MDSW was HOT, Plus a Mini Challenge

DSC03757Elf Donna and I are back from Maryland Sheep and Wool and I have one word about it: HOT. HOTHOTHOT. HOT. HOT. (And did I mention that it was HOT?) We had a great time visiting vendors, gathering with Loopy Groupies, and talking to the sheep. But in between, we were guzzling massive amounts of Water and Diet Coke. We both looked and felt completely melted by the time we made it back to the hotel that night! I’m not sure what the temperature was on Saturday (in the DSC0376690’s), but on Sunday, our car thermometer said it was 99 degrees. Would I go again? Sure. It was fun being there. But it was HOT. (In case you were wondering about the weather. I wanted to be sure to mention the heat. Hot.)

DSC03763 2This was our rental car. We agreed that it was the perfect weekend “Loopymobile”. I have lots of fun sheep photos – I’ll post those on Wednesday. In the meantime, I know that your favorite part of Monday blogs would be the part where I tell what new things we have added in to the website for the week. So here is what we added for the week:

Madelinetosh Vintage (only the first 16 of the 72 colors that we ordered, but we decided that we might as well let you start enjoying them now. We’ll continue to add to the line as they make their way here. They have had a bit of a struggle getting enough of the base yarn in.)

Studio June 8 Bells (a gorgeous 100% superwash heavy fingering weight in a base that you already love from other dyers.)

Dream in Color Baby (in the 11 new semi-solid colorways, which will knit up beautifully in shawls. Also a big re-stock on the colors that were sold out.)

Born to Knit (The Elise mitten pattern that many of you have seen and been waiting for. I set a copy aside for myself and will be picking out two solid colors from our upcoming Loopy Line to use with it.)

Sajou Scissors (2 new designs that were on backorder from our original order. We’ve already put in a second order to re-stock the designs that sold out the first time around. Those ought to be in again soon.)

3 AM Enchantments (2 more fabric choices on the Petite KIP bags. I know these bags are your favorites!)

Stitchmarkers and Stitchmarker Holders from Dyelectable (great for organizing the ones you have, or starting a new collection.)

DSC03759I have a new 6 Week Mini Challenge for you! I know that many of you are still working on the sweater/vest challenge that I extended to July 1st. But I also know that some of you are ready for a new Challenge, because you’ve been emailing me and asking about a new one. So here’s a short-term Mini Challenge for you. (Why 6 weeks? That brings us to around July 1st, when the Sweater/Vest challenge will be done, plus it insures that your project is done by mid-summer and ready to wear.) Here’s the Challenge: Β Knit a short-sleeved or sleeveless summer sweater/tank between now and July 1st. I already started mine using Universal’s Cotton Supreme. YUM!

DSC03762As with all of our challenges, you can use any yarn you’d like. If it’s a yarn that we sell at The Loopy Ewe, you are welcome to photo your completed project for the Mini Challenge photo gallery we’ll add in, so that others can see it. If it’s a yarn that we don’t sell, you’re still welcome to take the challenge and knit along with us and we hope that you’ll share your photos on Ravelry. If you need to buy yarn for this challenge, we’re offering you a 20% discount on the yarn for this project, if purchased between tonight and May 14th. (Offer limited to one project per person.) To get the discount, you must leave us an order note telling us that you’re participating in the Mini-Challenge and telling us which yarn in the order is for the challenge. We’ll manually adjust the price to the discounted one, after you put in the order. If you are in the U.S. and are trying to get to the $75 level for free shipping, make sure that the discount won’t dip you below that, as we’ll then need to add the regular shipping cost back in.

Feel free to leave links in the comments for the patterns that you are considering for this challenge. I know others will appreciate the ideas! Β Short-sleeved sweaters and tanks are so great for layering throughout the spring, summer and fall. I plan on getting a lot of wear out of mine.

Sheri whothinksSt.Louisweathermightnotbesobadafterall


  1. MDSW was a ton of fun but I seriously thought I would melt! It was the most oppressive weather of all the 7 years I’ve been attending. Looked for you but missed you again. Glad you had fun,

  2. Last year it was cold and rained heavily and we all needed hot toddies when we got home. This year, the total opposite. I really felt for the vendors on the main exhibition hall where the fans hit the aisles and outer third of the stalls but left the poor owners situated in near the wall roasting in an oven. It was just really tough!

    Didn’t stop me from buying yarn though!

    I’m WAY behind on my sweater due July 1. EEEK!

  3. I felt like Elphaba from Wicked at MDSW, I’m melting, I’m melting!!!!!

    So good to see you and ELf Donna on Saturday – hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Sheri, Can you tell me what the weather was like a MDSW? You just made my night. I laughed so hard when I read that. Knowing how you hate the heat, I can just imagine you were miserable. It was in the 90’s here on Saturday and the humidity was unbearable hear in MA. too. Glad that you and elf Donna had fun. Hugs

  5. I’d love to make a tee or tank, but can not find a pattern I’m happy with. It’s very frustrating. Why can I not find just a few that do not either have a lace pattern or nothing right where my bra is? I need my bra. Shouldn’t there be just a few attractive patterns that flatter me and don’t show all my assets to the world?

  6. Glad you had fun, but I will take HOT over Cold any day.
    What exactly do you do at the show? Is it buy direct from alpaca people? Or buy from individual spinners/dyers?

  7. Glad you’re back, Sheri and Donna, and that you didn’t melt AND had a good time! πŸ™‚ I love the idea for the mini-challenge, and will be watching everyone else’s projects develop. I’m going to take a CGOA Master course, so will be thinking of you as I’m attempting to follow obscure crochet directions. (Like I’ve never done _that_ before! πŸ˜€ )

  8. It was a scorcher but I had a great time as usual. Missed your big red bag and you; hope you got lots of goodies. I didn’t bring my camera darn it, so am enjoying your paca pics!

  9. Saturday in Md was indeed HOT, but w/memories of Snomageddon, multiple times, trying to walk in snow up past my hips and literally shivering for weeks, I celebrate the heat.

  10. I started CeCe yesterday with Linares cotton/ viscose in a pretty gold/green/blue colorway. Rows one and two are a success !

  11. So beautiful here in St.L, for once. You would think the East Coast in April would be comfortable…
    I will browse the yarns, and if nothing strikes me I will use some Wollmeise.
    I think I will crochet a tank top in a loose pattern and put a light tee or tank under it.

  12. Thanks so much for this Mini-Challenge!!! I just ordered some Universal Cotton Supreme and will be knitting the Cable-Eight Top from the Spring 2005 IK.

    You can find it on Rav here:

    I’m so excited about this challenge as this is the perfect excuse to knit something that has been on my want list for far too long. πŸ™‚ Having a KAL really helps to keep my on track too so I know I’ll be able to knock this one out before the deadline. Can’t wait to see what everyone else will be working on!

  13. Hi Sheri,
    As a DC resident I need to warn you that you should not visit DC in the summer. If you did not like the weather at MDSW ( And I think that you thought it was a little hot) Then you will really hate the summers here. Saturday was just a little taste of a typical summer.

    In the past the embassy staff who had to come to DC to work got tropic pay for summers in DC.

  14. So much for the HOT. Right now, it’s 66 degrees. Last week we got snow. Just before that, it was in the 90s. Seems like we are playing weather-roulette in western MA. It makes getting dressed a real challenge.

  15. That HOT weekend weather was very unusual for us this time of year–you had a taste of our summer, without the humidity. I hope next time you are here we can arrange for better weather.

    And yay! I picked up yarn at the Fling for the Que Sera from Knitty, and now I have a real reason to skip over the sweater I started and cast this one on instead. Thank you! πŸ˜€

  16. Hmmmm, hot you say? Actually I’m looking forward to some heat up here in the southern Cal. mountains. Guess I’ve become part lizard. But truly, it is a dry heat and not the sticky, humid type. ;p

    Oh, and on Ravelry there’s a group called sexy knitters club and if you browse some of the chatter you can run across lots of wonderful patterns for tanks and all sorts of fun things. My queued list grew several inches after checking them out. ;p

  17. I made this sleeveless sweater out of a bamboo yarn last summer and love it! I made it in a light silvery blue and enjoyed the knitting and wearing so much that I bought pink to make another.THis is the Ravelry link to the pattern.

    Sheri, I am sorry that I missed you on Saturday. I sat in the traffic jam that was waiting to get in and petty much ran out of time….by the time I’d have gotten in (I was there when there was over an hour and a half wait on the road) I would have had very little time left. I planned to look for your big red bag. That wether was unusual for May, thank goodness. It was more like August weather. And sometimes it is downright cold for the MDSW…go figure.

  18. Love the weekend Loopymobile! It’s perfect.

    Hmmm. Wonder if Juliet would count? Short sleves but a cardi.

  19. I’m pretty sure I want to make the top I listed above, but I’m trying to decide if it will be too much for me to do it in matching colors of Dream in Color Smooshy and Starry. Yum!

  20. I know me and my MIL went and it was SO HOT! This was my first year but now I am excited about next year and already looking forward to it!

  21. Love the Loopy mobile! I’m making a tank top. Not of lot of people have made this, but I’ve seen it in person and I trust Alissa. I have this cotton/rayon yarn that I bought years and years ago to make a top, but I didn’t like how it was coming out, so after two years of looking at this pattern, I frogged the previous top and started this a over the weekend — are you psychic?

    I’d love a cardigan like the February Lady sweater, but in fingering weight, so if you see a pattern like that, point it out to me!

  22. Perfect timing! I’ve been planning a Shalom Cardigan out of Creatively Dyed Single. I’ve had the yarn for a while, and no excuse as to why I haven’t cast on yet. Now I have absolutely no excuse! Thanks, Sheri! πŸ˜€

  23. The mini challenge sounds fun – I’ll have to see if I can find a suitable tee pattern – I don’t do sleeveless b/c my arms are too fat but here is a great pattern from knitty that some of you may like to see

    I’m sure you could find a wonderful yarn at TLE for this – its darling.

    It was fun hearing about your adventures Sheri –
    Thanks Mel

  24. I was there too. It was incredibly hot, but some years it is very cold – sounds like spring in DC (or close to it). It was even too hot to touch the wool so my purchases stayed at the MS&W canvas bag and mug, stich markers, and patterns.(like I don’t have enough wool at home). Imagine how the poor sheep felt before being sheared.

  25. sweet! i just cast on a tank, the drop stitch one from the new knit n style mag. Lol, i was wonderinf how to pack for our trip, flying out early tomorrow morning. Maryland sounds like it was pretty hot… so will go with that! of course we missed the festival!

  26. Awesome 6-week challenge! I don’t know if we all start thinking alike around this time or not, but I am definitely thinking tank top for the first sweater. I ordered seacell/merino fiber from an etsy seller to do a spin-to-knit combo. I told the lady I bought it from that the plan would be to make a tank top from it, because the way I spin, I wouldn’t have enough yarn for anything bigger than that.

    I wouldn’t mind having funds on hand to take advantage of the excellent discount though. I’ll see where I am come payday.

  27. Also, re the HOT HOT HOT, it sounds like Florida summer weather. I’m glad you guys survived, and I hope you had a great time in spite of the heat!

  28. Ok, last comment today!

    Some of my favorite tank patterns on ravelry are listed below. I bought a skein of Colinette in Pharaoh to make the top of the Broken Rib tank, but haven’t started it yet. – My absolute favorite/ – Sweet!!! – a knitty pattern – gorgeous, but I’m not sure it would suit me. Maybe I could make it for a petite friend of mine.

  29. I’m working on Macy, from Twilley’s Denim Freedom in Rowan Denim. It’s a shaped tank in seed stitch with a lace up neckline. The denim yarn shrinks when initially washed to give you the final size. And it feels so good once it’s been shrunk.

  30. So sad that it was so HOT!! But looks like you managed to have a good time. Love the Llama. They are so cute I think I would be tempted to bring one of them home with me. How fitting that the Loopy mobile for the week-end was loopy red. These challenges sound like a lot of fun. Right after I discovered the Loopy Ewe a shawl challenge ended it and it was so much fun and inspiring to see the pictures of all those beautiful shawls. Can’t wait to see what every one comes up with. I’m sure I’ll end up with a list of things I want to make. One of these days—–maybe

  31. I assure you that the MDSW is usually not that HOT! I drank so much water on Saturday. Go figure because Monday and Tuesday here in Maryland have been in the mid 70’s. I had a lot of fun but I agree it was way too hot for me. I bought a ton of yarn at MDSW festival. Many more people this year than last.

  32. I’m planning on participating in the mini-challenge! I plan to make the Cece jacket in Somoko which I’ve just ordered from you. I plan to use smaller needles, so will play around with the gauge. I love this yarn!

    P.S. — I have been knitting practically non-stop after work hours since returning from spring Fling! The needles are HOT!

  33. A summer sweater sounds like a great idea.
    The MS&W was hot but so much fun. It was unusual weather for May.

  34. Ha, speaking of hot, you should have seen the shape my Loopy Kisses were in when I got them this afternoon! Poor little squishy guys. πŸ™‚

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