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happinessIt’s ready! We’ve had a lot of fun working out all of the details of our 2010 Sock Club. It takes a lot of planning to get everything in place, but we’re ready to share it with you. Here’s how it works:

The Loopy Ewe Sock Club runs for the entire year, with shipments coming every other month, beginning in March. If you sign up and get a spot, you can expect to receive your kits in March, May, July, September and November, for a total of 5 kits. The kits will ship by the 15th of the month.

This year, our theme is “Celebrations” and our first kit will celebrate Spring. (Spring in the U.S. I know not all of you experience it the same time that we do!) This year we’ve added something new. In addition to getting a sock pattern written especially for each kit, you’ll also receive a non-sock pattern written for that kit as well. That way, you can decide if you feel like socks in that colorway, or something else. Each kit will also include an exclusively dyed colorway just for our club (some months will be multi-colors, some will be semi-solids) and some fun extra that we have come up with to include for you as well. The retail value of our kits will vary between $44 and $50+ from month to month, but your cost is $39 plus shipping. (Remember, you also earn Frequent Shopper Benefits from all of your purchases here, including Sock Club Kits. That means that you get 10% back every time your orders accumulate to $250. Another benefit and value!)

We have five great yarn companies/dyers lined up and excited about providing you with a special colorway, as well as some amazing designers who are already going to town on their ideas. We’ve also added more spots for the 2010 club. We know that you prefer to be invoiced for each kit when it’s ready to ship, instead of paying for the whole year up front. We’ll continue to do that, and will trust that you realize that this is a year-long commitment, even though you pay as you go. If you prefer to make one payment up front, just send us an email after you get your Sock Club confirmation email, and we’ll work that out for you. (There’s not an additional discount for paying up front, since the kit is already such a great value. We just know that some of you would rather pay once and not have to worry about it.)

Signups will be open from today (January 15th) through next Friday (January 22nd). After signups close, we’ll run a lottery to assign the spots. If last year was your first year in the Sock Club, you get an automatic spot in the 2010 club, although you do need to officially sign up again so that we know you want to repeat. If you have been in for two or more years, we’d love to have you back again – please sign up and we’ll cross our fingers that the lottery assigns you a spot! You can expect an email from us the last week in January, letting you know the results, either way.

Thank you again for your support of our Sock Club. We answer emails all year long from people asking about it, and we look forward to a new year as much as you do! Here’s the link to sign up if you’re interested.

Note about this coming Monday: No shipping (due to a holiday here in the U.S.). But we will have new things going up Monday night, and I’ll be blogging about voting on 4th Qtr Challenge photos, plus filling you in on the new 1st Qtr ’10 Challenge! I have my yarn picked out – just need to settle on a pattern. I’ll share on Monday….

Sheri whoalreadyhasthefirsttwosockclubkitcolorwaysinheroffice


  1. Another Deb who is hoping for 3rd times the charm! I love your idea of alternate patterns for the yarn. I am not very fast on socks at all so another option will be wonderful. Thanks Sherri!

  2. Your sock club plans sound wonderful. So great to have patterns for other things too! Thanks Sheri! Hope I’m a lucky loopy this year!

  3. Sheri, TLE sock club is *THE BEST* and I just signed up for another year (last year I was lucky enough to be in it.)

    This has been a fabulous January – WM updates (woot!), sock club sign-ups, all kinds of new things on sneak-ups and hints of what’s to come. Really looking forward to the new Namaste bag and wallet.

    I love how you tempt us with “I have one” or “the first colors are in my office.” LOL!!!! You are SO bad, but it’s why we love you.

    Ranking right up there with my marriage and my children is the day I discovered TLE.

  4. Yippee! Last year was my first year in the club, so I should be in automatically… so why am I still nervous and anxious?! I guess it’s that kid at Christmas feeling. 🙂

  5. Well, threw my name in the hat – we’ll see!!! Toes crossed – can’t cross fingers since I can’t knit that way!

  6. How do you keep coming up with these new and exciting ideas? Two patterns for each club shipment! Wow! Happily, l’m in, ’cause last year was my first year. 🙂

  7. Hoping that by signing on opening day helps land me a spot. I have been trying to get into this club for 2 years

  8. Does it count that we’re such earlybird posters? I’ve got my fingers crossed, too.
    Hope things are going well for you.

  9. Sock Club! I didn’t get picked in the lottery the first year and managed to miss the lottery last year thanks to a trip to London (which was marvelous), so here’s fingers crossed that I make it this year!

  10. I am so excited 🙂 I just discovered TLE in late 2009 and heard about the marvelous Sock Club. I signed up so now I am hoping to get in 🙂

  11. Dang. I wish I knew this was coming out today. I told my 9 yr old this morning that we needed to save for the pool membership for the summer and she couldn’t have a Nintendo DS. Now I can’t exactly go and try to join the sock club, can I. Ah well, best of luck to the rest of you.

  12. I don’t understand why there is a lottery. Does this mean that more people want to join than kits are available?

  13. Yahoo! Thanks! Got me fingers crossed!
    And thanks to your staff for making my “Loopy Groupie” welcome so nice yesterday.

  14. I was already so pleased with my first year of sock club here, blows away any other that I have joined. Love the automatic in. My other passion at this time is using beads though I don’t want them in socks,so who knows where next year’s yarn goes.

  15. Horray!!! the extra pattern seems like a terrific idea; I am so very excited. Love the fun of this.

  16. This is my first time signing up for the Sock Club…Hope I make it 🙂 Good Luck to all others who are signing up as well!!

  17. I just love the idea of the theme: Celebrations! Though I was wavering on entering the lottery, I think that the fun theme has given me the final push I need to try my luck.

  18. Hmmm….. Celebrations…. Hmmm…..

    Can’t wait to see the new challenge! Maybe I’ll actually manage to participate in one some day, if my schedule ever cooperates!

  19. I sooooo hope I get in this year. I’ve tried every year since you started it and I hope this is my lucky year.

  20. I just signed up and I am hoping for a spot. I read all Sheri’s blogs and they are the best…. This is my 1st year to go into the lottery….I am hoping….

  21. Signed up today only, as I was out of town and without Internet connection. Crossing fingers, toes and eyes !It slows my knitting of course, but I am sure I can manage ! Hope and fortitude ! Thanks to Sheri for doing this !

  22. The best birthday pressie ever would be a spot in this wonderful sock club! I love the idea of an alternative pattern as well. Crosssing my fingers & toes!

  23. I love the idea of the pattern for a non sock item…that is awesome!!! that way if yo happen to have to many unfinished socks you have options! Love!!!!!

  24. Oh, how I wish I could try for the lottery. Bad year for us…new roof and two sons looking for work, one of whom does not live at home and needs some help from us at the moment. And the economy is killing my business, and what is left will disappear with Obamacare….so I think I have to sit this out. Because with my luck, this is the year I would be picked!

  25. Though I would love to throw my name in for the lottery, I took all my yarn money for the first quarter of the year and sent it to Haiti. I wish all of you luck in the lottery! I have 2 friends hoping to make it in.

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