Spring Fling 2011 Signups are Up!

Woohoo – we’re ready for you! Well, we’re not actually ready for you to BE here yet, but we are ready for you to sign up to be here next Spring! This will be our Fourth Annual Spring Fling and we have once again planned plenty of knitting time, great food, fun classes, shopping at Loopy, and awesome Goody Bags for you. Do you want to come?

*** First – an important note. Before you sign up for the retreat, make sure that you check airline prices, vacation from work, childcare, and any other details you need to clear in order to be able to come. Once you sign up, you go into the lottery and if you get a spot, then we want to know that you will use it. The signups are up for a week, so you have plenty of time to get these things settled before you sign up. ***

Now for the details!

Dates: Thursday – Sunday, April 28 – May 1

Location: Sheraton Westport in St. Louis

Guest Instructors: Anne Hanson (Knitspot), Kirsten Kapur (Through the Loops), JC Briar (JCBriar Knitting), and Laura Nelkin (Nelkin Designs).

Your weekend includes: The Famous Dessert Reception on Thursday Night (so many great desserts), Breakfast and Lunch on Friday and Saturday, Brunch on Sunday, hotel room, Goody Bag, trip to Loopy Central, one class (with more available for an additional fee), transportation to and from the airport, and two knitting lounges with snacks and beverages provided throughout the day on Friday and Saturday. We’ll also have a separate knitting area available on Thursday and Sunday as people arrive and depart.

Cost: $525 for a double room, $695 for a single room. We require a $100 non-refundable deposit by 1/31, with the balance due by March 15th. After the initial deposit, we will set it up so that you can pay in increments or pay the whole thing, as you go along. Please note that we are unable to offer day-passes or options to attend without the hotel stay. Our prices at the hotel are figured on the number of guest rooms that we use for the weekend, and we max out our class and lounge space with Fling attendees.

You’ll be able to choose classes and room-mates in February. We’ll send you an email when it’s time to sign up for those.

We’ll leave signups up for a week (click here to sign up) and then we’ll send out emails with lottery results after 12/22. We’ll also generate waiting lists via lottery, in case of last minute cancellations. We’ll let you know if you’re on the waiting list when the emails go out about the spots, too. Now – go make sure you can come, and then sign up!

Sheri Springwillbeherebeforeweknowit,don’tyouthink?


  1. I’m so sad not to be going this year. This no vacation rule in April and May is killing my fun! I love Kirsten’s designs, I hope everyone has a great time.

  2. I see me! Me having a wonderful time!!

    Sadly, I am thinking that I won’t be able to make it this year, but will double check now that I know the dates for sure (I was guessing before). Ah well, if not, that will open up another spot for a lucky knitter….

  3. I hope so —that Spring is almost here!! Would sure love to attend the Fling!!! It really sounds like a wonderful weekend!

    I got some Wollmeise on Sat morning— can’t believe I actually caught it when it had only been up for one minute!! Of course, now I’m wishing I had gotten 2, since all the colors were available……but am SO happy I got one!! Can’t wait to get it and see what it’s like!

    Thanks for having the RAKs again — it’s great to see someone encouraging giving to others, instead of it being all about “me”!! It IS more blessed to give than to receive. (It is a blessing too to be on the receiving end of someone’s giving.)

  4. Wish I could come, but we’ll be right in the middle of lambing. And right now, with COLD weather here (it was 1 degree above zero when I got up, with negative wind chills!), I am looking forward to spring!

  5. OMG OMG OMG! I AM SO EXCITED. I have been soooo good SantaSheri.
    Good luck to all, and to all a good night.

  6. Too bad there is not an option for local knitters that don’t need airport transportation and hotel space. Hard to rationalize spending money on an un-needed hotel room when that could be used to buy yarn!

  7. I wanted to come last year but was still too sick from the chemotherapy. This time I’ve signed up. Long flight from Australia but I feel very excited at the possibility. Hope I get in!

  8. Darn! Yeah, I can’t justify 700.00 when I live 5 blocks from Westport Sheraton. I also don’t know if I want to attend if I don’t know what classes there are. You have to pay a non-refundable deposit by 1/31 & won’t know classes until Feb.

  9. Having not done this before, how would I sign up so that my daughter and I are a package deal? I only want to come if she is able to come.

  10. I agree. I live in the St Louis Metro area and would love to attend my first. However, I do not want to pay the high price for a room I would not be using. Is there a way to attend otherwise??

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