Note(s) to Self

dsc02343Apparently, when one gets a little busy, one starts forgetting important things. This is my Necessary Post of Remembrances for the day. (If you don’t forget things, you might just go on to the next blog that you read and come back on Monday…)

Note(s) to self:

– Never ever ever shop at Sam’s Club at 10 am. It doesn’t matter how low you are on Loopy kisses, it’s simply not worth it. (Second note to self: if you’d plan ahead better, you would not find yourself in the position of needing to go at noon on a Friday.)

– You may not set aside a skein of Dianne’s Creatively Dyed Seacell Roving in Pelee, or Gale’s Alpaca Silk Roving in Grapevine, or Jennifer’s Luxury Merino/Silk/Angora Roving in Turkish Stone, before they go up on the website next week. You have not used your wheel in several months. There is no way to justify additional roving. (Second note to self: you could set aside a few hours to spin this weekend and then you’d be “totally back into spinning”. Then those amazing rovings would have every right to jump into your personal stash.)

– “Maybe it will go away” is never a sentence that should be used to describe tooth pain, thus allowing you to delay making a dental appointment. No matter how much you hate going to the dentist. (Second note to self: grow up already. It’s just a dentist.)

– There IS a limit to the amount of space available at Loopy Central. When you order boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff, and the only place to put them (temporarily) is in the Loopy kitchen, it means that people can’t get their lunches out of the refrigerator. That makes Elves testy. (Second note to self: And you can’t call it “an enforced diet”. Hungry Elves have no sense of humor.)

– It’s Spring. That means that those 20 pounds you were going toΒ  lose “by next Spring”,Β  are still cheerfully hanging around. (Second note to self: it would require a change in diet and exercise. Weird how that works.)

On a positive note:

– Those people at Sam’s who cannot fathom why you would be pushing a cart full of 48.75 pounds of chocolate into the checkout lane? Smile and tell them you gave up healthy food for Lent. (Obviously the line “this is for the knitters” will not be believed and will look like a pathetic justification of too much chocolate consumption at your house.)

– Since you continue to knit and enjoy it, go ahead and buy some more yarn for your stash. And maybe you can sneak in one of those gorgeous braids of roving and no one will notice. (You really ought to spin this weekend, too.)

– He’s a nice dentist. (But still a dentist.)

– Hope springs eternal.

That’s it. My notes for the day. Do you have any “notes to self” you’d like to leave in the comments?

Sheri whoaddedthephotojustforfuneventhoughithasnothingtodowithmynotes


  1. Nope, he’s just indicative of the gulls from “Finding Nemo” – only he’s a knitter seeing the yarn at Loopy: “MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE!!!!!!”

  2. Note to self: Remember to keep government officials out of as much of your life as possible because when you call them and ask for help with a bat just caught in your house and you have cats you are babysitting and they can’t check the bat for rabies until Monday they tell you the worst case is that the cats will die in 10 days if they contract rabies from a bat. I could probably eat a whole bag of those Loopy Kisses right now……….

  3. Note to self: remember to tell Sheri that it’s okay to knit less and spin more that permits you to expand your roving and your yarn stashes. (I can mark this one off now)

    For Lent, I gave up giving something up for Lent. I hadn’t thought about healthy foods so will make a note to self to do that next year. Of course that may be like the 80-something lady who told my pastor she gave up sex for Lent. After Pastor Michelle stopped laughing, she told her that one should give up something one has a chance of “getting”.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Note to self: Get that yarn inventory done this weekend!! Then you can get on to other things, like taxes…

    Yes, ’tis the season. And I looked at *All My Yarn* and thought, “Wow, wouldn’t it be great to take all that as a deduction? Or maybe open a Loopy Ewe Satellite Store” on the West Coast. …sigh…

    Oh, and Sheri — I’m told that as you age, your teeth get more sensitive, so maybe it’s not an “ache” but just a bit of sensitivity. One can be optimistic. πŸ˜€

    So much yarn and fiber, and so little time. Yeah, I haven’t spun lately, either, and I think my fiber boxes outnumber the sock yarn boxes. Imagine that!!!

    Have a glorious weekend – Spring has sprung!!


    Debra in California

  5. Note to myself: maybe it’s time to renew the “If you don’t cheat on your diet all week, THEN you can buy yarn from TLE.” It actually worked there for a few weeks in January….

    Second note to self: The fact that it HASN’T worked so well lately is no reflection on TLE, but quite possibly is an indication that you are not knitting enough. It’s kind of hard to do lace or cables and snack on junk food at the same time.

    Third note: If you knit more, you will use up your stash faster and can justify additional yarn purchases at TLE.

    Fourth note: And! If you stop buying junk food, that’s more $$$ for yummy yarn – which does not contain calories, fat grams or that other technical-sounding thingy we’re supposed to be avoiding in our diets, whatever it is.

    Fifth note – to Sheri: I got my SG Eidos in “Apology” yesterday and it is SO lovely, I kept it out on my computer desk at home all evening and could not stop looking at it and petting it! I almost took it to bed with me, it was so lovely! I would take it to work , too, but there are other knitters in the building, and I’m afraid it might disappear!

  6. Somebody should set up an equivalence chart — 1 day of healthy eating, resisting all those lovely salty, fatty foods, earns $5 toward next Loopy binge. . .

  7. Note to self: Order something from your Loopy wishlist, FPS! It’ll make you feel better after getting that unjustified ticket earlier in the week, cuz there’ll be Loopy Kisses in it.

  8. Note to self –

    1. if the chocolate’s not in the house, it can’t be eaten!

    2. If you stop looking at the Wendyknits and Knitspot blogs for patterns, and TLE for yarn, you will not keep starting new knitting projects!

    3. If you’d just do your taxes, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting them done.

    4. Even though it’s supposed to rain all weekend, it will be good to get rid of the last of the ice and snow (yes, we still have some). And rainy days are perfect for knitting!

  9. Notes to self –

    1. Toothaches get better with chocolate. Must order more roving and yarn so as to acquire more chocolate.

    2. Stop buying young, tender herbs and lettuces until it’s REALLY done snowing here (apparently not yet! who said Kentucky is in the South?). Use the money instead for roving and yarn which do not freeze. That gives me permission to buy roving and yarn at least until May 1, and I can substitute chocolate for the salad stuff until then.

    3. Expand more on the diet, exercise, and knitting plan. Work out an hour, knit an hour (or two)? Eat a salad (but not until after May 1 – see above), knit an hour?

    Have a good weekend, Sheri – can’t wait to see the new roving!!!

    Liz in Kentucky, where it’s 70 degrees one day and snows the next

  10. Note to self: If all 4 bosses are out of the office today, and since I sit way back in a corner away from most of the office, it would probably be fine to do a little knitting while proofing some documents, right? Just enough to take the edge off…

  11. Note to self: Buying yarn and patterns does not ever translate into more knitting time. But it doesn’t hurt either.

  12. Note to self: If I want to knit a sweater or cardigan, I will have to give up some socks time.

    On a positive note: It’s still knitting and my socks will still be there. Bless their hearts.

  13. Glad to know there is someone else out there that still has 20 pounds to lose!

    Note to self:Try harder at losing those pounds!

  14. Note to self: You shouldn’t have worried so much about going to the dentist to see about that persistent tooth pain, since it turned out to be such a minor thing and so easily and painlessly remedied. Now if only the diet and exercise were as easy….
    Hope your dental problem is as simple as mine was!

  15. Note to self: Giving up all forms of sugar for Lent has led to that new vice: buying from TLE at the drop of a hat to keep your hands busy so they don’t pop a loopy kiss into your mouth “accidently.” Can’t wait for Easter morning to dive into those loopy kisses!

    2. Make sure and brush your teeth several times on Easter or you will be visiting the dentist, too…..

    3. 20? What 20? That’s the goal for NEXT spring…..

  16. Note to self, like you, must set time aside for spinning

    2nd note to self: I’ll share my horror story with you about the dentist if you share yours (and I still have 2 or 3 visits to go!)

  17. 1. If you want the knitting to get done, you cannot fall asleep on the couch at 8:30.

    2. If you don’t want to fall asleep on the couch at 8:30, you have to get home from work before 6:00.

    3. If you want to get home before 6:00, let’s face it, you’ll have to get another job. Knit like the wind on the weekends.

  18. You can have wine for stress and knitting for stress but having them simultaneously makes for more stress, not less.

  19. Note to self:
    1) The livingroom will not clean itself.
    2)You ARE going to finish your taxes tomorrow.
    3) The pansies look so fabulous. You could plant some more…after you do #1 and #2!

  20. note to self:

    1) pansies sound like a good plan.. you could go and buy some this weekend.

    2) It’s all very well to go on strike about cleaning in this house..but for goodness sake would you make sure that it’s after you have done the washing… at least you will have something to wear while you are on strike then.

    3) you have the next 4 knitting projects lined up .. it is raining all weekend… this looks like a plan πŸ™‚

    4) the kids are all still asleep .. do NOT wake them silly it is lovely and peaceful.

    5) you went and bought yourself a camera now for pete’s sake use it..

  21. Note to self:
    – Continue to enjoy the mental picture of the other customers at Sam’s Club goggling at all the chocolate.
    – No matter how much you might wish it, there are no laundry or dishes fairies. And the kids are too small to reach the sink/washer/dryer. Even with chairs.
    – Make sure you get at least a half an hour of alone time a day. You’re a better mom for it.

    (Thanks for the laugh – it’s been a long week. :))

  22. Come on, Sheri, you can do it! I’m going to the dentist next week for the first time in…well, far too long.

    We won’t even talk about dieting or stash. We need to focus on the positive. πŸ˜‰

  23. Sheri, take the roving home. Especially if it is ANYTHING from Gale, (that stuff is spinners CRACK). Or I would be glad to spin it for you and send it back. My wheel has been getting lots of attention this year so far, I have spun almost 32 oz of fiber this year. YAY Me.

  24. No note to self, but a big Wahoo! that you are going to have three different rovings going up next week, because my sweetie just sent me a TLE gift certificate for my birthday.

    I’m a happy girl. πŸ™‚

  25. My last “maybe it will go away pain” with my tooth resulted in a root canal and bridge replacement 2 weeks before I left for Italy. If I’d waited, I would have missed out on a lot of great Italian food!

  26. Note to self: All that huge equipment in your front yard that seems to be digging up everything in sight including bushes you love (along with the oil tank, which was the reason they are there), and those painters leaving your house in chaos: Ignore them. There’s nothing you can do until it’s over. Keep knitting. Hide upstairs.

  27. Your comment about him being a nice dentist, but still a dentist cracks me up. You have perfectly summed up my feeling about dentists- every single one of them on the face of the planet. Seriously, I get a queasy feeling in my stomach just sitting in a dental waiting room when my kids are getting check-ups. One thing that has helped me a lot is I now tell the dentist up front (and anyone else in the office who will listen) that I have a fear of dentists and dental work. I also bribe myself with something nice if I go to the dentist. Think yarn or chocolate!

  28. Note to Self: I only have enough sock yarn for 79 pairs of socks, I must increase that stash soon in preparation for Summer of Socks. Here I come Loopy Ewe!!

    Second Note to Self: I only have enough sock yarn for 79 pairs of socks, do I honestly think I can knit that number of pairs in 3 months. HAHAHA!!

    Third Note to Self: Stop living in a dream world and just buy the sock yarn, don’t even pretend you’re going to ever get it all knit up, FPS.

  29. Sometimes tooth pain does go away by itself, especially if you have a sinus infection that is causing tooth pain. I’m hoping for that.

  30. Note to self – no matter how quickly the project needs to get done, working on it so much you injure your elbow is a really good way to make sure it doesn’t get done on time. Take a break already.

  31. You have the same dentist issue as I do, then. My dentist, although very very nice and understanding is, nonetheless – a dentist. *sigh* I have had a missing filling since Thanksgiving, and can not bring myself to make the appointment. Possibly because I keep spending my copay on yarn…lol!

  32. I’ve done the dentist note to myself, a few weeks ago. Of course, I felt much better after he had fixed up the broken filling and made a note to self “But he is a NICE dentist!” (And good).

  33. Note to self: Remember to enjoy your Passover Seder and don’t worry about all the cleaning, cooking, shopping, preparing, the fact that your teenage daughter has no desire to be there and the daughter that would enjoy it is too far away to come. Enjoy the family and friends who are coming and who want to be there. And knit when the stress gets to be too much. (or at least stroke your yarn)

  34. Note to self:

    It is NOT OK to have three (two in paper, and one audio) books started and to take on another without finishing ANY. Pretty soon Ann Elliot (Persuasion) is seeing ghosts (House on Tradd Street), and Mellie (from House) is having family troubles (Corrections), and they all belong to a knitting group (Knit Two). It is not the same as knitting projects. Really!

  35. i have one phrase for you “click ‘n pull”.

    If you go to the sams club website, you can go through and click on what you want. if you place your order by 5pm, you can pick it up the next day.

    they pull everything, and all you do is go in, pay for it, and leave. i literally took 10 minutes last time (and no waiting in lines for checkers!)

    you’ll need your membership #, but it’s definitely worth it!

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