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lone_alienI liked Lynne’s comment on Wednesday’s post. “So many patterns, and you still can’t find the right one when you’re ready! I’m glad to know that this happens to people other than me.” I know it’s pretty ridiculous. And it’s making me crazy. It’s not that there aren’t a bunch of wonderful sweater patterns out there. To be honest, I have made a list of sweaters that I want to make out of other yarn. I want to make Hey Teach out of a yarn that we have coming soon. 🙂 I want to make the Myrtle Cardigan out of a special yarn I have set aside just for something like that one. But for the KAL, I have narrowed it down to three. None of them are a “pattern quick buy” on Rav, which is a bummer, and that initially kept them off of my list. However, I’m tired of looking at all of the options, so I ordered the pattern for this sweater and this vest and this vest. (Ravelry links.) Except on that first vest, I’d want cables instead of x’s and o’s. And I want to knit with a DK weight instead of an Aran. See? This is my problem. I keep wanting part of one pattern and another part of another. If I were a designer, I’d just doodle all of those together and be off with it. Every time another one of you orders yarn to KAL with us and you mention the pattern you’re using, I zip over to Rav to look it up, just in case I might want to do it, too. I am stopping now, and will commence knitting next week. Which of those three should I do?

Today’s recipe is something you’ll want to make for a special occasion (Valentine’s Day?), or when you’re past/done with/over your New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight. (On the other hand, if your resolution was to gain weight, then you’re in luck with this!)

jim's-caramel-pecan-pieJim’s Caramel Pecan Pie

1/2 pound caramels (about 28, small ones)
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup margarine

Melt this together in the top of a double boiler and stir until melted and smooth.

In a separate bowl, combine:

2 slightly beaten eggs
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. vanilla

Gradually add the caramel sauce to this, mixing well. Add in 2 cups of pecans. Pour into 2 separate 8 1/2″ unbaked pie shells. (Or one deep dish pie shell).

Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. Reduce to 350 degrees for 20 minutes.  The pie will be soft while hot, but will become firm when cool. Unless you made it in a deep dish pie plate, in which case you’ll get the most wonderful, slightly ooey-gooey piece of pie ever. Guess which version I prefer?

Sheri doinganorganizingbingethisweekend


  1. Ooooh! The sweater! There’s enough stockinette to make it sweetly simple, but enough detail to keep one engaged, both in the working and the admiring. Which yarn are you thinking of using?

  2. I think you’d look gorgeous in the sweater. This weekend is housecleaning, going over to a friend’s house for fondue, and leisurely knitting. In other words, a great weekend (except for the housework of course, but I’ll feel good when it’s done! Have a great weekend Sheri!

  3. I’m still trying to figure out if I can do the KAL or not. See, I have a fear of knitting sweaters! There are so many that I like, but I lose my momentum. I even did a sweater KAL where we got a portion everyweek, well guess what…Its sitting in pieces after 3 years! But I might try, afterall its only yarn and time right?!?!

    As for the weekend, hubby bday t 2 basketball games for my boys tomorrow (which the 2nd one happens 4 hrs after the 1st game.) and Sunday church where my son gets his 3rd grade Bible and an afternoon full of FOOTBALL and hopefully knitting!!!

    Hope you and the elves have a wonderful weekend!

  4. If you still can’t find the perfect pattern, get EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac and read her chapter about Aran sweaters. You could just as easily use that to design yourself a vest as a sweater. Reading her stuff is like reading Julia Child: she takes the fear out of it.

    I can’t see any of the patterns you’ve picked since they’re all on Ravelry, but I’m sure they’re all lovely. You always pick lovely patterns to make.

    As for the weekend, laundry, ironing, cleaning, and I just found out I’m teaching a beginners crochet class, which should be interesting since I’ve got tendinitis in my left thumb and while I can crochet (can’t knit, though), I’ve been holding the stuff funny. We shall see…. 🙂

  5. Gee Sheri, I think you should go for the Redhood by Jared Flood, after all he is going to be one of your special guests at Spring Fling. I think it would look great on you. Just sayin’!

  6. Love the sweater pattern, but I also like the Jared Flood vest. I ordered that one, too. And Anne Hanson’s Sprossling sweater pattern just came out last night. Had to have that one. So I’m still trying to decide, too. Might not make the KAL since I have SO many UFOs, but I’ll definitely knit these two. Plus I added your sweater to my favorites in Ravelry.

    I’m hoping for a quiet weekend where I can relax and get some knitting done. It’s been a very busy week.

    Got my Monroe bag and wallet today and they were all you said they’d be and more!!!! I want another bag. I may have to get one. In red. For when I’m feeling wild : )

    Have a great weekend. Good luck with the organizing.

  7. I am going to Lake Barkely with family. Its one of my best knitting places. It will be so much fun with my parents, dh and I then our 3 kids! Nothing beats lookin out at the lake on the deck.

  8. First things first… This makes me excited. The first vest is a cable pattern anyway and you could count the number of stitches in the cable “columns” and substitute the regular type pattern of your choice. Switching gauge isn’t too bad either if you are willing to do a little math, if you are switching yarn from the original you will have to do a gauge swatch anyway. If you are really set on this pattern that might be the trick. However, I like the second vest better because of the little sleeves at the top (I’m not much of a vest person). Hope it all works out.

  9. I love Redhook! I’m waiting for the pattern to be available separately in April, ’cause who am I kidding, I won’t be done with my current crop of sweaters till then (if I’m lucky!). I like the square-neck cardigan too. I”m getting braver about pairing the yarn I want with the pattern I want by doing gauge swatches and a tiny bit of math. It’s not too scary, just takes a bit more time.

  10. Although I want to just sit and knit all weekend, I need to do laundry or I’ll have to show up for work Monday in pajamas! Going out this evening after work for Ethiopian food, and might take in “The Lovely Bones” with a friend on Sunday, if our schedules mesh. Organizing — I think I’ve heard rumors of that, tell me more… 😉

  11. I tend to go toward the first pattern done in the cable stitch. I also know you
    can’t go wrong with any that Jared Flood has designed. Maybe you can add a
    few cables to his vest. I think that they would both be pretty. If you have a lot
    of sweaters, maybe it’s time for a cabled vest.

  12. Sheri, I think you should go for that square necked cardigan. Yep, a bit more knitting than the vests (and they’re both great patterns too!), but that cardigan is gorgeous!!! I hadn’t seen that one before today, but am putting it on my list.

    This weekend, trying to finish up the lapghan I started for my hubby before Christmas. I can’t do it while watching TV or anything, so it only gets time on weekends. Don’t want it to be spring before it’s done! I need an office organizing weekend too. Not so much fun as knitting…

    Have a great weekend!
    Carol in CO

  13. I’m thinking of doing another Wicked since I liked the pattern so much, but will do it short sleeve this time rather than long – that is if I can get Ammonit off the needles by the end of February.

    This weekend I’m taking the boy out for his birthday and overall, just relaxing with the knitting 🙂

    Enjoy the weekend!

  14. I’m on an organising binge, too.

    I’ve pulled everything but the bed out of the spare room and wiped down all of the counters and cupboards. Today I need to vaccuum and work out where everything that I pulled out is going to go!

  15. What the heck?? Why is nobody commenting on that bizarre photo up there?? I’m completely puzzled…though it looks like Crow T. Robot is hanging upside down in the back of the little grotto thingy. What’s the story there, Sheri? And WHY has nobody else asked this??

    On the sweater topic, vests definitely have the faster knit thing going for them, and less fussing about with set in sleeves & seaming & whatnot, but I SO vote for the square necked cardigan! Geez, that thing is gorgeous! And I’m kinda crazy about the shorter sleeve thing, too…super comfy to wear, and the cuffs don’t wind up in the way (I can’t wear long sleeves & knit without pushing ’em up. Dunno why, they’re just in the way somehow. I am maybe sort of fussy.)

    This weekend I’m going to hole up & avoid people. Been unreasonably crabby, and it’s not fair to inflict that on others. Besides, holing up means more knitting time. 😀 Priorities, don’cha know.

  16. I took off today to start a 3-day organizing/cleaning bigne while my husband is playing golf in NC. I began with my “yarn room” in which i cannot find a thing. Organziing is going well. Next step will be finding the right storage bins. All books are on the bookshelf and magazines are sorted. Also need those magazine organizers.

  17. I’m going to do a February Lady Sweater for ME this time. Made one for DIL for Christmas and she loves it! Going with Cascade 220 in Tibetan Rose, and it’s gonna be an easy relaxing knit and that’s what I need right now. Recently found out that I’m losing my job in about 6 weeks – (and so I order more yarn?????!!!) And btw, I placed the order on Tuesday morning and I’m fondling on Friday! How good is that??

    I gained 5 pounds over the holiday. I gained two more reading your recipe!!

  18. I vote for the cardigan that actually is a cardigan. Very nice. The vests are nice too. I think the “xo cardigan” might be a little more interesting to knit because of the sitch pattern than the other vest. But I have to say (because I can’t stop myself) the xo cardigan isn’t a cardigan if it has no sleeves. I’m pretty sure cardigans have sleeves…isn’t that a rule? (Yes, I have been hanging out with little kids lately. Why do you ask?)

  19. I like the first one best. In fact, I added it to my queue, having never thought about it despite having that book! I’m sewing on name tags and organising school books all weekend ready for the first day of school next week. Boring!

  20. I like the last one the best. I am still pondering if I am going to knit a sweater or not. I have pretty much decided on Twist but I am still being a chicken!!!

  21. I’m going to start my sweater as soon as my yarn arrives. I love the Myrtle pattern. I have a few very old Candide Sweater Patterns, One is plain, one has lacy panels in front and center back and the other has patterning on both sides of the front and center back . Best part is they are fingering weight yarn. If memory serves me, candide ran samll in these ladies sweaters. I will either make a larger size or try sport weight. I have been searching forever for a very lacy cardigan /jacket on the idea of the february sweater but longer on the bottom. I suppose I could use the top of the February Lady’s Sweater and pick my favorite lace pattern, pick up stitches from the end of the top portion and just do it.

    I hope there are a lot of us doing the sweater KAL

  22. Sheri, think about your yarn and what you’d like to see in a vest. Then look at your patterns again and try to picture it. Give yourself a little time and relax. That being said, I like Jared Flood’s vest. 🙂

    Me? Well, sad to say, I opted out of the KAL because I really, Really, REALLY have to work on my apartment. My side of the duplex needs painting and the floors refinished, and it’s just me to do it (for now — until I hire the floor refinishing guys). And when I’m recovering from overworking, I’ll be knitting on the Cascading Leaves Shawl that I started knitting in an alpaca/wool blend sport weight (because it’s so danged cold!!).

    Cheers! — Debra

  23. Have you seen the Saucy Librarian Sweater on Rav? Someone just mentioned it tonight, and it’s kinda cute.

    Sometimes choosing is the most fun part of a project. I love the limitless possibilities.

    Happy knitting!

  24. Well, I was planning to do Redhook before today. But then today, I saw Anne Hanson’s new pattern Sprossling. I am completely in love with that, already bought it, and am now trying to settle on a yarn. Luckily, it uses fingering weight! So I have most of the Loopy Ewe stock to choose from! I say do Redhook, Sheri! It’s a beautiful pattern!

  25. This might come as a HUGE surprise Sheri. I’m at………wait for it………..a swim meet.

    Not a lot of knitting time but, I’m sure I’ll get some in. Swimming officials are facinated by the whole “knitting thing.”

  26. I personally love the Redhook Vest. Good, mindless TV knitting! Plus it looks like what’s in right now – a little vest type sweater with cap sleeves that you can wear with a turtleneck or T-shirt.

    It is so hard to decide, I have the same problem 😀

  27. So many sweaters, not enough time. I am working Sat then Sunday going to the movies with 2 girls I work with. Don’t know what movie yet, my off days are
    Sunday-Tuesday. Will finish up my 2nd sock. Get started again on the “sweater”
    that I started last Feb at Stitches West. I am finishing UFO’s this year.

  28. Depends on the yarn, of course. I like Redhook alot. The square neck cardi is something I will do in 2 years when I get better at all this. Knitting, after crocheting for soooo many years is a huge learning curve.
    This weekend we are finally taking the Christmas tree down-oh, the needles! And we are sorting all the ornaments-whatever did not go on the tree this year might get donated or put in the kids’ ornament boxes (each child has a box with favorite ornaments that we are storing for them-once they get their own trees they WILL take them)
    And me and my nostepinne will spend quality time together. We have 4 skeins of Dream in Color Classy Butter Peeps to whirl up. For a certain KAL.
    And an Aquarium Society Exec, Council AND Aquarium Show Committee meeting(s) to attend.

  29. Another vote for the square neck cardigan. I just added it to my own queue, which is so long I don’t even want to know how many items are in it.

    And I’ll second the question about the picture at the top of the post. ??????

  30. First I would take a break and make that delicious pecan pie.
    While the pie is baking and cooling watch some TV, read a book, listen to a yarn podcast …relax.
    Then take a slice of pie and suitable drink and sit next to the computer and after savouring the first slice of pie flick though the various patterns you are considering and see which one jumps out of the screen and says “You need to make me NOW”.

    For me it was the square neck cardigan.

    Good Luck!

  31. I’m sitting out this KAL (bad track record for finishing sweaters plus a lot of birthday knitting coming up) but I think your choices are great, Sheri. Will look forward to cheering you all along from the sidelines!

    The pie looks delicious but I’m not making it this weekend—too much laundry waiting for me!

  32. I vote for the Square Neck Cardigan. I will probably order it too since I think it is really nice. I’ve decided that I am going to knit Chic Knits Twist. I know that I would probably want to modify it – probably lengthen it. I only knit one sweater in my life in college and it had a really wonky fit – sweater for my then boyfriend, now husband (Didn’t know much about knitting and in fact didn’t knit again for probably 30 years and I really didn’t know about the curse). My first project, and I don’t know if it will count for the challenge but that’s OK, is Jacqueline Fee’s Sweater Sampler. There are pictures of it in Ravelry. Some people have called it a sweater for a fish. What it is is a sampler of many of the techniques you need to make a full size sweater done in the round with circular needles – from various ribbings to an afterthought pocket to grafting, it’s all in one manageable (I hope) project. Now to figure out a color for Twist and yarn for the Sampler…

  33. I am on board for the Sweater KAL. I’ve decided on making Anne Hanson’s Sprossling. Hopefully I will complete the challenge and will have a beautiful new item just in time for spring! Is anyone else on board to knit it too? How do we “enroll” in the KAL?

  34. I have had the Made in Brooklyn book since fall and have thought I’d cast on that Redhook vest for months – I will probably do that one unless I find something else quickly – I did cast on a freebie Berroco pattern last night called Fishbone or something like that – a pullover – very simple with one center cable for interest. Not sure it will be my KAL choice but like you said – sometimes we have to knit from stash and I’m so broke right now after a week of rug hooking camp.

    As far as this weekend goes – I’m exhuasted and not feeling too great – contracted a little cold at rug camp – so many sick people there and from all over the country – EEEEEUUUUU – anyway – I am hoping I can get motivated to get my tree down – haven’t done that yet – actually all I feel like doing is slumping in a chair and knitting with a cup of hot tea. So I’m going to throw somethng in the crock pot and try to feel better even if it means getting nothing contructive done this weekend. Good luck with your choice Sheri – I don’t think you could go wrong with any of them but I agree with Sue Apple – since Jarod is coming to your event – might be nice to do his design. Cheers! happy organizing and knitting Mel

  35. I would do the Jared Flood vest and add baby cables to frame the button band. It is already the right weight yarn for at least one of the things you want to do, so you wouldn’t have to do crazy math to add a little bit of cables.

  36. I’d say go for the sweater – it’s really pretty and doesn’t look too difficult, but with enough pattern to be interesting.
    This weekend I am recovering from ankle surgery which I had yesterday. I fell on the ice and needed surgery to fix it. Now I’m in a cast for six weeks and need to keep my foot elevated. Guess what that means? You’re right — Knitting time!
    I should be able to finish a KAL sweater. I just have to pick which one.

  37. I’m leaning towards the Myrtle Cardigan – I love the lacy yet cabled look.

    We cleaned out the garage this afternoon (about 50% of it, that is) and I’ve embarked on a new project – “Journey to the Floor of the Sewing Room”! I’m keeping a blog just here at home (so I guess not really a blog, more like a journal) with pics of the work as it progresses. My sewing room actually is used for sewing, quilting, needlework, needlework finishing, spinning, knitting, and a little weaving at the moment so it’s waaaayyyy overcrowded and a mess. I’m picking two or three small things to do each day (set up the digital TV, clean off the sewing table, etc.) and keeping my journal up to date with what I’ve accomplished. I also added “before” pics and will put in pics as I go to show my progress. This is really an experiment for me – we’ll see how effective it is in keeping me motivated and committed!

  38. I just got the Made in Brooklyn packet too, all the designs on there are awesome! I want to do the hat that is shown with that vest! I also love that vest, and see it knitted longer…. keep my bottom half warm…. I think it is very cute and probably a quick knit too. I would start with the Jared Flood vest and hat, and move from the plainest, simplest, to the ones that are very decorative..
    It is hard to choose with the other sweater patterns, all very nice. No you have my interest peaked as to what these new yarns are going to be…
    thanks, j

  39. Oh, I love the Redhook pattern! I’m adding it to my rav queue immediately! Like I need anything else on my queue!

    No way I can join the KAL. I’m still trying to finish anniversary knitting from December! 🙁

    Happy Knitting!

  40. That Caramel Pecan Pie sounds awesome, especially if you add a little bit of pure maple syrup to the caramel sauce! Yummy!

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