Playing With Colors

I used to love to color when I was little. (Heck, I’d probably still like coloring if given the chance!) I am transferring all of those “love to play with colors” tendencies, to my knitting. I’ve had a lot of fun mixing and matching colors in this new Solid Series line. It’s like having a big artist’s palette to play with. Here is a sock that I knit up over the weekend, using Surf, Coffee and Mocha.


The pattern is easy – I started toe up and used this pattern:
16 rows Coffee
4 rows Surf
8 rows Mocha
4 rows Surf
and repeat.

On the heel, I alternated between just the Surf and Mocha (4 rows each) in the middle of my 16 Coffee rows. I love the color combination. I need your opinion on the second sock – should I make it just like this, or should I do 16 rows of the Mocha and sandwich the dark coffee color in between the Surf? Slightly different?

Of course then I had to come in to Loopy and play with more possibilities. (Don’t you wonder what the other people in our building thought, when I started sticking yarn in the bushes and taking photos?) For this pattern, I try to pick a light and dark color in the same family, and then a “pop” color. The socks take 1 skein of each color, although you’ll have leftovers of the colors in the 4/8/4 sections. Here are some other quick combos that I pulled this morning:

Blackberry, Mauve and Malachite:


Mulberry, Carnation and Coffee:


Serenity Green, Pine and Plum:


Black, Apricot and Orange:


Lake, Whisper Blue and Kiwi:


Strawberry, Slate Blue and Navy:


What do you think? It’s fun to play with colors, isn’t it? 🙂 I thought I’d start in on my Norwegian Rose socks tonight, but I’m vacillating. I really want to start an old-fashioned granny square blanket, too. And I am anxious to start one of these patterns as well. Decisions, decisions.

Sheri it’shothothotoutside,butIstillhadcoffeetoday.


  1. OMG i loooove playing with colors too!! I adore the brown / blue combo of the first sock. But you do pose an interesting option with the wider mocha stripe … I would like to see the match to the original of course, but the 2nd pair with your alternate color scheme. : ) Is that too much!?
    When I clicked on the ‘patterns’ you want to to try – I fell in love with the Signe pattern for hat & mittens. Wow – just gorgeous. Wish I was up to that level – I’m still on prayer shawls. lol
    Have a cooler day – and try the ICED coffee!! : )

  2. There is nothing wrong with coffee or tea for that matter in hot, hot summer. What I do not eat in the hot summer is hot soup. That bothers me. Soup should warm you up and make you feel better but not in the summer time.

    Where are the yellow combos? You have fall/winter combos I think you need to do some brighter colors. I usually wear very bright colors on my feet in the winter so how about: Butter/Caramel/Celery
    Sunshine Yellow/Butterscotch/Caramel
    Grass/Whisper Blue/Pine (Not quite sure of this one though)

    What do ya think?

  3. Your sock is beautiful! Love all the color combos you came up with—your new Loopie line has beautiful selections!!

  4. I know what I would do with the 2nd sock: make it identical. But then, I have a problem with ‘fraternal twins’ when making socks They have to be as close to identical as possible. (And I even got the Regia Crazy Colors closely matched!)

    Love the black, apricot, orange combo! I would make the black the ‘Surf’, orange the ‘Mocha’ and Apricot the ‘Coffee’: maybe. Might just change that around when I got started.

  5. I want new yarn, and to start new things, too!

    But just last night, while searching for the missing needles essential to my next project, I found several abandoned projects that need to be completed. And then there are the projects that never got started, but for which I have the yarn and pattern. And then there is the yarn that doesn’t have a specific pattern yet ….

  6. Of course!! That’s the idea I have been struggling to come up with for your new solid series. A granny square blanket! Oh, the endless possibilities! Thanks, Sheri, for coming up with the idea. Wonderful!

  7. I would love to see the browns swapped in the next sock…but then my daughter’s socks never match. I just put them all in a basket and she grabs 2 in the morning….so funny.

  8. I am a matchie matchie person…so I like socks that are identical (I even cut out a section of self-striping yarn to start at the same place and make them identical…compulsive but true! The solid colors are just gorgeous. Have to try some as soon as the ever so tight budget allows.

  9. What a tease! But what a lovely colour combo on your sock!
    You know I’m heading over to the shop now and checking out the suggested colour combos right?

  10. There’s nothing wrong with having coffee when it’s 90+ degrees outside–you bet I had mine in air conditioned comfort this morning.

    Your color combinations are really lovely. That blackberry, mauve and malachite combo would look great in a blanket. I’m thinking about doing one in knitted hexagons in a bunch of different colors, but there are so many choices! I can’t decide.

  11. I loved to color too!

    Confession: I LOVE the aroma of a new box of Crayons…..I’m often seen just before school starts ‘huffing’ Crayons in the aisles of the store. lol

    I will be diving into the Loopy Ewe solid colors soon….you have shown way too many possibilities and it’s killing me!

  12. Playing with colors is so much fun that I actually named my yarn business Plays Well With Colors 🙂 I’m loving the new stuff!

  13. My vote is to knit the second sock identical to the first. Personally, I have so many “onesie” socks–I told myself that I wasn’t going to knit anymore single socks!. So now, I knit two at time all the time. It takes longer, but I don’t suffer from the onesies! I can knit two at a time on either the Magic Loop method, or two at time on two sets of circs. It always catches people’s attention. I just ordered 5 skeins of your new yarn… can’t wait till it gets here!

  14. I really really like the Black, Apricot and Orange, looks Halloweeny to me! but then the Mulberry, Carnation and Coffee are really nice too. In order for me to decide, I would have to come into store and play….:)

  15. I like the exact same sock idea as well. Your stripes look perfectly straight, too…care to share your jogless stripe in the round method?!

  16. Same colors, change patterns to the stripes. Pretty, pretty! I’m still trying to decide what to order. There isn’t a bad color in the bunch. What a fabulous line!

  17. If I were in your place I would be playing with the different possibilities all day long and never get any work done. Who cares what the neighbors think? I do have to tell you my mail carrier did ask me the last time he delivered a package from the Loopy Ewe ” just what kind of business is the Loopy Ewe anyway .” Do you suppose he had talked to someone from your neighborhood or was it the name that got his attention?
    I vote to make the second one the same but them I tend to be a matchy, matchy kind of girl. Loved the pictures and I now know what colors I’m going to use for my hat and mittens at least I think I do. I have a terrible time making decision and you certainly have made it more difficult with all those lovely colors. Sheri It truly is a lovely new line!

  18. I love the new colors, too! I am determined to try socks soon! Got to finish that sweater first…
    Your color combos are really pretty. I’m usually a matchy person, too, and it’s funny I wouldn’t have even thought of making them different. But now that you suggested the idea, I may have to DO THAT when I get into socks because I really don’t like repeating the same project. Except I am doing a Mara repeat because it’s simple/pretty/wearable. And, since it’s a totally different yarn and a bigger shawl this time, it seems different.
    I color with my grandaughter all the time. Do we have to stay in the lines? I do, but I don’t tell her to.

  19. My eighth graders love to color, too. After a test I often put out some geometric patterns and a drawer full of crayons or color pencils. It keeps many of them quietly occupied while everyone else finishes. It’s really interesting, the patterns that they. Come up with.

  20. I love your colors, and coffee and mocha always sound good to me. I think you need to knit the 2nd one to match so you can have a pair of Loopy socks to wear, unless of course you follow Lucy Neatby and Cat Bordhi’s sock style which would mean you need to mix up the stripe colors a bit.

  21. I love coffee so much I take it outside in the St. Louis summer morning and drink it. Then later on in the day I ice it.
    Cannot wait to match a solid with my 2 cardigans to make a tank.

  22. I need my coffee too, no matter what temperature it is outside (and it’s been pretty warm here). I’d try to make the second sock match the first (“try” is the operative word here), but that’s just me. It’s such a great color combination that you can’t go wrong whatever you do. I love all the colors you picked out, how are you ever going to choose?

  23. I don’t normally care about matching when knitting with self striping yarn – BUT when I am making my own stripes – I match one sock to the other. The coffee, surf and mocha are such classic colors together I would match the pair. If they were a really funky fun color combination – I might mix things up a bit.

    QUESTION – do you carry your colors down the sock inside somewhere or do you go through weaving in all those ends when they are complete? I recently went through weaving in all my ends and wished I had somehow carried my yarn colors – although I had 5 colors I was striping.

    RE- yarn in bushes. When my mother was a little girl, her mother had a low growing ground cover plant in part of her garden, and Mom found a marble in the plant one day. The next door neighbor (teasing her) told my Mom that was because it is a “Marble Plant” and each day the man next door would hide another marble in the plant so my Mom could “pick a marble”. To this day she still calls them “Marble Plants” – maybe you can tell people it’s a new hybrid plant – that grows yarn and you are just picking your harvest 🙂

    RE Coffee – I still have a cup at work. But sometimes I let it cool off to semi iced coffee and then drink it. Depends on how the ac is working when I get into work….

  24. I lv the stripe sock, good choice in colors. In fact, I lv all the color combos you picked out!

  25. I LOVE that sock. So cute. We have some Smart Wool socks for the kids that I’ve always wanted to try to duplicate and this looks similar AND better colors! Thanks for the inspiration.

  26. What fun! I love all the color combinations! I don’t think you can go wrong with either keeping your second sock the same of mixing it up. No matter what, it will look great and it will be a fun pair of socks!

    About the coffee – when the temp reaches about 75 I start switching over to iced coffee. Mmmm!

  27. I would love the different, but same, color combo on the socks (the first of which looks fantastic!) with the dark in between the surf.

    Really lovely color combos!

  28. Love your striped sock! I’m on this weird Harry Potter obsession right now, so I say mix up the second sock in honor of Dobby. 🙂

  29. I like your sock…and I’m for matching, so I think the other one should be the same.

    Question…did you cut yarn in between stripes and then weave in ALL those ends…or did you just carry it up on the inside. Cause weaving in ends is my LEAST favorite part of color work!

  30. Please continue to show us other combinations using the Loopy solid yarn. I love to see how others put color together. Maybe it could become the weekly color combination and ask for submissions!

  31. Next time I see you, ask me the crayon story. 😀 It’s one of my mom’s favorites. LOVE crayons/colored pencils/coloring. My moniker is, after all, CMYKnitting. LOL

    I’m just waiting for color cards for this so that I can play with it. I like all your color choices, by the way. Pink and brown always reminds me of ice cream for some reason, and you can’t go wrong with red and blue together. How about testing one out with yellow in it?

  32. I was hoping that you would show some yellow combos. “Kathy” (way up on top) of these comments has some good suggestions. Sheri, about that granny square blanket (crocheted), I was experimenting and found that if you hold two yarns together it will make a VERY beautiful granny square or hexagon (which ever you prefer).

  33. Love your sock! I vote for an identical 2nd sock because *you can* make it identical. Very classy.

  34. We’ve had a major internet server melt down in my area code over the past two weeks, which forced me to work offline…remember life before the internet? Blackberry, mauve and malachite look like a mighty fine combination to me.

  35. I love the new sock. I’m so glad you mentioned those patterns. I bought the dragon hat from you, ages ago, but never thought of using your new range to knit one. Great idea, thank you!

  36. Ok…I’m just finishing my first 3 toes ups and am obsessing about the heels. Can you tell us again (so I don’t have to search…unless your engine is real good and probably with computer son, it is!) which toe up pattern you used on the striped sock?

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