I Don’t Like It

DSC00435aThe house is quiet. Way too quiet. Knitting Daughter went back to school on Wednesday. There are no more computer cords, water bottles, extra shoes, piles of mail, and books laying around. (Oh, ok. There are. But none of them belong to her.) She was happy to be back in the college environment, after having a perfectly happy summer at home. WH and I are both glad that she is in a place that she loves. But jeez. We miss her. And the house is quiet. Way too quiet. We might’ve sought comfort in a little bit of Ivanhoe’s on Wednesday night. (In the form of a Trojan Three Shake – peanut butter ice cream, chopped peanut butter cups, topped with a scoop of cookie dough ice cream. Ivanhoes is reason #2 to visit little Upland, Indiana. 100 flavors of Shakes and 100 flavors of Sundaes. Reason #1, of course, is visiting Knitting Daughter.)

DSC00417I’m keeping myself occupied with knitting. I’ve been working on Wendy’s Shetland Pi Shawl knit-a-long. I’m making mine out of The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga (Giant Stick Insect – although I prefer to think of it as “that really pretty green”). I kind of wish I had used Skinny Bugga instead, as I think this is a little heavy and thick. Plus, I’m in love with Red Spider Mite (although I prefer to think of it as “that really pretty red”). I know it looks like a big green blog so far, but just you wait. When it’s blocked, it will look smashing! This is a great pattern and if you haven’t started in on it, you ought to. When you focus on just one chart at a time, it’s totally do-able. I might make another one when I’m done.  I guess maybe before I do Shetland #2, I ought to finish Girasole #2 first. That would be the responsible thing to do.

September’s Dream in Color Dream Club yarn has arrived! For all of you with pre-orders, we’ll be sending your invoices to you on Monday. Dream in Color asked all of their stores not to sell it or show photos of it before Monday, the 30th, so we’re going by the book. Technically, that’s still 2 days before it’s officially September, so you’re still getting a jump-start. 🙂 The rest of the yarn (yes, of course we ordered extras for everyone else) will go up Monday night for you.

Is your house quiet or loud today? If it’s loud, can I come over and absorb the noise for a few hours? Just to see if it makes me feel better?

Sheri I’mprettysureourtwocatsaregrumpyaboutthis


  1. It’s quiet here, but if you bring me a yummy shake (or a skein of yarn), I’ll make lots of noise for you! 🙂

  2. Our house will be loud by tonight – 3 grandkids are coming to visit for a few days while their parents have a mini-vacation. We’ll have fun, though. Know what you mean about missing Knitting Daughter. It was the same for us when our daughter was going to Michigan Tech. But getting ice cream helps, as does shopping for new yarn!!

  3. Sheri – you are more than welcome to come out to Southern California and absorb some of the little boy craziness that goes on in our house. My 3 yo and 5 1/2 yo sons are running around, playing in a makeshift tent, making god-awful noises right now. I’m trying to figure out what to do with them today to keep them from driving me crazy. 🙂 I’m sure I’ll be in your shoes one day, it just seems like forever. You always want what you can’t have, huh? Have a good weekend.

  4. Never having any children, I can understand quite… think of this as temporary quiet. My guess is that in the near future (if not already) you may come to appreciate the q u i e t . Perhaps this would be time to persue the “dog challenge” that you wanted to do last winter. A puppy would create some excitement!! The Ivanhoe looks sinful.

  5. I am doing mine is baltic sea, lornas laces shepard sock. it so pretty! I am behind beacuse I had to switch tomaking a bag for a friends birthday (the satchel from the most recent IK) but itshould be done tonight, and i can spend thenext few days catching up. 🙂

  6. I don’t know about the house, but the office is REALLY quiet. We let one person go a few weeks ago and he made noise (ok, his radio did). My one co-worker is working from home. Another is on vacation today and Monday, visiting her dad, and she’s normally swearing and banging and yelling at people on the phone. It’s like a library in here today. Unreal! I’m afraid to answer the customer service phone calls for fear of disturbing someone! 🙂

  7. My house is LOUD! Sheri, you are most welcome to come absorb some of the noise and attention that can only be provided by 3 kids all vying for the spotlight. And, while you’re here, can I sneak off for a bit and regain a bit of my sanity?

  8. It’s been quiet at our house too – my little one is at Gramma’s for the week. but we pick her up tonight, and I’m very happy about that. And yes the cats miss her just as much. Our old one used to stand outside her room and scream when she was gone when it was bed time. Now he just mopes.

  9. right now-Debit is at the door whining to come in so it’s obnoxiously noisy right now. I can’t wait to see Dream Club Monday but am glad DIC doesn’t allow spoilers. I’m not doing Wendy’s KAL as I had a shop sample to finish. I will download pattern when it’s done and knit one later.

  10. I had a wonderfully busy, loud house this morning. I hosted a book group for my oldest daughter this morning…9 eleven year-olds, plus my other kids and a couple of other siblings that came to play — what a great bunch of kid!. We read “The Red Headed League” a Sherlock Holmes mystery by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The 19th century language was a little tough but we watched the PBS production from the 1980’s and that cleared everything up for everyone. I had also set up a scavenger hunt where they had to decode secret messages to figure out the location of the next clue. I love having a house full of kids and am not looking forward to school starting in a couple of weeks. (My youngest starts kindergarten for which he’s excited and I’m decidedly not. But DH and my sister have both taken the day off to be with me after he gets on the bus to help me with the transition. 🙂

  11. Not here. I had to turn the TV on to hear human voices. I had music on, but it just made it seem more lonely. So, I know how you feel. Except that my noise/messmaker will get out of bed soon, and all will be well in my house!

  12. Ummm, Sheri? I’m STILL knitting my two Girasoles from LAST YEAR, so don’t feel bad.
    I’m on the edging on one of them, but the one in Malabrigo Lace needs tinking back to fix a mistake in Chart C, so it’s slow going.

    I may finish one of them by the end of the year – if I’m lucky!!!!

    Our house is NOISY – we have three cats who love to play “boss the humans.”

  13. My house is quiet. Both dogs are napping and I am supposed to be cleaning and/or finishing a quilt for a wedding gift ……. I’d rather be knitting on my Citron. I just finished binding off my Septemter Tuch for 3rd qtr challenge and it is blocking now. When I get my camera back from my son, I can post some pictures.

  14. I’m doing Wendy’s Shetland Pi shawl-a-long too, though I’m not nearly as far along as you. I just started it on Wednesday after spending far too much time winding laceweight and looking for needles.

    Yours looks lovely. I’m looking forward to finishing up part 1 and doing a mad dash through part 2 this weekend, so I won’t feel hopelessly behind when the next part comes out on Sunday!

  15. The house is quiet today, and I’m enjoying it. Yesterday, we hosted a BBQ lunch for DH’s colleagues from work. It was fun, but I’m not used to having a house full of people, and it was a little overwhelming. I think I have a bit of the hermit in me.

    Your Shetland Pi is looking great! I haven’t been able to keep up with Wendy; I’m still finishing part 2. The Fleece Artist merino in Seashore is really pretty with this pattern. I love knitting with that stuff! I forgot what a lovely pattern the Girasole is. Maybe I’ll finally get around to knitting that once the Pi is done.

  16. You are welcome here anytime!! Our house can be noisy, puppy barking at everything, son in the kitchen right now making rice krispy treats, and daughter on her computer across the room from me. 🙂

    That ice cream shake looks so good!! And the Pi shawl is very pretty!

  17. I’m at work and I work at a college, and outside my window is some kind of rowdy, cheering, first year orientation/bonding activity. The loud is HERE!

  18. Youngest leaves for college tomorrow. A few more hours til blissful silence. Am I a totally horrible mother for enjoying the silence?

  19. My house is quiet for now, as it should be just the dog and cat and fish there right now. The dog and fish are pretty quiet, but the cat can be pretty loud when she feels like it. That will all change at 4 pm when the school bus rolls up and my newly minted third grader and kindergartener step off. The next quiet won’t happen until well after bedtime, and by then I’ll be ready for bed as well. I enjoy the house to myself for an hour or two, but it is the wrong kind of silence when you are missing the kids.

  20. My house is always quiet. My pets both died last year and I don’t have a husband…
    Just the birds out at my feeder. Unless you count noisy neighbors. The noise may pick up in March when my first grandchild is born 🙂

  21. Quiet here! Except for the sound of my dog licking and chewing his feet (he has fall allergies.). Where is Ivanhoe’s? Off i-69? I drive between Indy and Detroit a lot and some good ice cream would make it better ;).

  22. Did you and WH share the shake? LOL . Our house has been a little loud this week. Have been keeping 16 month old grandson. He really isn’t too loud. But is cautioned at times to use his “inside” voice. LOL.
    Your pi is gorgeous-

  23. My house is also exceedingly quiet. College son returned to his school on Sunday. College daughter left on Wednesday. The mess caused by their wake remains.

  24. You can come over to my house of course. I have had 6 kids 7 and under at my house (4 are mine) all week and I think I am going to go crazy! Thank gosh tonight is knit/spin night or I think I would run away and live at The Loopy Ewe. hehe

  25. Your Pi Shawl looks very nice. I am doing mine in Fiesta Gracie’s Lace. I like it a lot. My house is always quiet. I have to go to a store to hear sound!

  26. I love the color of your Pi Shawl. I’m doing mine in DIC Starry in Prarie Grass. I love that color and the yarn is wonderful to knit with. I’m not too far behind – on part 3 (actually just started it) with Sunday looming fast ahead! My house is also always quiet – when I want noise, I call my DH at work and talk to him for a few minutes. He’s glad that doesn’t happen often. Have a great weekend.

  27. I’m doing the Shetland Pi Shawl KAL too… I got the Madelintosh Wendy recommended in Dahlia, from you! 🙂 I really like it; both the pattern and the yarn!

    It’s LOUD here! My kids are 6, 4, and 2, so we have lots of volume. Usually happy, giggly, “outside voice” talking volume, thankfully. My MIL says that when we leave her house after an extended visit that the silence is “horribly deafening”. She said she dreads it.

    In any case, I bet it makes your daughter feel good to know that you miss her and that she misses you too.

  28. Our house is very quiet. We are leaving on vacation to the Black Hills early in the morning, so the dogs are already at their doggie motel. Very weird that they’re not here.

    My nest has been empty except for visiting stepkids for a long time, but I haven’t forgotten the feeling.

  29. The best ice cream I have ever had is at Ivanhoe’s. I grew up in Muncie but my mom was raised in Gas City and she took us to Ivanhoe’s when we were young. Gotta love their turtle sundaes!

  30. Sorry, forgot to tell you that my house has been extremely loud this whole week. They have been chopping down trees in my yard. On Sunday part of one came through the roof and into my living room. Today the tree crew was still sawing and dropping trees and the drywall man was here fixing the living room ceiling and to add to all of that my dogs were not happy about all of the strangers at our house. Maybe I should go to Ivanhoe’s to escape 🙂

  31. We are just south of Fort Wayne tonight, move in day tomorrow, but with 2 still at home it wont be too quiet. We will be stopping at Ivanhoe’s on the way home.

  32. I’ve had my son, his wife, and my two grand children(ages 2 and 4) here for the last week. On Tuesday my daughter arrived add to that puppy sitting for the neighbor and it has been anything but quiet. Come 3:00 o’clock tomorrow everyone will be gone. I’m already sad just thinking about it.

  33. More than welcome to join the chaos that is my house, my kids won a whoopie cushion today, so my 4 year old is following daddy around asking if he’s going to sit. Then both of my children decided to have a screaming match of who got to use it next. LOL

  34. yup, been too quiet. one week ago today we dropped her off. I have been cleaning and canning up a storm! haven’t had much time to knit been so active, not good though as i need to get some knitting done! Yum to the ice cream… i have been indulging in cowgirl chocolate…. yet still losing weight!

  35. My house is also very, very lonely today. My daughter went off to Medical College in Boston, my two sons have gone camping before their school year begins; one is a music teacher, one is getting a Phd at UM, so I am grateful for a house full of yarn to comfort me with today………..loved your blog message, Bunny

  36. With a “tweenager” and a bonafide teenager our house is usually on the noisy side – come on over anytime you want! Bring your knitting and I will make the coffee!!

  37. We had grandchildren ages 2 and 8 here last night. Quite noisy and up way past ALL of our usual bedtimes. Today we went to the Missouri Botanical Garden, California Pizza Kitchen where these two picky eaters ate like starved animals, then on to Ted Drewes for frozen custard and they ate that, too! I totally blew the low calorie diet I started this week. If the Loopy Ewe were open, we’d have shown up there, too, but not to eat 🙂 The funny part: while at TD’s another ice cream fan asked us how to get to Forest Park. We told him, then asked where he was from. He was FROM ST. LOUIS…..we are from an hour into Illinois. When I worked in St. Louis, everyone would ask me directions or about good restaurants. Don’t local people go places? Or is it just us from out in the sticks who drive all over and explore every site?
    Anyway, both kids are worn out, napping, and I am going to drink lemonade and knit in the quiet….
    Hey that ice cream might make us drive to Ivanhoe’s.

  38. Our house is slowly growing quiet: Daughter #1 left for Chicago August 7, and I have already stayed with her for 3-4 days. More to follow, as she is looking for a house. Then DD#2 leaves August 30 for Minneapolis. We will drive her U-Haul truck AND her cat up on September 1 when her apartment is ready, and we will stay through most of the Labor Day weekend. Since it is also the Minnesota State Fair, it will be very busy from a traffic point of view! THEN, when we get home September 5 or 6, our home will FINALLY be quiet–first time since December 14!!!! BOY, ARE WE READY–but we will miss having our two daughters up here to join Son and DIL for family dinners! DD#1’s job sends her to India in late September–She will be out-of-country for her birthday, but that’s not too new, since this is her first birthday in 9 years where she’s not been in Australia!

  39. My house is very quiet today. We went to a ball game in Cincy (2 hours away) last night and got home at 1am. Hubby and I are both zombies today, as is our dog who spent the night with one of his doggie buddies.

  40. My WH loves Ivanhoe’s ice cream! We lived just off I69 at the Daleveille/Chesterfield exit. His route took him by there all the time. It’s a small world lol. We also loved going to a place in New Albany for awesome ice cream! Really miss that now that we are back in Tennessee.

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