halloween-inflatable-catHere’s what I wonder. If you were a little kid and your bedroom was right next to this big inflatable black cat, and you could hear the “hsssssss” of the fan that keeps it inflated – would you develop a fear of cats? (What if it was a giant ghost? Or a creepy snowman? Or – hey – an oversized giant clown?) I wonder what little kids think. This is in the yard of the first house in our neighborhood. I also wonder what they think the next time they see it and it’s just a big black puddle of nylon on the ground, because the fan isn’t on. How would you like to explain that? Poor kids.

boxes-galoreI also wonder when I’m going to stop ordering yarn. I worked late last night to get more put away and get these boxes organized in the kitchen (November Sock Club and Sock Club Lite stuff). Then this morning, UPS backed up to our building (as they do most every day) and delivered 14 more boxes. Now the front is all gumped up with boxes again. Today’s delivery is from Dream in Color – part of our order of their brand new 8-ply sock yarn called Everlasting. The colors are amazing. I sent a more-boxesskein out to one of our Loopy Sample Knitters a couple of weeks ago, even before I could tell her what yarn it was. It was still a secret. She’s knitting up a beautiful shawl, which I’ll share with you soon. We’ll get the rest of our order in next week and we will have it photo-ed and up for you on Monday, the 18th. 50 different colors. 48 regular colors and two “oops” colors that they thought you would like. And I think you will. 🙂

Lastly, I wonder if I there could possibly be a simpler recipe than the one I’m sharing with you today. 3 ingredients. No measuring needed. Tastes great.

salsa-chicken-recipeSalsa Chicken

4-6 whole chicken breasts
1 jar of your favorite salsa (16 oz. or so)
1 jar of apricot jelly (8 oz. or so)

Add everything to your crockpot and let it simmer the day away. The chicken will come out moist and the sauce will have a wonderful sweet/spicy flavor. Recipes like this definitely leave more time for knitting.

Monday is a holiday here in the States, so we’ll be out of the office. We will have an Update for you on Monday night, because I know that many of you count on that. We’ll get busy first thing Tuesday morning, getting your orders packed up and shipped out. (Another thing I wonder – what would I do without all of my awesome Loopy Elves?)

Are you wondering about anything today? Or is it just me?

Sheri  gladthattheweekendhasarrived.Haveagoodone!


  1. Oh, Sheri, that chicken has made me hungry!! And you are so, so right about the Loopy Elves 🙂 Looking forward to the Everlasting—and the secret shawl knit up in it!

  2. I was just wondering why a certain file came up when I asked for something…then I saw my search criteria in the middle of the file name. Made me giggle.

    As for those inflatable things…the kids know they’re inflatable things. We have a snowglobe for Christmas, and my now-five-year-old child loves to help set it up.

    I’m trying to keep it to just that one inflatable, for just that holiday. Wish me luck!

  3. I’m wondering about a number of things. I’m wondering why the jerks always win the argument. I’m wondering whether I should take a WIP or a new but mindless Christmas present project along with me to the political dinner I’m attending tonight. (Trust me, you never want to be without your knitting at one of these.) I’m wondering if they’ll be serving Mexican food at the Oktoberfest tonight, like they did last year. I’m wondering if I can actually finish that hat that I’ve been working on since July so I can start on the next one, which I’ve been plotting since August. And finally, I’m wondering if the house will still be standing when I get home or if Salty Dog will have attempted once again to play with Paddy Cat and Maggie Lee (a.k.a. Kit-ten), and thus destroyed the living room. 😀

    Among other things, that’s what I’m wondering at the moment.

  4. I have a very similar recipe to that – only it uses chicken tenders and taco seasoning – all the other ingredients are pretty much the same – love it with some brown rice and a healthy salad 🙂

  5. I am very curious —I guess you could say wondering—how one becomes a Loopy test knitter, that is something that would intrigue me to no end, and I too am glad its the weekend!!!

    Wish I had a crockpot, I got ask Santa for one this year!! BUT I’d rather he bring me yarn!

  6. I wonder:
    1) Where things go that “where here a minute ago”?
    2) Don’t I have XYZ sized needles?
    3) And the ever popular “Now what?!”

  7. There’s a house in our neighbourhood that has about 15 inflatable Xmas decorations but they are only inflated in the evening when all their lights go on. When you go by in the daytime it’s like an inflatable structure massacre. Makes me laugh every time I pass it.

  8. I am wondering why I can’t afford to own one of every skien of DIC. I am also wondering when it will snow for the first time because I want to drink hot chocoalte with it.

  9. I hope you never quit ordering yarn because I wouldn’t have anything to look at (since I have been trying to be good about buying lately). I wonder why spinning fiber keeps calling my name even when I already have enough to spin for at least a year.

  10. I am wondering how DIC could possibly come up with yet another fabulous yarn!!!

    The chicken and salsa recipe sounds intriguing – I’ve made this before, but just with salsa, and then topped the chicken breasts with shredded cheddar. DId you know Pace Salsa has a new mango flavor??? There’s a couple of other new kinds, too, including a green salsa.

    Keep ordering yarn – we’ll do our best to help you get it out of your shop and into our homes!

  11. I’m windering where I ever put my sewing needle case – someone made it for me and I’ve been 2 years looking for or trying to remember where I put it…

    I’m wondering how I can – just for me – add 3 hours to each day.
    I’m wondering how I lasted so long without my Keureg and wonder what I would do (especially this time of year) without my crock pot.
    Wondering what I would do without the Loopy Ewe – I hate to imagine me (like my Nana) working with Red Heart yarn from Woolworths all the time. What she made lasted but it’s a bit stiff and not soft – even for acrylic – dear Nana.
    Now I am wondering when my son’s fiance will make me more of her Praline Pecan Cookies – them with an iced coffee 😀

  12. I don’t like the inflatables. They look awfully phony baloney to me. Your chicken recipe looks very good.

  13. I wonder why one of my neighbors has a life-sized stuffed bear cub in his yard. I was really tired one day last week when I noticed it. I u-turned and did a double take to be sure I’d seen this correctly. No other Halloween stuff so don’t think it’s that.

  14. Why, when you and DH go to the docs for his yearly checkup does he inform you he has been out of aspirin for 6 months, and then blames it on you. (he keeps it at work). Why when you need the 5th double pointed needle you can never fine it. When you think you have enough of a certain dye lot you end up short until you have already taken means to correct the situation, it suddenly appears.
    Yes, that cat is indeed creepy.

  15. If the boxes are tooooo much for you I’ll store them at my house-UPS can deliver directly here and then I’ll bring what you need over. HeHe He—-
    thanks for the easy recipe- always looking for them-maybe we need a knitters recipe book of easy things that we can cook while we knit!!

  16. Oh please keep the easy recipes coming Sheri! I am just hopeless at figuring out what’s for dinner. Would much prefer to shop for yarn or knit!

  17. Ooh, I love salsa chicken, but I’ve never used a jelly in it with the salsa. I’ll have to try that. I make it in the oven, but will have to try the crock pot next time. Thanks for the idea!

  18. Salsa chicken is one of my family’s favorite meals! I just use boneless skinless chicken breasts and Trader Joe’s peach salsa. I’ve never done it in the crock-pot, though, I’ll have to try that. Here’s another easy variation that’s not too sweet: Brown 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts on each side. In a small bowl, mix together 1 16 ounce jar of your favorite salsa and 1 15 ounce can black beans, rinsed and drained. Pour the beans and salsa mixture over the chicken, cover the pan, and cook until the chicken is done. Serve over rice.
    I wonder why my three year old doesn’t want to stay in her bed, I wonder how I could have forgotten dishwasher detergent at Costco today, and I wonder if I’ll ever move to Saint Louis so that I can be an elf, too….

  19. On my way to go grocery shopping – saw a large enough inflated Victorian hearse – (the kind with the large windows on the sides and a body inside) I don’t like those inflatable decorations anyway – but I though that was a bit much – especially for small children.

  20. Ooooooo–Trader Joe’s Peach Salsa. Yummy!
    I wonder when I am going to manage to acquire some Wollmeise. I keep missing it. I also wonder how long I am going to be able to stand working before I just fall over in a heap. I also wonder when my little brother is going to come to his senses (enough said, it just felt good to say it). And I wonder if we will get rain here this winter. My yard is so dry and my water bill is so high. And lastly, I wonder if I will ever get my knitting plans organized!

  21. THANK YOU for the recipe. I have to eat gluten free due to allergies and it’s a delight to have a quick, easy thing like that in my back pocket. I’ll try it next week.

    YES! More time to knit!

  22. I am making that recipe today with chicken thighs (from my freezer). Thanksfor the recipe! We have a jar of salsa languishing in the fridge that no one likes (too bland) and I was trying to figure out with to do with it. I am a BIG fan of recipes using up jams and jellies since we always have TOO many!
    Here’s what I wonder today: Why do certain events trigger certain buying behaviors?
    We went to the Parke County Indiana Covered Bridge Festival on Saturday (a real old-time festival, not glitzy). We do this every year. And just like every year, I buy jams and jellies homemade by the little old ladies. Which I then add to my collection of jams from the previous year.
    Maybe my Salsa chicken needs 2 jars of jelly.

  23. I was wondering if anyone has a easy pattern for a scarf? I have not been knitting long and I am very slow. I know I could make it doing the garter stitch but have done that so much on my prayer shawls. Thanks for your help Mc

  24. Update on Sheri’s Salsa Chicken:
    I made it from 6 chicken thighs, boring salsa, 1/2 jar of apricot jam and 1/2 jar Trader Joe’s strawberry jam. It is delicious. Even the picky eater of the house is consuming it.

  25. I am so glad that I found the Quorn product line, because it allows me to make things like this (or the buffalo chicken soup I made a few weeks ago) without wondering how to make them vegetarian.

    I don’t know about ChristyH, but I know the reason I cannot own all of the DIC is because they keep coming out with new colors and yarn lines!

  26. I tried the sugar cookies this weekend–yummy. Much better than the molasses cookies I made a couple of weeks ago…

    The chicken looks very good too. Must try it soon…

  27. I wonder where my head is at some days. I just was reading the your recent blogs. Turns out I left my comment about the cat on the wrong post. Oh well- but I do wonder what kind of shadow that cat throws on the walls in the houses near by. Bet it has scared the beejeebers out of someone at least once!
    The recipe looks really good and I am going to try it out next week for sure.

  28. So you know, you are right about the inflatable things being just freaky. All 4 of my 5 kids who can talk have commented on how odd they are. They actually hate going for our bike rides by a certain house that has an inflated grim reaper…..seriously….you want to pay to have a nylon death in your front yard??

    It’s not just you……kids aren’t wild about em 😉

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