My Favorite Shop in Germany

DSC00022While we were in Germany, my favorite place to shop was the Wollmeise Brick and Mortar store in downtown Pfaffenhofen (Claudia’s hometown). As you might imagine, it is FILLED with color! The shop is open on Fridays and Saturdays, 3 weekends a month. We went our first day there (for coffee and cake and breathing in the fumes – so wonderful). We were there a couple more days, and DSC00026then had to go back the last day of our trip, too. (This was my fault. I couldn’t stand not getting one more last chance look at the yarn, and Claudia was so sweet to zip us back down there one more time. It really was sad to leave it behind!)

DSC00028There are knitted curtains in the windows, which Claudia did up on her knitting machine. And check out this cute mouse, fashioned out of a skein of Feldmaus! The window displays were really fun. Inside, there are three big cases of yarn – one for 100%, one for Twin, and one for “Nobody’s Perfect” which are skeins with a knot in them. There also also a few smaller cases and several baskets of laceweight. (Yes, we did talk about getting laceweight here again – we hope to have it later this summer or early fall.)

DSC00023If you ever get a chance to visit this shop in person, please don’t miss the bathroom. It’s PINK, with a pink rose-covered toilet seat, a crystal chandelier, and notes from knitters all over the walls. Be sure to add your signature with the black pens that are next to the mirror. I feel bad for the people who don’t realize it’s there, because it’s definitely a must-see in the shop. It made me wish that we had an in-store restroom for knitters to sign at Loopy Central! Somehow, I don’t think the landlord (and other building tenants) would appreciate knitter signatures in the restrooms in the building hallway.

DSC00078The couches are usually full of knitters, speaking rapidly in German. Knitting Daughter and I got to sit and knit and talk all day Saturday, and it always amazes me that you can connect with knitters all over the world, even if you don’t speak the same language. We didn’t have any trouble sharing projects and appreciating what everyone else was doing. I met Anne, the designer for Arlene’s World of Lace. She hung out all day Saturday and is even more camera-shy than Claudia! (Thus, no photo to share.) She is the designer of the popular “Not a Drop” scarf on Ravelry, as well as many other amazing designs. She was as sweet as could be. In this photo, you can catch Claudia’s back and can also see Knitting Daughter, working on a scarf. I worked on Citron in Wollmeise Lace Raku-Regenbogen while I was there. Photos when it’s done. I think I’m going to make it a bit longer than the pattern calls for.

DSC00067And finally, as promised, a photo of one section of Andreas and Claudia’s back yard. It’s like a little slice of paradise! Their cat Moses loves stalking around in there, including watching the fish in the small pond in the back corner. All I’d need would be a nice comfy chair, a mug of coffee, and a knitting project, and I could hang out there all day. See the bush in the front right corner of the photo? That’s a Hazelnut bush. I had no idea they grew like that. Claudia said the bush will get really tall and will head up the back side of their house.

In Update news this week – we’re doing a couple of random Wollmeise updates this week, instead of our regular Monday evening “What’s New”. While I was heading over to Germany, we had boxes of Wollmeise yarn heading over here! I think some is still stuck in Customs, but we’ll put up what we do have. And next week – a regular Monday night Update again for you.

Sheri whoworkedonCitronthisweekend.Howaboutyou?


  1. So glad you had a great trip! Germany is so beautiful. And isn’t it interesting how methodically Germany works? When a store closes at 5, it is CLOSED. And the sales ladies very politely stand by you to make sure you are checked out and gone by 4:55.

    The Dream in Color baby “Some Summer Sky” is a dream to work with. I am using it doubled to make a crocheted shrug today. It is easy to double and clings well. Whenever I need to unravel an area (I am designing this shrug so I rework a lot), it is easy to undo and rework without catching and tangling.

    Love it, love it, love it!

  2. Love your Wollmeise trip pictures, Sheri. Sounds like you and knitting daughter had a great time.

    Since I caught the spinning bug at the Spring Fling, I’ve been taking some lessons and got a wheel. Lots of my knitting time is now going to spinning. It’s so much fun and one day I’ll actually have yarn to show for it that I’m not ashamed to show to others. Right now I’m producing yarn that only a mother could love. Hehe.

    So glad to have you home.

  3. Really nice post Sheri.

    I finished my mini-challenge sweater– Marigold Sweater from the latest Interweave. Couldn’t be more pleased with it. I had done a Citron in March with some sock yarn from the Loopy Ewe. It’s a fun little pattern. I look forward to seeing yours with the Wollmeise.

  4. Do you have any more pictures of her garden? It looks lovely!

    (And of course the yarn is gorgeous too!)

  5. It looks like you and your daughter had a wonderful time! I think if I visited, you wouldn’t be able to get me out of the Wollmeise’s shop. Their gardens are just beautiful – and I love that their cat’s name is Moses *grin*.

  6. Great photos, Sheri! I started Citron last night and think the pattern is great. I’m using Malabrigo lace for mine and can’t wait to see yours in WM.


    Welcome home. This weekend I FINISHED my mini-challenge pioneer. I will be washing and blocking it tonight! woohoo!

  8. Wow. The wall of color rivals your wall of 220. Amazing.

    I’m almost done my mini-challenge sweater. I find that I don’t really get much knitting done on the weekends, but I did get some done when I was hanging out with friends. Only about 8 rows to go!

  9. Sheri,
    seems like you and your daugther had great time in Pfafenhafen. Germany is very pretty.

    Just like you I do love the idea of ‘write your comment on the loo-wall’.

    I wonder if my husband’s note is still there. He drew a pictuire of my head with wool sticking out of it instead of hair with comment ‘My wife Paulina is a Woollmeiseholic, and signed it ‘sad husband Artur from London’.
    He took me there for a Christmas shoppping spree, sat on that red sofa for 5 hours while I was going mad about Claudia’s yarns. How fabulous is he!!!. Needles to say I went back home with suitcase full of yarn.
    I have not used any of it yet, it is on display in my knitting room and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

    Curently I have few lace shawls on my needles and a jumper for my darling husband. I geuss it is quite obvious which project will be finished first, after all I do not want him to divorce me…. who willl pay for all that yarn πŸ˜‰

  10. Guess what Sheri, I started Citron this week also. My friends are challenging one another to a green stash busting event and lo and behold I had Malabrigo Lace in Green Saphire in mine. Ta-dah! Another project on the needles and I don’t think this one will make even the smallest dent in my stash. Can’t wait to see yours!

  11. I’m out of the running (or is that knitting?) on every challenge/knit-along I started or intended to start this year. I’m swamped with job-hunting, and all that goes with it. Soon, I need to start packing things up so that I’m ready when the next job comes. (Hey Universe, could you help me out here?) Gulp…that means packing up my yarn, which means picking which projects to keep out to work on. I guess 6 projects sends the wrong message to the Universe, huh?

    Thanks for the photos and news of your trip. Looks like KD and you had a great time!

  12. My dream vacation – a trip to Claudia’s brick and mortar shop!!! And lucky you – a skein of Raku lace-garn – Wow!! What a great trip!!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  13. Ok, the hazelnut bush threw me too. I live in Oregon, which is where one of the largest crops of halzelnuts/filberts in the world is grown, and they definitely grow on trees. wonder if it’s a translation issue? Or a hazelnut variety I’ve never heard of? Thanks for the photos. I’m terribly envious of the garden–so lovely!

  14. I have a friend on vacation in Germany, and I have asked her to visit the Wollmeise store for me. She is not complying! Oh well. I will just have to wait for your Wollmeise update whenever it is. I hope I don’t miss it!

    I am so jealous of you right now!

  15. Sheri the pictures are fabulous. Thanks very much for the tour.
    As for knitting– finished up my KAL Anna Maria tank top and bolero jacket last week and lucky for me the day I finished my latest Loopy order arrived with the yarn for my next project. I ordered Spud &Cloe Sweater in Jelly Bean and Turtle for sweaters for the grand kids. Love the colors-love the yarn. So I’m happily knitting away on Knitting Pure N Simple hooded sweaters.

  16. love, love, love the pictures. I want one of each of those yarn colors…. if only the budget would allow
    And as for knitting, I am working on socks.

  17. first of all….the post from Paulina at time 3:21pm is soooooooo wonderful!! Paulina you are a very lucky lady to have a husband that will sit for 5 hours while you shop for yarn!! My hubby would have gone golfing ha!

    Sheri, you took some excellent photos…I think my fav is of all the bright colored yarns! coming in second is Claudia’s garden πŸ™‚ I dont have a green thumb from gardening…just from yarn πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for sharing

  18. I would spend days on end in Claudia’s yard. Just don’t make me do the work it takes to get it that way! I worked on Laodice by Amy Duncan, interrupted to do 3 round washcloths that look like sand dollars for my ocean-loving niece’s birthday.

  19. OK, I was pretty happy with my garden until I saw Claudia’s. Need to do more work….

    As for what yarny things I’m working on, making progress on my crocheted summer scarf (which might be done in time for Christmas), my Tempted Glam Girl crocheted lace scarf, and a KAL with a couple of friends on Knitspot’s Japanese Feather pattern. πŸ™‚ Nothing too elaborate. πŸ˜‰

  20. Claudia must be a very lovely person. What an inspiration she is. Her artistic nature in the yarn colors and her shop layout. Her love of other knitters – to incorporate an area of gathering, talking and knitting. And her garden…almost a Beatrix Potter world where you’d expect to see Peter Rabbit or Jemimiah Puddle Duck lurking somewhere. I like the “bathroom idea” where you can see all the posts from all of the “queens” who have sat on the “throne” πŸ™‚ This weekend I was doing some more knitting on my second sock in an easy lace pattern. They’re sort of summery looking with a lower cuff than I usually knit.

  21. Jealous 1000% but so happy you had a wonderful trip. Living in Germany for 4 years was a fabulous experience. Would love to go back and visit – maybe some day!

  22. Love the photos! Darn, I live in the same time zone as Claudia! I have no excuse for not visiting the Wollmeise shop! Except that I’ve started working part time at our restaurant and consequently haven’t had time to do much knitting. Or much of anything else. As soon as I get more organized….

  23. Loved the pictures and trip update. I have been working on my mini challenge “bottoms up”. I would have finished it on vacation if I had taken the 3rd ball of Eidos along. The Eidos is great with this pattern and really shows of the twisted rib sts.

  24. hi Sheri! I’m glad you had so much fun (can you see the drooling from there?)! I quick idea for loopy Central…since you can’t write on the walls, why not expand on the idea from all the flingers signing the socks and “Build a wall ” with painted wood that you can prop up against one wall that people can sign?

  25. Dear Sheri,
    it was such a great honor to meet you in Germany. We had so much fun and I am still giggeling about the “ear machine”. Thank you for your lovely comment about my work and sorry for being so camera-shy.
    Anna aka Arlene

  26. Hi Sheri,
    thank you so much for your wonderful report and pictures (hi all, in reality it isnΒ΄t so pretty).
    I enjoyed our time so much and I miss you!!!!!!

    Pauline: Your husbands note is still there. Right, he was the first “singing christmastree victom”. So sorry again, but it was so much fun. Next Christmas time we need the singing tree again :-))))

    Maria: Our green hazelnut ball is the result of a try to kill this huge tree, my boys were to weak to pull out the roots. Now I have this “ball” under controll and thatΒ΄s perfect.

  27. Oh! I saw right before I left that you were going to be in Germany when I was, but it’s so wild that you met Anne at Claudia’s….because I started my “Not-A-Drop” scarf while I was in Germany and thought how appropriate it was, that I was knitting it in the designer’s own country!

    I was very sad that I couldn’t come and visit the shop, but we were with a tour for most of the time, and the last few days in Berlin (a long way away, and not on a weekend).

    I did see yarn shops in almost every city we went to, though, without even trying, except Berlin for some reason — though my husband said he saw some. And I bought a little souvenir yarn: for one, Regia Nation yarn that was everywhere in honor of the World Cup. Of course, in Germany colors. (I’m going to make my father, who was also on the trip, socks from it, as a remembrance of the trip. With a German heel!)

    But I would have had a lot of fun, could I have gone to Pfaffenhofen! The store is beautiful! And it would have been lovely to see Claudia again, after meeting her at the Fling last year.

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