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dsc02506Remember those cute Loopy Ewe soaps that we sent out in Sock Clubs last year, and then offered for you to purchase? We needed more, so I ordered another batch while we were out in Colorado. They’re here and looking as festive as ever. This time, I had them do the background in blue so that Loopy and his red socks would pop out more. Same great scent, though – a mixture of lemongrass, lavendar, patchouli and amber. Check them out. They’re made by my very favorite handmade soap shop in Breckenridge, CO. It’s hard to walk in there and not come out with a whole bunch of new soap. It’s the only kind of soap we use at our house now (and the bars are huge – they last forever.) Makes a fun addition to your swap packages and gifts for knitting friends!

dsc02503I have picked out my Challenge Sock pattern and yarn. Here’s the yarn – Numma Numma’s new yarn base (The Usual) in “Make It a Double”. The color is even more gorgeous in person.ย  Actually, I walked around Loopy Central Monday night before heading home, trying to decide on a yarn/color to use for this challenge. The first one I picked out (“The House Red“) was completely sold out when I went to the computer to take my skein off. Darn! (I certainly know better. I know how fast you all scoop up yarns during a Sneak Up.) Over on the Loopy Groupie board, Mette mentioned the Summer Sliding socks by Jeannie Cartmel and I fell in love. (Turns outย  I was already in love with this pattern, because Jeannie shared her photo of it in our Photo Galleries last year and I emailed her about it.) So I bought my pattern and caked up my yarn and I’m ready to start. It has been really fun to read about the different yarns and patterns that you all are contemplating for our Challenge.

Before we get too far into this Second Quarter Challenge, we need to get the winners of the First Quarter Challenge taken care of. We will randomly draw a winner from all entries, but we also give out a “Reader’s Choice” award, based on your votes.ย  So please go take a look at the entries and email us by next Wednesday (April 15th) to tell us your favorite one. (Email: susan AT theloopyewe DOT com) The winners will receive a Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate.

dsc02495We still have a duck pair hanging out in our back yard. I was watching them settle in last night and I said to WH, “Should I do anything for them??” to which he replied, “No. You don’t need to mother them. They’re ducks.” So I guess they’re on their own. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  But Zoe is keeping a close watch on them, just in case.

Sheri beautifuldayheretoday-howaboutwhereyouare?


  1. We have a pair of Canadian geese here in our office complex that have settled in. In one of those landscaped areas right in the middle of the parking lot (I mean, this strip is about 18″). The male has been SO possessive management had to put out some traffic cones to cordon off several parking spots – the gander had chased down a few people and given them some hefty pinches. There is a cafe about 40 feet from where the geese settled in and they had to cover the bottom of their glass doors with butcher paper because the gander kept seeing his reflection and though it was an intruder so he would periodically run over and peck at the reflection.

    Frankly, the whole thing sort of cracks me up (and you can sure tell the difference between the city slickers and those of us who grew up in the country!).

    Zoe has such a round face and eyes! She is really a striking looking kitty ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It’s FREEZING here in New Hampshire! Today felt and looked more like December than April! And did I hear the weather guy say the “s” word?!? On Easter?!? UGH!

    Bring on the warm!!

    Looking forward to a warm Spring Fling!

  3. Hey Sheri! That soap is too cute!!! I’m still trying to decide on my 2nd quarter challenge sock. No way can I do the one you are tho!

    I still don’t see the pic of my 1st quarter challenge Clap on the site. But it is on my account page. Did I do something wrong? Thanks.

  4. LOL about mothering the ducks, I can’t sleep unless I know the pups have their babies and blankies, I wake up a lot to check that they are still covered, usually they are…..are those needles in your yarn Harmonies or Signature dpns? I have one set of Sig straights and adore them…would love the dpns…

  5. Too funny that WH told you the ducks don’t need mothering—is he concerned that the bathtub might be converted into a duck pond? That is indeed a beautiful sock pattern that you picked out. I’m still deciding on mine. As for the yarn, don’t tell me. When I woke up and went to check on the sneak up, only one color of The Usual was left! You ARE getting some more, right? Please?

  6. Today it is going to be beautiful here. About 70ish with a slight breeze. Yesterday it was still a bit cool, but today is going to be lovely.

    I can just hope to aspire to do such a pattern as the one you have picked. OMGosh! Maybe, someday! Great yarn choice also.

    There are many beautiful Clapotis to choose from. It was soooo hard to decide, but I have emailed my decision.

  7. Is there still time to post a picture of my Q1 clapotis? I finished it last week, took at picture yesterday, and have not uploaded it yet.

  8. It’s still March here in Maine. Sunny, but windy and cold (low 40’s?). The crocuses are refusing to open.

  9. It’s a BEAUTIFUL day here in Michigan today. The sun is shining and we have a totally blue sky, but in the low 50’s today. My crocus is blooming and spring is here, finally! My husband drove across state yesterday and ran into snow on the ground, on the east side of the state. Thankfully, it missed West Michigan! Happy Easter, Sheri! Blessings!!

  10. Gorgeous here today! Sunny, blue sky, and going up around 50, which is balmy in Chicago. ๐Ÿ™‚ My cat, Paddy, watches the birds in my yard just like Gracie does. And Salty, the dog, REALLY REALLY wants to bring his Grandma home a duck. He tries every morning, but I’m a serious party pooper and won’t let him. I think the ducks appreciate that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ve picked the yarn for the Second Quarter Challenge, too. Cascade Heritage Sock. Now to pick the pattern. Narrowing it down, and with some help from BFF Liz, should have something picked by Fling. (Assuming my head doesn’t explode from the excitement before it comes time to leave for it.)

  11. It’s gorgeous here, too, in Southern California. But then it’s mostly always gorgeous here. That Summer Sliding pattern looks really, really hard — like beyond challenge and into impossible. So I look forward to seeing your. We have to do both socks, right? ; )

    I have narrowed down yarn and pattern choices several times now, only to see them expand again when I visit your shop. Cookie A’s patterns are all viable possibilities. I think I will have to wait till Wendy’s book comes out before making a final decision. Give Mr. and Mrs. Mallard my best. Soon you are probably going to have a whole line of little mallards, and then you will really want to mother them!

  12. Today is bright and sunny, but I haven’t been outside since this morning at oh-dark hundred, so I can’t confirm that it is as nice as it looks. I’m hoping that the nice weather lasts through the weekend, because it would be so nice to go walking without a jacket and a sweat shirt.

  13. It is so cool that I helped you pick out a pattern for the challenge Sheri, I canยดt wait to see how they turn out ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy knitting!

  14. Today was a beautiful spring like day in Boston, but now the clouds are rolling in & the rain is about to start.

    We’ll you continue to add photos that have been submitted for the 1st qtr Clapotis challenge? I submitted some a few days ago & I don’t see my Clapotis in the photo gallery yet. It’s surprising that for how many people participated in the unofficial Ravelry TLE Clapotis challenge that there are so few Claps listed on TLE site.

    Maybe your husband knows that Zoe wants to mother the ducks:-)!

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