The Weird Little Alcove

We’re full up, here at The Loopy Ewe. We have 3500 sq. ft. of space, and we have used every bit of it. We have packed the aisles (here’s one side of one part, but of the rest of our Loopy space looks just like this):


We have used the tops of shelves:


We have built shelves in the old kitchen area and filled them with these tubs (double deep, filled with our Loopy Ewe Solid Line loveliness!):


We’re just plain full up, and I have no desire to move at the moment.

There is a weird little alcove outside our other door (down the hall from our main Loopy entrance). The alcove has always been completely empty and cuts behind the bathrooms in the main hallway. That is our back door (on the left) and the door to the business that has the very end of our building, on the right. No one else ventures off the main hallway, into this weird little alcove.


Seeing the empty space, I got the idea that maybe we could put cabinets in there for a little extra storage. I asked permission this past summer, the landlord gave me the go-ahead to do it, and WH built these really really nice, lock-able cabinets. White cabinets on white walls. Nothing flashy. Just custom-made, heavy duty cabinets. See? (Before there were there? Just an empty, never-used corner in the alcove.)


In the meantime, the building obtained new management, and the new landlord called to say that “someone” had complained about the cabinets. Since there are only two doors in the alcove and one is ours, it doesn’t take much thinking to figure out where the complaint came from. Apparently this has a “negative impact” on the (otherwise empty, boring, useless) space. White cabinets. On white walls. In an empty little alcove. What do you think? I think neon pink knitted closet covers might give them a bit of that “negative impact”, don’t you? I’d just like them to live up to their reputation. Right now the whole thing just makes me say FPS.

Sheri alwayssomethinginterestinggoingonaroundhere

*for pete’s sake


  1. And maybe a little bit of lime, tangerine or lemon as accent colors. In the sprit of brightening the space. Ah, yes.

  2. I wonder if some people are not happy unless they can complain?? Those cabinets look pretty plain to me. Maybe you should do some Loopy art on the doors? 🙂

  3. I’m sure the other business is jealous because you have “extra space” and they don’t. Geez, some people.

  4. I think someone has to much time on their hands to be bothered by cabinets. Oh – say – they do look rather plain – I know just what they need to spiff them up . Blown up photos of those people in your window on the cell phones 😀 Well if the new landlord informed you of a complaint – did they also say you must take them down? Ultimately it is the landlord’s decision. Not theother tenant’s decision. If that alcove is not part of any rental space and you had permission by the landlord (prior one that it may be – and it would have helped to have an agreement in writing – my employer also has rental property both business and residential – I do the lease agreements) there really is no course for another tenant to file any type of complaint unless these cabinets are interfering with their place of business INSIDE their office, if it’s preventing clients or customers from entering their place of business, or if it’s causing some sort of “hardship” for the other tenant to where they are losing business due to the cabinete. If it is just a “visual annoyance” – it’s pretty much “touch cheese” for the other people. I say when your lease is up for renewal – have the use of that space included as part of your lease renewal. I would ask to have “negative impact” defined – as white cabinets on a white wall is like no impact at all. Boo hiss on your “neighbor”. AND congratulations on being so successful that space in your place is at a premium!!! You’re doing more than something right.

  5. I think the other ‘party’ are somewhat peeved they didn’t request use of the space first!

    I hope you are not asked to remove them!


    PS: Do you loan WH out? I could do with his skills around my house!!!

  6. I would be interested to know if you have been asked to remove the cabinets. It is the landlord’s decision. I hope all will be in your favor. I am really sorry that this has happened to you.

  7. I think we need some “Loopy Art” – you know, like a mural on the cabinets or walls with yarns and Loopy knitting, traveling, or whatever it is that keeps Little Loopy busy every day. We could always stage a “knit out” so that the other tenants learn not to mess with fiber artists & their favorite yarns.

  8. And I remember the first time I shopped at the Loopy Ewe it was in a CORNER of your basement! How times have changed! I hope you enjoyed the pumpkin kisses I dropped off last week if the elves shared!

  9. Your neighbor is a whiner, who is jealous he didn’t think of a use for that space first.

    I have a bunch of those tubs. I love them. They stack clear to the ceiling and don’t wobble.

  10. I hope you don’t have to remove the cabinets, which look very nice to me. What kind of business does the other tenant have? Is the door the front door to the business?Is there is foot traffic–clients coming in or going out? Unless it’s the back door to the business, I can see how the tenant might worry. Not so much about what is there now, as about the possibility that the alcove will start to look like a storeroom.

  11. Hmmm…if you have to get rid of those lovely capacious yarn-filled cabinets, may I have them? With the contents?? (Ha ha.)

  12. You could take the cabinets down, and start using the space as a handball court. then the cabinets will seem like a great idea! I’m sorry you’ve got to deal with this. You certainly don’t deserve it.

  13. Maybe ‘they’ could be calmed with some silky wool to pet? Or a few Loopy Kisses?? ‘They’ clearly don’t get it, whoever ‘they’ are!

  14. Someone complained?! Sounds like the new bldg mgmt didn’t like the cabinets but used the anonymous complaint nas an excuse……

  15. The cabinets are perfect. They blend into the wall like wall camouflage. Blink and you miss ’em.

    Somebody is just being mean and CRABBY! I’m sorry they’re doing it and I hope it all works out.

  16. I’d confront them directly about what is their complaint, exactly. They sound quite cowardly, the way they went about it.
    As to what to say, “Too bad, too sad” as my children say, but not to me!

  17. The alcove was ugly. The cabinets are attractive always a crank. I’d knock on their door and ask them what the problem is. They probably think you are getting more space for free.

  18. Gee-pers Cree-pers… !!!! Girl…. you’ve got the stash of all stash!!! (I know it is all for sale but….still! How do you get any work done with all that yarn to pet, stroke, dream?)

    I’ll take the cabinets off your hands!

    I’d go with those that say the anonymous complaint is probably not the folks next door but the new management that wants more money!!! Meanwhile think…do you really need that extra space outside of your area? Would loss be covered by your insurance policy…etc…etc.


  19. Oh for heaven’s sake! There is always someone who is abig sour-puss. They had better stop sucking on sour pickles & get a life! I say kill them with kindness. Bring them a plate of your great cookies & be as sweet as can be. Before I retired therewas this grumpy doctor. He talked to no one let alone smilled. If you ran into him in the elvator oh my. One day I decided this had to stop. He might be much more smarted then I but no better. I started to overload him with kindness. It took a while but he came around. Who knew he was deathly shy. Who knew he cameback to the hospital at all hoursof the night becouse he was so worried about the people in his care. One afternoon my co-worker & I got into the same elevator as he. He looked at me asked how I & my family was than got off on his floor. My co-worker nearly fainted .

  20. Apparently, some people:
    a) have too much time on their hands. (?)
    b) woke-up on the wrong side of the bed. (?)
    c) may be jealous of someone else’s successful business. (?)

    I agree with the “kill them with kindness” idea. We know you know how to make great cookies. (I also wonder what the new management would say if they thought your need for more space might result in a move to another facility?)

    Also: My goodness! You own alot to storage bins!

  21. I suspect the other tenant is jealous that you came up with the storage idea and got the space before he/she did!!! Good for you!

  22. Sorry that you have to deal with this, Sheri, it seems so petty to complain about! I agree with everyone else who said the other tenant is probably just jealous that you thought of using the space first! I can’t see how anyone could object to those cabinets. Darn. I wish I had a few of those in my house—would you consider lending out WH for a week or two?

  23. I can’t see the the other guy complaining, they already make buckets of money from the type of studies they do over there. I think the new landlord is too cowardly to admit he or she wishes the old landlord had not permitted it. I would walk across the hall and ask the tenant if they mind. My guess is they would say no and the landlord is going to be very embarrassed.

  24. Hmm…maybe if it is the other tenant, they will move out in disgust and you can take over their space and fill it to the brim with more yarn!!!

  25. Do a Google search for “Counting Sheep glow in the dark wall stickers”. Put them on the doors. Then see what kind of “negative impact” it has on their shorts when they wander in there when the lights are off!

  26. That seals it! I think you should pack up and move to Chicago or Milwaukee – there are plenty of landlords here that would love to have nothing but yarn fumes and UPS trucks to be concerned about.

  27. I wonder if the neighbor complained, or someone in the landlord’s camp felt it was a “negative impact” that you were making use of space for which you weren’t paying extra. Perhaps a calculation of rent-per-square-foot and a (presumably small) rent increase for the extra space would compensate for this “negative impact.” Business is business. If the landlord conceived of the space as “revenue generating,” perhaps the “impact” would be “positive.”

  28. I think the other tenant wished they had the space. Who knows why?

    If those cabinets got mysteriously yarn bombed with crocheted daisies, how cool would that be?

  29. I think your cabinets look great! As long as they don’t interfere with handicap access to the door, as a potential exit, I don’t see what the new landlord is complaining about, unless he just wants more money for it! Does that still leave room for wheelchairs or those powered wheelchairs, if people would have to get out in a hurry in the event of an emergency? It looks like it might be fine, but maybe measuring the clearance now would help, in case the new landlord is worried about the Americans Disability Act, or whatever it is called.

    Hugs to you, Sheri! I’m sorry you have to deal with this, and I hope you can get it worked out to your satisfaction! 🙂

  30. Oh for the love of Mike! Do people really have nothing else to do other than to whine and complain?!? Turn me loose on ’em…I’ll run ’em over in my wheelchair!

  31. Oh, I think a sign proclaiming this a “screaming child, time out zone” would make them appreciate quiet white cabinets….. You could also post a pattern for a “Shut Your Pie Hole Beanie” with a more SOLID full face, for those days when the “blustery wind” just won’t stop, and a matching scarf! (Give ’em enough scarf and they will hang—–you get the picture, LOL)

  32. I’m sorry you havee cranky neighbors. Your picktures of the shelves and tubs of makes me miss working in a local LYS and opening the boxes of yarn to be put away. It was like Christmas all year long.

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