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It’s Friday. Wait. Let me say that again. It’s Friday!!!! Weekend! 🙂  Here are a few things going on at Loopy today:

People are shopping for yarn (like Sharon and Lori):


People are winding up newly purchased skeins (like Dr. Jackie):


Susan is talking to one of you on the phone (and printing shipping labels):


Donna is eating M&M’s (and packing orders):


Wendy is photographing yarn for next week:


More yarn is being unpacked:


There are pumpkin bars from Karen and tomatoes/peppers from Donna in the kitchen:


And the big topic of discussion here today? A knitting survival kit. You know, in case of an emergency. We decided that everyone needs one project all packed up in a bag, ready to grab. What would be in your Knitting Survival Kit?  I think I’d either put something in there that would be brainless knitting while I focused on other things (kind of like doodling to keep my hands busy), or I’d need something really challenging to keep my mind engaged and off of whatever emergency pushed me out of the house. Or maybe both. How about you? What items would go into your idea Knitting Survival Kit?

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  1. Emergency knitting: a dishcloth or a prayer shawl because they usually involve simple patterns and are pretty portable.

    …and I’d like to volunteer to help Wendy photograph the yarn….I could carry it for her! No-no, really – I wouldn’t mind at all!

  2. Enough yarn for several pairs of socks, my cut-down Monkey sock cheat-sheet, both sets of bamboo 2.5mm DPNs, a 4.5mm circular needle and the pattern charts for the Shetland Triangle shawl. I can and have worked those patterns so many times that they’re written in my fingers, but better have the patterns just in case. Darning needles, scissors, all the standard emergency stuff from my purse, stitchmarkers. Spare cell phone charger. Hmmm. Non-perishable snack food and bottled water.

    Good question!

  3. Oh yes, one of those Grab as you Go “Entertainment Kits”; a tool chest,under control (Zip lock ) and one of the self striping, self patterning yarns; Regia, Opal, Harry Potter…no pattern, just knitting; 66 stitches cast on and knit. It entertains me, and often other “waiters”..It often starts a conversation and on ocassion encourages that person to return to knitting..Oh yes and a small amount of dollars & change for coffee or snacks. A few LE kisses or mints in their own ziplock never hurts ( using the little bags we receive when an order arrives …….) They also include a Hug for Patience!!

    I also keep one of these next to my knittigngchair, in case I want to knit but NOT count or read a pattern or chart. This works for chatting, football games or DWTS (Dancing with the Stars.)

    How did we ever survive those moments without the Computer dyed yarn ?

    Happy knitting ! It’s a KNITTING WEEKEND for ME !!!! Lorna’s Lace and the 3rd Anniversary Pattern!!!!! HAPPY and Smilin’ me!!

  4. I would agree that a dish cloth, great cotton yarn, and size 5 needles. I can make up whatever pattern I want too and it doesn’t matter – it is a dish cloth.


  5. My friend is traveling in South Africa and their backpacks were stolen with all of the husband’s pro cameras. Thais is distressing enough, but they also got her just completed knitting project, her just started new one, and her glasses so she can’t knit even if she got new needles and yarn!

  6. It would definitely be dish/washcloths or socks. Some nice needles, a skein of pretty yarn, and a nifty pattern all stored in a nice bag 🙂

  7. Wendy Knits sock book, some pretty yarn markers, enough skeins of blue yarn to knit a shawl & some sock!! Also chocolate!!!

  8. For me I think it would hold some sock yarn, preferably selfstriping so I don’t have to bother with packing a pattern, 2 circs, a spare crochet-hook for fixing mistakes, tapemeasure, and I’m thinking about ddoing a mini-guide to Wendys slip-stitch heel, I really like it but havn’t done enough to know it by heart yet.

  9. oh yeahhhh….I think of this often… of the gorgeous wools that I’ve been saving (for what? you know what I mean) and a lace shawl I’ve been wanting to knit, but would take forever…..that would be it and it would keep me calm and entertained forever. And if it lasted longer… out a part and do another lace pattern/edge!

    yeah…that’s what I would do. My doc hubby just told me that we have to stockpile some groceries.

    stay well..and keep washing those hands.

  10. I keep a plain 2 X 2 rib sock in progress at all times. I use point protectors on my double points so I don’t drop any stitches. I keep embroidery scissors, chubi needles and a crochet hook in the Knowknits bag so I can pick up a dropped stitch or Kitchner a toe. I usually have 2 plain”vanilla” sock bags at all times and take one with me everywhere. It is surprising how many rows you can get done in those extra minutes.

  11. I live in the mountains in southern Cal. and being evacuated during fire season is always in the back of our minds here. In August we did have a fire nearby and were advised to prepare to leave if that became necessary… I packed up all the knitting bags with my WIP projects and a couple of duffel bags full of recent yarn orders from the Loopy Ewe along with my needles. Just to be clear, I did pack up the cat carriers and cat food firsngt; then the knitting :). After that it was clothes, the computer and pictures. Fortunately we didn’t have to actually leave this time. But knitting in some form or fashion always goes with me wherever I go. My dear departed husband called me the original knitting bag lady. 😉

  12. Well, it would be a BIG survival kit, but mine would include my complete set of Addi Clicks and my Addi Lace Needles, skeins of Dreams in Color Smooshy, Fleece Artist, and Malabrigo, as well as one of Barbara Walker’s pattern books. That way, I can make scarves, mitts, and socks, as well as the occasional shawl, in case the emergency lasts a while. Of course, I would need an oversized suitcase just for my knitting. Always be prepared. 😉

  13. What a fun place to work! Right now after looking at the photos – I think I’d have to have Donna’s M&Ms in my survival kit 🙂

    Well maybe not Donna’s exactly – but my own….

  14. I would have to have a pair of plain vanilla socks, something else to knit that would require a little more brain power in case I needed to get my mind off of something (fair isle socks or hat? Or maybe a small lace project). I would also need the basics such as stitch markers, pattern (duh!), a yarn cutter, a notebook, and a row counter for the lace project.
    Here I go again, packing a suitcase just in case!!! LOL

  15. I have a Hermosa that is my everyday bag, so it have currently 3 projects…. a sweater that is just a tube at the moment (round and round), a sock that I am turning the heel on and a scarf.

    Also, all other projects are bagged as to avoid the cats laying on them in the house.
    So, I could grab them in a pinch. A tip… I have a neat little bag that has all my notions in it and a folder that has 3 tabs in it so it can hold patterns in sleeves… All my WIP patterns are in this folder.

  16. Oh,I love this question!
    Gorgeous yarn,a sock pattern that can be done toe up or cuff down in moderate difficulty,a pattern for a scarf ,tea bags,coffee pouches,assorted candies that don’t melt,set of dpn’s, set of straights,set of circs (for Magic Loop).,the Knit Kit,stitch markers, a small card with the Kitchener Stitch instructions on it because I always forget when nervous.,small container of purell packed in a small plastic bag so it doesn’t leak out, soothing hand lotion.

  17. I have many, many knitting survival bags, of course! Several live in the car. One of these goes to basketball and soccer games and is a simple sock in Sock Hop yarn. The other bag contains my current sock-in-progress, at the moment Wendyknits’ Serpentine sock pattern in Fiesta Boomerang. Then I have a lace project Anne’s Boxleaf Wrap) in a larger Three Bags Full project bag, along with a photocopy of the lace chart and some highlighter tape. Another of my bags contains the Ariane sweater (not so far along). There are at least four other socks in other bags, and a poncho and a lace scarf….And then there is the project bag filled with newly wound sock yarn and needles and Anne’s Bricker socks pattern – these are a special gift for a special friend – I just need to make them!

    All bags contain reading glasses and a crochet hook for those dropped stitches on the run! And several contain little jars of your wonderful Bee Bar for preventing winter skin.

  18. My knitting survival kit would include a skein or two of Numma Numma, needles, my Loopy Ewe tape measure, row counter, yarn cutter, a lovely cuff-down sock pattern, and my iPod with my favorite classical music! Also, some snack food for energy. Oh, yes, and I need to be by a window where I can look out and see the beginning color show here in SE Michigan while I knit.

  19. I keep a zippered pencil case in my emergency knitting bag that contains:
    A retractable measuring tape
    A medalion cutter
    A Chibi needle
    A small round counter
    A mechanical pencil
    Size 5 & 6 dpns
    A tin of “baby” buttons
    2 needle protectors (which I can use with the dpns to form a stitch holder)
    A very small sticker notepad

    In the knitting bag I also include:
    Size 5 and 6 circular needles
    A copy of a pattern for a seamless baby kimona (I knit for a local pregnancy center)
    Blue Sky organic cotton yarn for the kimona (I live in AZ and babies here need cotton sweaters not wool)

  20. I have my cute loopy ewe bag all packed with 2 projects – complete with needles ready to start… There’s also an altoid box filled with stitch markers, darning needles and folding scissors… attached to the handle is a measuring tape – also courtesy of the loopy ewe. This bag serves as my knitting in waiting. I never have fewer than 2 projects in it, I’ll frequently take one out for current knitting and add a new project to the bag. I’m a pretty monogamous knitter (cuts down on ufos), but I do like to look forward, hence the bag.
    I started this project management program when my kids started school – I was always waiting for them – so along with my current knitting, the bag would be in the mini-van with me. My oldest just started high school and nothing’s changed except the mini-van.

  21. With all the comments, here, I’m sure this is a repeat (I haven’t read them all), but my good friend always packs a chemo cap kit for mindless, speedy knitting on planes and in airports. I generally have either socks or socks going for emergencies. Both projects fit anywhere in my travels and purses. With that said, needles, markers, scissors (the folding kind, if I haven’t lost them), tape measure and some Hershey kisses are tucked in a small bag. You just have to be prepared!

  22. I keep a small box bag in my car with a sock in progress in it – man sized on 0 needles – lots of knitting. I also have 2 sock yarn projects in my briefcase – a simple scarf and a lace shawl. When the shawl gets too big it will be replaced with a similar project. Never leave home without knitting.

  23. in my emergency bag, i would have:
    lace weight yarn.
    the pattern for the lace weight yarn. (charts preferred)
    the needles for the pattern for the lace weight yarn.
    eyeglasses so i could see all of the above.

    a bottle of pino grigio.
    a corkscrew.

  24. A sock, of course, socks, mindless, colourful, plain vanilla socks. When the train who ever go on strike, when I end up in a … whatever… socks. plain vanilla socks in a fine and satisfying yarn.

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