Almost Fall

Not here in St. Louis quite yet. It was 47 degrees here this morning (that’s a good start), but the leaves aren’t really turning too much. All except for that one tree across the parking lot that starts turning before any other tree around, every single year. But look at what is happening in Indiana – the leaves are turning. (Well maybe they aren’t quite that bright yet. I recycled this photo from last year’s batch. But it IS from Indiana, and they do get really pretty leaves in the Fall!) We were up there this past weekend for Parents Weekend at Knitting Daughter’s school. It was good to see her. She has been way too busy co-editing the school newspaper this year. Here she is in the newspaper office, showing us around. She spends a lot of time there. It was good to get her off campus for a day or two, shopping (replenishing the supplies), eating out (away from the Dining Commons), coffee at Paynes, ice cream at Ivanhoes, etc. All of the things a parent is supposed to do on such weekends. Soon we’ll get her home for a long weekend of Fall Break – we always look forward to that, too.

Did you see Wendy’s post regarding the Hat Project? Would you be willing to knit up a hat for a sailor? (What an awesome undertaking, from Shanti’s mom!) Take a look into your stash and see if you have some 100% Superwash Wool that you can use. No acrylic allowed. (Need suggestions? Dream in Color Classy, Shibui Worsted, Malabrigo Rios, Madelinetosh Vintage, etc.) Here’s a free pattern (in the sidebar on that blog) with lots of options, done up in worsted weight yarn. Or google “free watch cap patterns” for more options.

It’s Monday – that means Monday Update time! Tonight we added in:

Fiberphile Merino Cashmere Sock – Georgia’s amazing colors on one of our favorite yarn bases. Yum! Snap this up for shawls, scarves, hats and mitts.

Loopy Heel Creme – We had the Soak people do an exclusive mint scent for us (because you know how we feel about peppermints around here). A little dab on each heel will make your feet even more worthy of handknit socks! These went out with sock club kits and we had so many of you email to ask how you could buy more, so I know you already love it.

Lavishea for Loopy – We had the Lavishea people do up a Loopy tin with …. you guessed it …. a vanilla mint scent, because you know how we feel about peppermints around here. (Wait. I already said that.) This lotion-in-a-bar melts into your hands as you use it, and the bar lasts a long time. These also went out in sock club kits, and we also had a lot of emails asking for more of this as well. Fortunately, we had planned on that with both the Lavishea and the Heel, and we ordered extras for the website.

Hadley Loopy Coasters – Many of you received the Mary Hadley Pottery Tumblers in our Anniversary kits in August. We are having them do more things for us (still waiting on yarn bowls, for those of you who pre-ordered them). This week, we have coasters to put up. Use these for your drinks, or to keep your stitchmarkers (or jewelry) corralled as you knit.

Re-stocks in: All scents and sizes of Soak, all bags and accessories from Namaste (including a new light pink Buddy Case), Needles/Puppy Snips/ Dumpling cases from HiyaHiya, and patterns from Through the Loops.

Lastly, all Dream in Color Dream Club pre-order notices have been sent out. We have extra skeins that went up tonight (it’s in the same Smooshy with Cashmere base that we put up last week – still a few skeins left here). We’ll add extra skeins during this week, if people on the pre-order list opt out of this one.

We were buried in boxes by UPS today. That means more good things to come, you know!

Sheri stayatLoopyandworklate,orheadhome?Ican’tdecide.


  1. I was wondering if you could list the ingredients to the heel creme. I am allergic to nuts and lots of the good skin creams have nuts in them. I assume that the Lavishea has shea butter in it. (Did you know that shea is a nut? Yeah, I learned that one the hard way! ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, I’m interested in the Loopy Heel Creme, but need to make sure it is safe first. And there might be others in my boat too. (although I know I’m definitely in the minority). Thanks!

  2. Sheri,
    It is now 11:25 cdt and I hope that you went home a long time ago! Aspens and cottonwoods are all looking great, but leaves will be gone in a week or so here in southern Colorado. BTW I loved the heel cream and the vanilla bar.

  3. Leaves are just beginning to turn here. About half my drive to work is through various forest preserves, and I love watching all the colors change, starting in mid-April when the leaves start popping, all the way through mid-November when everything drops. Even the dead of winter, when it snows, is beautiful.

  4. I worked late last night, so I could have a longer lunch today with a friend, then go see a yarn shop she’s not investigated.

    Sadly, this does not involve a flight out to see you.

  5. Sheri, you are lucky if KD gets a fall break before Thanksgiving week! My youngest son is a freshman up at Michigan Tech, and we won’t get to see him until then. At least they get a whole week then. (It is 430 miles, one way, from us, so a shorter Thanksgiving break wouldn’t work for most of the kids.) Thank heavens for video chats on AIM! He needs to see one of our dogs every now & then, too. I have sent a couple of cases of his favorite Arizona Raspberry Sun Tea up for him. And I am sending a gallon of cider, a bag of apples, and some Snickers bars (his favorite) up this weekend, with his roommate’s family. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m really glad you had a great visit with her this past weekend!

  6. Having met KD, I know why you are anxious to have her home for a bit. She is delightful to talk to.
    I hope you went home to rest for a bit.
    I will be searching TLE’s website for the yarn bowls-how did I miss that?

  7. Thanks for the heads up about the Hats for Sailors. It was just the excuse I needed to order some Madelinetosh from you. When I knit the hats, I will be thinking of my Dad, he had 26 years in the Navy, going for 30 when he because ill. He wore his navy issued socks until the day he passed.

  8. Count me in too with the hats. I had to purchase some yarn – the only worsted weight I have is hand wash….but this project perked me up lots! What’s the cost of yarn when these young men and women are fighting for our freedom and that of others too. I’ll be praying over each one – just like some do with the prayer shawls.

  9. I’m going through my stash right now to see if I have appropriate yarn for a hat. What a great idea. Thank you for passing it on to us.

  10. Sheri – thanks for the shout out. It’s hot in the Gulf right now, but it will cool off while we’re there and I know my guys will appreciate the supportive thoughts and gestures! Shanti

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