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laguna_02I know I said I wasn’t going to blog today (as we’re in the car, going to Indiana this morning). But I just had to let you know that we have more RED bags and accessories coming in November from Namaste. They’re adding in Red Zuma’s, Red Laguna’s, and a Red Mini Clutch, Mini Cozy, Cali Cozy and Buddy Case. Yay!!  I posted this on Ravelry and Facebook on Wednesday so that people could start pre-ordering. (We’re taking your pre-orders now, and we’ll invoice you in November.) If you want us to save you one, email and let us know which items you’d like to claim. 🙂  (Send your pre-order requests to: zuma_01Wouldn’t these also make great gifts?  We do have Red Hermosa’s in stock, and since that is probably my very favorite Namaste bag (in my very favorite color), I’ll make sure that they stay in stock.  Now I’m glad to know that I can get more accessories to go inside.

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  1. Hooray for RED! I love my red Hermosa bag. Have a fun, safe trip to see College Daughter. Tell her hello!

  2. So nice to run into this site again! The owner spoke at Taylor (my alma mater) last year, and I’m still inspired by the idea!

    Lovely cheerful colors!

  3. Hey, I just wanted to thank you. I placed my sixth order this week and got my shipment yesterday. What a treat! The Loopy Bag is really cute. The pattern is awesome and I’m a sockoholic, so it’s perfect. But mostly I wanted to thank you for the skein of Cherry Tree Hill yarn. I LOVE IT. What an unexpected treat, and free yarn makes me giddy happy. I love that I’m supporting a local (mostly, since I’m across the river in the IL) small business owner and fellow knitter. So thank you for being so awesome, for being so generous, and for going above and beyond the already great customer service. I can see why people are so loyal to The Loopy Ewe!

  4. I’ve been admiring the bags for awhile now-can’t seem to make up my mind. Why do you like the Hermosa the best? Just wondering:) Have a great weekend!

  5. I just got my red Hermosa this week and I LOVE IT! The color us absolutely gorgeous, and just love all the pockets and nooks and crannies to stash all the knitting stuffI carry around with me. I also love the fact that it stands up on its own…what a great bag!

  6. In this case, seeing RED is a very good thing!!! Love, love, love my RED Hermosa. I also have it in black! LOL Now I know what to put on my Christmas list… all the small bags to go inside. 🙂

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