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DSC03422I found it. The snow, that is. Apparently Iowa has been stockpiling it and preventing flow-through to Missouri. This is my friend Janice’s driveway in Cedar Falls. (Poor Steve. He has to get up early on the mornings that it snows, so that he has time to plow the driveway before heading off to work. But I think he secretly likes it.)  It was a fun weekend with friends and I ate too many cakeballs. Steve and Janice’s daughter K was home for the weekend. She’s the one that makes those amazing cakeballs and cupcakes. They’re addictive.

It was a no-mail Monday today in the States (Happy President’s Day to all of you!) so we couldn’t get any orders out. However, I have new things up on the website for you tonight. We just put up:

* The Knit Kit in Turquoise
* Dream in Color Knitosophy re-stock
* Dream in Color Starry re-stock
* ShibuiKnits Staccato line
* Crystal Palace Panda Cotton
* Crystal Palace Mini Mochi
* Marie Mayhew Patterns & Kits
* Lane Borgosesia Cashwool
* Trekking XXL
* Madelinetosh DK/Light Worsted  (Note – this was formerly known as their worsted weight. They have decided to call this a DK/Light Worsted and have invested in a new Worsted Weight called Vintage. We will have Vintage in stock in a few weeks! In the meantime, some of you will find that your gauge on this DK/Light Worsted works for many patterns calling for a worsted weight yarn. I find I knit this at 18 stitches per 4 inches on a U.S. 7 in garter stitch.)

Have you ever wondered about the different weights and measurements of yarn? Here is a great website for references. You can print out copies of the weights, knitting symbols, crochet symbolsknitting abbreviations, crochet abbreviationsneedle/hook sizes, etc.

I decided to knit something during the Olympics, but I came to some conclusions about Olympic Knitting. I’ll share more about that on Wednesday. In the meantime, pop over to check out What’s New.

Sheri bigfatflakesofsnowarecomingdown,


  1. Thanks for the weights and measurements info. I shall make copies and I will find them extremely useful! Yes, I complain about our snow in Iowa, but then I slap myself and remind myself that other places have it a lot worse. Spring, I’m looking for you…….

  2. Here in St. Louis, the weathermen call the big snowflakes “Hamster Sized”. I know it is winter the first time I hear it on the news.
    Thank you for the info on weights and the like.

    Olympic knitting is nuts but I love it.

    Loving the snow…

  3. Can’t wait to see your comments on Olympic knitting! I decided to pass on this–I already have enough deadlines. 🙂

  4. I’m from central Iowa and believe me, there are tons of people here that would love to unblock the “throughway” to Missouri” of all of our snow. It has snowed everyday here for the past 12 days and our children are probably going to be in school until July the 4th, at this rate.

    Admittedly, it IS pretty, although I can’t help hungering for something green…like bright green yarn. Can’t wait to see what’s new!

  5. Sheri- Thank you so much for sharing the bakery website. My husband and I are planning on moving back to his hometown come December (Iowa City). We will definitely have to visit this bakery!

  6. I’m knitting through the Olympics, but I decided that it was the kick in the pants I needed to start this sweater that I’ve had the yarn for since September. Apparently, yarn in the ball just won’t knit itself, and this was as good a time as any to remind myself of that and get going!

  7. Hey, I don’t think the Iowans are blocking the snow – they’re just throwing it hard and far enough that it misses Missouri and hits southern Indiana and northern Kentucky instead! We got 8″ on Monday and 2″ more overnight here, and I hear a rumor that we’re getting more on Saturday.

    Not much time to knit here, Olympics or not – my parents are having health difficulties, so I’m spending my free time learning about recovering from strokes, causes of aphasia, coping with dementia, what to look for in assisted living vs home health care, etc. Sigh…my best knitting time seems to be on the plane these days…

  8. We here in Georgia had some of your snow. I live in middle Georgia between Macon and Columbus and we had approximately 3 1/2 inches. This is very unusual for us. It’s all gone now. Pretty while it lasted. I don’t think I would like to have it more often however.

  9. OK, totally off the subject here, but when were the sock club consolation kits supposed to be going out? I forgot and didn’t write it down anywhere. Thanks.

  10. SNOW……….. SNOW……. SNOW ………. is been in Ohio alot lately. Only got half the driveway cleared. And it is enough to get out. It is pretty but….I am ready for spring!
    I am off the subject but wanted you to know I really like your recipes. I have done the coffee
    cake twice in one week. And the oreo truffles was the bomb! Several of my workmates just loved them.

    thanks Sheri………………………

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