yarn! It was a perfect afternoon. No kids, no husband, just me and my knititng! (not that I don’t love my kids and husband… now I feel guilty for typing that!)

  2. If you are adding beads to the store, how about something with beading? Glad you enjoyed your afternoon, it is already “summer” here in Texas – 80 degrees and it is only noon!

  3. You’re adding beads to the store? How did I miss that?

    In light of what’s going on in Japan and the rest of the world, how about a challenge to knit for charity? (I’m sure most of us do anyway)

  4. An afternoon off? I guess it would be a toss up between a good book, spinning and knitting. Any or all would include a nice cup of tea – or iced tea, if the weather were a bit warmer here. Although, if I had this afternoon off, I might pop an Elizabeth Taylor movie in the DVD player and enjoy!

  5. It’s cold here again. If I had the afternoon off, I’d probably tackle some of Mount Laundry, do some stash organizing, and spend a little time snuggling with the pets (i.e., napping). Pot of good tea…. Slippers… Yep. And knitting.

    Speaking of which: MUST KNIT FASTER!! First quarter challenge end time looms!!! GAH!!!!

  6. I know what I’d do with an afternoon off (or even a morning). I’d make myself some coffee and grab a book and read in bed. Reading in bed feels super decadent when it isn’t being done because you woke up hours before dawn!

    I’d also knit or embroider, but lately I’ve been in the mood to read more than anything else.

  7. I love an afternoon off… I sneak out early at least a day or two a week to knit, read, or just think in the quiet house before everyone gets home! This is the perfect time of year in North Alabama too, warm & sunny, daffodils are finished tulips and dogwood trees starting… and like St. Louis (and KC where my family is) the humidity isn’t here yet!

  8. Sheri I’m so jealous of your spring weather. We got more snow – 10 inches of the white stuff to be exact. But happy that you got an afternoon to sit and enjoy it. As soon as we finally get one of those spring days I have that number 1 on my to do list.
    I vote for doing the Japanese Garden in the yarn of our choice. I’ve been wanting to do a shawl for a long time. Also it would be doing our own little bit to help Japan. Perhaps there are other patterns for shawls where the proceeds are going to Japan for those that maybe Japanese Garden isn’t there cup of tea.

  9. The mention of spring and those beautiful tulips make me jealous. In Minnesota, we just had several more inches of snow. I like the idea someone else mentioned of knitting for charity. Right now. so much is happening here and abroad, that it would be great to be art of an effort to help any way we can with our knitting.

  10. Spring . . . oh, spring. It’s a snowstorm today in Minnesota. Hmph.

    I was in St. Louis a few years ago and LOVED the heat. We ate at the Cafe Demenil which is run by my sister’s in-laws. What a fun town. Saw the arch, saw the riverboats (and didn’t have a car, so ACH! didn’t see your shop. (I still wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweats thinking about this tragedy πŸ˜‰

    LOVE the tulip pic. Enjoy the springtime.

  11. Well, since losing my job in December, I’ve had lots of afternoons off…I’m an expert. I usually fix a cup of coffee or chai, stick in a good movie and start knitting something. Lately it’s been baby things because I have two very pregnant friends. However, I have gotten a terrific job which begins on Monday (yeah me!!!) so these days will become a fond memory….but I’m not complaining….gotta love those paychecks!!! Also, I had made a New Year’s resolution to use only yarn from my stash this year with certain exceptions, one of which being when I got a job. I just ordered some great sock yarn from Loopy and have begun a great pair of socks (with circles on them!). I’ll send a picture as soon as they are completed!!

  12. I would work on the ribbing I’m doing on a sweater so I’d be that much closer to the fun part, and start the edging on the Holden shawl I’m knitting.

  13. If I had an afternoon with nothing to do, I would wonder if I had been captured by aliens! But I would gather my knitting and sit on my patio in the back in the sun and knit. And watch the birds and anything else that wandered by. I might just start Japenese Garden or at least decide what I am using for it. That might take the entire afternoon. πŸ˜‰

  14. An afternoon off? With a “clean” house and the laundry done,all tests graded, and the fall schedule of classes done, I would find a sunny spot on the carpet, move the dog out of the way, if she was there first, and take a nap. Either that or select a pattern and cast on a pair of socks.

  15. I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this but I’m going to go ahead. I submitted my photo on March 31 and it hasn’t been added to the gallery yet.. I did included the yarn info (Dream in Color Smooshy). It is in an out-of-stock color (Happy Forest) but I didn’t think that would matter. Does it?

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