Here’s What I Wonder About Today

dsc02651This is what I’m contemplating today:

1. What’s the appeal of Twitter? Do people really enjoy knowing what other people are doing all day long? I don’t get it. I have an account set up there just in case, but I have never used it because I’m waiting to be enlightened on the whole thing.  And when you Twitter – do people then “answer” your Tweet (did I use that word right?) and then you have to answer their answer? It sounds time consuming. But bottom line, do we really need to know that much about everyone’s life? Or do I just not get it because I’m not on it?

2.  Why isn’t there a National Knitting Month? All knitters could be exempt from household duties that month, in order to knit and “promote knitting worldwide”. Oh, and yarn budgets triple during National Knitting Month. Sounds reasonable. Crocheters get their own month, too.

3.  Why does the same cute rabbit keep bounding back and forth in my backyard? (I’m home, making Snickerdoodles and blogging on the back porch. Oh, hey!  I could’ve Twittered/Tweeted that, right? But unless you’re a block over and can stop by for warm Snickerdoodles, why would you want to know?)

4.  Who has knitted the most items in their lifetime? And who has the biggest stash? (Doris sent me this link and thinks that Bonney might win in this category. I agree!) And who has taught the most people to knit? Shouldn’t there be a “Knitter’s Hall of Fame” somewhere?

5.  How am I going to get a booth’s worth of fixtures and yarn from St. Louis to Portland for the Sock Summit in August? Having a booth? Not stressful. Meeting all of you there? Downright fun! Coordinating the booth contents, getting them all out there, figuring out where to store it all before I get there, or thinking about taking 3 long days to drive it out, or coordinating a delivery by freight? Giving me nightmares. Absolutely stressing me out.

Got any answers? Or any things you’re wondering about yourself?

Sheri backyardneighborisweedwhipping,nolongerpeacefulontheporch.(Hey,Icould’veTwitter/Tweetedthat….)


  1. I just started this whole Twitter thing about 2 weeks ago and the only person I follow is the White House.

  2. ARGH! Wish I could have gotten in at the Sock Summit so that I could have seen your booth and met you in person. After all, my credit card knows you well enough!

  3. Let’s see…
    National Knitters Month? Oh yes.
    Snickerdoodles? Good idea.
    Tweeting? I heard a comment on NPR today that it probably go the way of 8 track tapes. Whatever. Now…about those snickerdoodles?

  4. Hey, I’m just getting comfortable with texting- Twitter holds no interest for me – I just don’t want to know that much about strangers.- I like to read blogs- plus I can hardly see the little print on the phone- LOL.
    Sheri – I vote for road trip – I’ll even go with you and help with the driving and the booth. Seriously.

  5. Also, seeing a stash like that makes me feel good all over. Just knowing that my stash doesn’t even hold a candle to that. Nope, not even close. Not even close to half that. I doubt it’s even close to a quarter of that! Leaves room for hope……….and yarn.

  6. I’m addicted to Twitter, but, I follow news feeds, knitting news, other knitters. I don’t tweet about my every activity.

    I’m looking forward to meeting The Loopy Ewe at Sock Summit. Hey, I didn’t get into much, but, I’m still going. Just being in the same convention center as all of these knitting “Mavens” is enough for me. When will we ever have the opportunity to see these women (and men) together in one place again. Plus, I’m looking forward to exploring Portland a little.

  7. I wonder about random things like this all of the time. Like, when the cat is attempting to lick my toes off, I sometimes wonder what SPF cat spit would be. lol

  8. Twitter, Facebook and Plurk hold no interest for me. I often hear/read comments from people citing the advantage to Twitter as being able to get advice on any topic from “experts” in that field. My questions are: How do you know they are “experts”? How do you know they are who they say they are? What if you asked for advice on how to deal with an ill pet and you followed someone’s advice given on Twitter and then the pet subsequently died because of the treatment you followed? Do people you meet on Twitter really become your “friends” or are they simply “acquaintances”? Perhaps that is a distinction many people no longer make.

    I have a cell phone and I picked it specifically because it has one of those slide out qwerty keyboards so that if I do send a text it is much easier for me to use. I try to have my cell phone on especially if I am running errands. However, if I am enjoying a day of visiting fabric stores, my lys, etc., I really view calls as an interruption.

    We walk our dog twice a day and like listening to all the birds, just enjoying the outdoors. We often see people out walking my themselves and they have a cell phone plastered to their head or headphones on for music. Just about everyone has the ability to be in constant contact with someone. Sometimes I wonder if people have become afraid to be alone with their own thoughts.

  9. I don’t get the twitter thing either .. actually i also don’t get the facebook thing. I have yet to figure out anything interesting to write on a blog, i don’t consider my life/thoughts/doings of such mass interest to anyone really.. maybe i will figure it out one day.
    Now a knitting month sounds like a go-er … but i can see a small technical hitch to this idea. I live in the southern hemisphere .. you live in the northern .. the most logical time for a knitting month would be the beginning of winter right ? But you see that would be june for us and november for you guys (i think ). Of course, there could always be two knitting months a year to accomodate this technical hitch..
    just sayin..
    Maybe the cute bunny is hoping some snickerdoodles will accidently fall into the back yard .. what are snickerdoodles by the way ?
    I really wouldn’t fall into either the most knitted or most yarn .. which is fine by me 🙂 all the more to buy and explore.
    As for moving so much yarn .. i don’t suppose twitching your nose or blinking at it and wishing it all there is going to work is it ?
    Don’t get all stressed out sheri, it will all get there in the end 🙂

  10. I have no idea what the allure of Twitter is. I Plurked for a while, but as you said, it was just a time-suck. I’m good with posting an a status update on Facebook once or twice a day…no one really needs to know my every thought and action beyond that. LOL

    As for a National Knitter’s Month, I think we should name June NKM! After all, National Knit in Public Day happens around the middle of June, so it could be a perfect high point of a month-long celebration! 🙂

  11. Omg, I’m ready to nominate you for sainthood for #2!!! That would be SOOOO fantastic! 😀

    And hey, is there any chance you might be persuaded to have a booth at Midwest Fiber Fest sometime? *hope hope*

  12. Bonney’s stash makes me so happy! Lucky Bonney! And I sense a road trip in your future. If you plan it right, you could have mini Loopy Sleepovers and Yarn-Ins across half a continent.

  13. I joined twitter cause I could follow some of my favorite bands, I can also get new york times news updates, and tweets from meet the press. And Knitty tweets!

    And you can respond with an @ in the front of someone’s name. And you can tweet from your phone. I really enjoy it.

  14. Good morning, Sheri,

    I have no idea what Twitter is all about, but no, I really don’t want to hear what everyone is thinking/saying/doing all day long. Too much stimulation. But you’ve got to take that with a grain of salt, I mean I spin my own yarn, for heaven’s sake.

    What caught my interest was your idea of a Knitter’s Hall of Fame. There certainly should be one! A few years ago, actually several years ago, Linda Ligon had an editorial in Spin Off magazine asking us if we knew of an outstanding spinner or spinning teacher so write up a one-page bio with contact information and send it to Spin Off magazine. They were going to keep a file of extraordinary spinners. That’s a start to a Hall of Fame. I wonder if someone has the capacity to do the same for knitters? Just keep the info on file. Now that we have the web (we didn’t have the Internet then, or it was just the barest beginning, so that’s how long ago that editorial was in Spin Off), it might be easier to put in a photo and contact info about astounding knitters and people who do knitting service or teaching. They are out there, don’t necessarily have blogs (or Tweet as time permits), and it’d be great to have a list of them.

    With best wishes, Meg C

  15. Twitter is great for me because my attention span can be pretty short most of the time, so I never really got into blogging. It’s a way for me to keep in contact with my knitter friends and non-knitter friends and follow news and baseball feeds all in one place. It’s also great for reaching out to a bunch of people at once (My first tweet today: Okay, folks, I need you. Fast-acting nausea treatment using only items found in an average office – go! (I’ve already gotten 3 responses – and feel much better). Am I dying to know what my friends have for breakfast? Not necessarily, but if they just found the best omelet in Manhattan, I sure as heck want to know that!

    Also, as a side note, I find the character limits an interesting challenge. I’m definitely forced to be creative a lot. It’s not for everyone, but Twitter fits very well into my personality and lifestyle.

  16. All’s I know is, I feel SO much better about my stash now. So very much.

    My boss and I just had the Twitter convo about Yammer, which is basically Twitter for business (without the 140 character limit). I have accounts on both, but I don’t care so much. Twitter, however, can be good to follow breaking news. I know a journalist who swears by it–she says you just have to know the right sources.

    Me, I just wants to knit. Hey–we need our own Twitter–we can call it Knitter! 😉

  17. I Plurk. It’s more fun than Twitter. Plurk buds would have answers to your booth dilemma. They really would. I say ship it ahead of you and write it off as a business expense.

    Right now I am trying to convince my 7th grade son that doing the Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington Cemetery really is not scary and he will not regret doing it next week. He wrote an essay and was chosen to do it, and now is terrified. I’m accompanying him and 49 other seventh graders to Washington, DC for 4 days.

    No Plurk or Twitter at work so I get my work done. 🙂

  18. If Oregon really isn’t a realistic driving distance for you, then by all means, ship the booth. We produce two trade shows, for one we ship everything ahead (usually the convention center will give you target dates during which they’ll accept your stuff), the other show we drive it all down (just a few states away).

    If you go the ‘ship to the convention center ahead’ route, there will undoubtably be things you forget to pack. For those, you can ship boxes to your hotel (you wouldn’t want to do a lot of this). I wish I could come along to help!

  19. I don’t get Twitter at all, either. I’m just not that interested in what most folks are up to, and frankly, I don’t think I want people to be following me that closely. 🙂

    As for National Knitting Month, did you know that March is not only National Craft Month, but according to the CGOA, it’s also National Crochet Month? I don’t see why it can’t also be National Knitting Month. And I like the idea of tripling of budgets for the month. I think we need to add that it is a paid holiday from jobs as well as being exempted from all other duties. That would REALLY make it good, eh? 😀 What would be even better (for me, anyway, since I’m multi-craftual) is to make NatCroMo and NatKniMo back to back months. That would certainly induce more people to learn, don’t you think?

    I have at least two rabbits (which means there are probably a bazillion), and the dog LOVES them. Funny, too, they are not afraid of the dog. Much. They will essentially come right up to him. It’s a riot!

    I will PM a suggestion about getting stuff out to Portland. I have a couple of ideas.

  20. You realize, of course, I HAD to Tweet this! 🙂

    I am not completely sure about its fascination – I don’t follow Ashton Kutcher. I held out for quite a while. I will admit, however, besides giving into my technogeekylibrarian side – it’s a pretty cool way to peek into some people’s minds (only the ones you WANT to know what they are thinking!)

    You can’t tweet Snickerdoodles though.

  21. I’m like Karen, I Plurk because of Wendy. My plurks automatically update my Twitter. I had them updating my facebook but that was to much information going to Facebook so I stopped it. As for sock summit, you either drive the stuff or you ship it via an LTL company, like FedEx Freight or similar. I say FedEx Freight because that is where I work. It would be cool to go and help.

  22. I’m not a big fan of the minutia of the day things either but as a conversation tool or as a quick information passing tool it can be useful.

    I feel you on the moving things in for Sock Summit. I have to move all our stuff back home to California around that same time.

  23. Twitter has been oddly fun. I have connected with people that otherwise would have been a mystery to me. And c’mon, the Yarn Harlot and Amy Singer post regularly. It’s fun, and it can be very creative to find sometime interesting to say in less than 140 characters. Micro-blogging. Sweet.

    Have fun with Sock Summit, and see you there!

  24. Great goat photo! I think you should drive to the Sock Summit, and maybe stop and sell your wares along the way. Remember that recent blog in which you asked us where we would take you if you visited us? (Hint, hint, hint!)

  25. Can I just de-lurk for a minute to say how much I love the fact that you too make Snickerdoodles? The first time I made them for my hubby, he looked rather disappointed. I asked him about it, and he replied that he had thought they’d have chocolate and peanuts in them. I can’t tell you how long I just stared at him. I could not to save my life figure out why on earth he thought Snickerdoodles would have those odd ingredients. Bless his heart, he thought the name was like the candy bar. Since then though, my grandma’s recipe has become one of his most requested cookies.

  26. I don’t use Twitter or Facebook much when I’m not working, but I have found that it is great for getting info on what your favorite yarn people are doing. You can also use it to follow companies whose products you like, etc.

    You don’t have to use Twitter to follow celebrities. Another thing I use it for is to follow people who make me laugh, like Nathan Fillion and some other people he’s worked with, Conan O’Brien and that Captain Obvious guy from the commercials.

    1. I say that about the celebrities and then list the celebrities I do follow. Hilariously ironic to me. And of course I didn’t see it until after I’d already hit the “post comment” button. lol

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