Loopy’s Anniversary Celebration Kit!

loopoy1As I mentioned in Monday’s blog, we’re celebrating our fourth anniversary this month! To celebrate, we’ve put together our annual Loopy Ewe Anniversary Kit ** to share with you. (Would you like to see the ones from years past? First Anniversary, Second Anniversary, and Third Anniversary.) The one for this year has to be my favorite so far, because we have included things that you haven’t seen before. Very special yarn, an extra special tumbler, and of course a great anniversary pattern.

loopykityarnThe Yarn – You’ll be the first to get a brand new yarn base from Dream in Color called “Smooshy With Cashmere”. It’s luscious! This fingering weight yarn is 70% Superwash Merino (in the regular Smooshy twist/ply), 20% Cashmere, and 10% Nylon. We had them dye this color to match the happy blue paint color that you see when you walk into the shop. Since it makes us happy when we get to work in the morning, the colorway is called “Joy in the Morning”. It has turned into one of my very favorite colors.

hadleyartistThe Tumbler – Are you familiar with Mary Hadley Pottery? This 70+ year old pottery company has used specially trained artists to hand-draw the fun, whimsical figures in their line since Mary Hadley first picked up her brush. We thought the style would lend itself very well to Loopy, so we had him “Hadley-ized”. Isn’t he cute onloopykitholder there? Since each one is hand-drawn by an artist, they may differ slightly from one to the other. The artists have also hand-drawn “The Loopy Ewe” in our font on the back of the tumbler, and look what’s at the bottom of it: Baa. 🙂 These tumblers are lead-free, and are microwave and dishwasher safe. You can use them for hot beverages, cold beverages, or knitting needles, notions, pens and pencils.  The stoneware is made from clay, and then painted, glazed, and kiln-fired at 2100 degrees fahrenheit, making it highly resistant to chipping and scratching. Due to the time involved in drawing on each tumbler (and the large number of tumblers we ordered), loopykitinsidethe Hadley artists have been working on this order since February for us! (The Spring Flingers may have gotten a sneak peek in April….)

In keeping with tradition, we sent our anniversary yarn to Debbie O’Neill who came up with another great anniversary pattern for us. The semi-solid colorway lends itself to this beautiful pattern that creates the look of movement across your feet and around your ankles. You’ll have fun knitting this up.

The kits are available for purchase here. We have lots available, but if we run out, we may be able to pull together a few more. We’ll keep you posted. For our international customers, we’ve ordered special boxes to ship this kit to you. We can’t guarantee no-breakage in transit, but I can tell you that these are heavy-weight tumblers (hard to break) and between that and our packaging, I don’t anticipate any troubles.

We have a couple more things in the works with those Hadley artists that we’re excited about, too. We’ll keep you posted!

Sheri whowillbehappytohavethesekitsoffinthemail.

**Edit: because these sold out in 24 hours, we will put together a few more for you. I’ll announce on the blog when the last batch is ready. Thanks so much for such an enthusiastic response to them!


  1. I REALLY love this kit. I just placed my order. I’m so excited to get the new DIC yarn, tumbler, and pattern. It’s not as if I don’t already have a lot of yarn, but…….you know how it goes.
    Raining here in CO and about 60 degrees. Sure you don’t want to relocate to the Front Range, or at least expand???

  2. I am so excited about the 4th anniversary kit. So far, I’ve been able to get one every year, so I have all 4. Congratulations. DIC Smooshy is one of my favorite sock yarns, and I love that blue color too.

  3. I kept refreshing the page in between patients & was so excited when I saw they were posted I went running down the hall of the hospital to get my credit card!!! Note to self: memorize CC number 🙂

  4. I don’t know if I’m more excited by the yarn or the tumbler. Ok, really its the yarn, but the tumbler is very cool. It looks like it might be big enough to hold most of a beer! Awesome, can’t wait for it to arrive!

  5. Congratulations Sheri — to you and the elves. This kit looks amazing! Smooshy AND Cashmere And the color to die for And a hand thrown tumbler! I have gone to heaven!

  6. Happy Anniversary! I wish I could drop by the shop, but it would be quite a drive.
    As it is I make a 200 mile round trip to my nearest yarn shop. I love your yarn, I never see anything like it here.

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and the elves…we all appreciate what you do for us! I can’t believe it is only 4 years. You have done so much and come so far! Keep up the good work!

  8. Sheri, as usual you have knocked my socks off with this kit. Pardon the pun. I just love sheep and the color of the yarn is mouth watering. Thanks again.

  9. At first I wasn’t going to order it but I love the yarn and I love the tumbler and I thought why not….I could use another stash yarn because I have no idea as usual what to do with it. I love the Loopy Ewe thanks for being there!

  10. FABULOUS KIT. And there never was any question in my mind that I was going to get one.

    (Yarn diet? What’s that?)

  11. mmmm that Green is Delicious!! Your mugs are adorable too. Is there any chance you might be selling them in your store online soon?
    All the best and continued success on your 4th Anniversary!!!

  12. Hi and especially tp Sheri Happy 4th Anniversary,

    I did not get a chance to read the above emails, so I will just ask. Will this color yarn be made after the kits are complete? Will the potter be able to make the mugs with these colors?. I have been looking a long time for one and this one is soooooo cute!!! I love Debbie O’Neill’s designs. Incredible workmanship in all three items. I put my name in the Wishlist and hope it helps, this kit truly struck true love at first site. Kidding aside, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. This one is one I really would love to get. Thanks for listening. Dove

  13. I am so very happy that I found you this year. It’s my first year to learn all about knitting and I love it! Hoping to improve my knitting skills and purchase more goodies from the Loopy Ewe! Happy 4th Anniversary!
    All the best,
    Linda in Delaware
    ps. Love the anniversary kit and I am hoping to get one too!

  14. Hi Sheri,
    Happy anniversery, just wanted to let you know that I just recieved mine!!
    Wonderful mug, and the smooshy yarn is great also.
    So glad I was able to nab one.
    Have a great weekend.


  15. Yeay! I just got my package in the mail today and I LOVE it! I can’t wait to start on the socks – just finishing up a sweater I’m working on right now. I only have a part of the sleeve and the neck!!! The mug is ready for my coffee in the morning. 🙂 Happy 4th anniversary!

  16. Arghhh! I just came to order the kit for *my* birthday (August 9) and I found they had all been snatched up!

    Oh well — Happy Birthday to you!

  17. The Anniversay looks great, sorry I missed it, love the color!!! How special and exciting for all of you, Congrats on building a great business!!

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