Contest Winners and Sock Patterns

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments for this month’s blog contest! It has been so fun to read them. (And yes, I do read all of them. I still freak some of you out when I email you back about a blog comment – like you think I don’t read them or something. I promise, I do, and I love that you all take the time to read and comment!) We have three randomly drawn winners from the contest: Doris in MD, Didi in CA and Karen in MN. Your prizes will ship out tomorrow!

dsc02399I finished my Brooklyn Handspun sock this week and I like the color – Aquatic.  This is done up in Wendy’s S(p)ocks pattern – very easy to memorize and knit up, so it goes quickly. It did get me to thinking about my favorite sock patterns and made me wonder what your favorite sock patterns might be. Typically I like to do different patterns (thus the problem with single socks) but there are some patterns that I like the looks of so much that I know I’ll be making them several different times. One of dsc02400those is Debbie O’Neil’s Celebratory Chevron Socks pattern. She designed this for our first year anniversary and it’s now available as a free download from the Free Patterns link here on my blog. (There are some very fun patterns there – I hope you’ve downloaded and used many of them.) I used the Celebratory Chevron pattern on The Alpaca Yarn Co. Paca Peds (shown here in the Fireside colorway). This is really pretty yarn when knit up, and it’s wonderfully warm as well.  dsc02401I love the new colors they have recently come out with. (Anyone else notice that their Vampire Kiss looks a lot like “Loopified” from our Second Anniversary Kit? Great combination of colors.) The other pattern that I had fun knitting and will do again just because I think it turns out so pretty – Meida’s Socks from Nancy Bush’s Favorite Socks book. I knit these with Louet Sport in the Sage colorway and added in a couple of extra repeats on the cuff to make them taller. I have decided that a lot of the single socks that I did for our display here at Loopy Central, can now be made into pairs. Enough time has lapsed that I’m ready and looking forward to doing those patterns again on the second sock. Maybe I’ll put that on my Spring Break schedule.

So leave a comment and tell me which sock patterns you like well enough to do more than once. Or do you seldom knit the same thing twice?

Sheri it’sbeautifuland61degreesheretoday.Timetogoforawalk.


  1. Hi Sherri-

    I love reading your blog, but your feed isn’t updating in bloglines. It shows that you last updated on Feb. 9. I realized I hadn’t had any Loopy News lately and came over to check.

    Perhaps I’m the only one, but I’m guessing not. Just thought you might want to know!

    And I like Hello Yarn’s basic Picot sock pattern. Love that little top detailing!

  2. For the most part I knit the pair of socks and then knit another pair soon after “tweaking” the pattern a bit and using a different kind yarn and a different or color. After I have done one pair I have pretty much memorized the pattern and feel comfortable experimenting. Even a more complicated pattern can become relaxing when I knit it. My favorite patterns to knit have been:

    Twisted Hourglass Socks by Robin Griffiths &
    Cozy Cable Socks by Terry Morris

  3. I rarely knit something more than once but def on the list of multiple knits are Charades– they just fit me incredibly well! And maybe someday Holidazed (Ann Hanson) will make it into the multiple knit group. I have knit Monkeys more than once, but I don’t like them very much– I’m going to start getting hate mail now 😉

  4. The only pattern I keep coming back to is Diagonal Rib Socks by Ann Budd – it looks good in any yarn and while a tight knit, seems to fit anyone.

  5. I very seldom knit the same sock design twice, but that’s because I’m designing them. And at any given time I’ve got at least 75 sock designs charted out, in varying stages of completion!

    Scary, huh? 😉

  6. I don’t like to knit the same thing more than once. That said, I have a generic 2×2 rib sock pattern that I’ve cobbled together and when a sock yarn is too busy for a pattern, I use the generic pattern to show off the yarn.

  7. At this point I have never done the same sock pattern twice. But- I’ve only made 8 pairs. However,I think it will be awhile before I do because it’s so much fun to do a new pattern each time.

  8. I don’t often knit the same thing twice….and if I did I’m sure I’d change something! I really love my Bayerische socks, and that was a fun knit.

    But there are so many interesting patterns that I want to knit…..

  9. River Rapids Socks by Sock Bug are great – easy to memorize and they look complicated like they were cabled, but they aren’t! I’ve made 2 pairs and the recipients were very happy with them.

    I would also 2nd someone else’s comment about Loksins – I loved making that pattern and plan on doing it again.

  10. I will agree with the Embossed Leaves socks- the pattern is interesting enough to always keep my attention, not so complicated I want to throw a sock across the room every 10 minutes, and looks fantastic when finished!

  11. The sock pattern I keep going to is Wendy’s Temptation Sock pattern (5 or 6 pair…so far.) My husband and son both love the fit, heel, toe, etc. Mostly the fit…they both wear size 12. Great pattern.

  12. I adore the Monkey pattern. It’s entertaining but easy to memorize and fits my flat feet and abnormally skinny ankles like a glove. I love Monkeys. I’ve knit 4 pairs and plan many more! I have a sneaking suspicion that once I’ve tried the Spring Forward pattern from Knitty it’ll be added to my list of repeatables.

    Other than that? Cuff-down, an inch of 1×1 ribbing, then plain stockinette with a flap heel.

  13. I have made 2 rib and cable socks and at least 2 monkey socks. I find that I’m much more likely to make a second copy of something if it is an accessory. That said, I could probably make a second Tangled Yoke, because I love my first one so much!

  14. I think the only sock pattern I’ve knit more than once is the basic knit sock. I do love textured patterns (and cables…lace…ribs…), which means a lot of variety (and there are so many choices that you wouldn’t have to repeat any). And of course, using the same pattern multiple times requires making the first one (which I seem to have trouble doing lately).

  15. No question. My favorite is always the one I am going to knit NEXT!

    The only one I knit more than once is “plain vanilla”. Yup, 64 sts, stockinette. I use it when the yarn is just so beautiful on its own that it would be a shame to muck it up with some complicated texture/lace.

  16. I’ve knit Monkeys, Jaywalkers, and the Gentleman’s Plain Winter Sock (from “Knitting Vintage Socks”) several times each. I think I have them all memorized by now!

  17. I’m pretty happy with any of Wendy’s toe-up patterns myself (long feet, you know) but I don’t think I’ve ever repeated any pattern. So many gorgeous sock patterns, so little time!

  18. So far I haven’t knitted any pattern more than once, other than a generic 2 X 2 rib over 60 or 72 stitches. There are so many great looking patterns, but often my sock knitting needs to be a bit mindless, as I take it along and sometimes can’t be really counting, etc. And thanks again in advance for my prize!

  19. I love the blue-green Louet sock. Tis beautiful. I have that patern too and like it a great deal but my socks do not come out as perfect as yours. So…..I’ll keep on practicing.

  20. I have never knit the same pattern twice until now! I’m currently knitting my second pair of the Brainless sock pattern by Yarnissima. It’s simple yet elegant and I love the little side cable.

  21. Oh, Sheri! Surely you have better things to do than make those second socks. Have you considered that if you overcome your “second sock syndrome”, then Loopy may have to start wearing two pairs of MATCHING socks? Perish the thought!

    One pattern that I’ve knit three times, and will knit again, is Rainbow Socks, by Susanne Kitzmann. The pattern, which is available as a free download from Ravelry or her website, uses short rows to break up handpainted yarn sequences that pool or stripe in unpleasant (to the knitter) ways. It requires a little more attention than an ordinary plain or ribbed sock, but less attention than a lace or Fair Isle sock.

    Also, I really like Monica Jines’ Swirls pattern, which is incredibly fast to knit, and very pleasantly repetitive. Perhaps you should bring this one back to TLE, which is where I got it!

  22. I knit most sock patterns twice. I think it’s because at that point, I have the pattern memorized, so it’s easy and relaxing. Plus, I love seeing how the same pattern behaves in different yarns, colorways, etc. The knitting is the same but the finished product can be soooo different!

  23. I have knit a basic Ann Norling pattern well over 150 times because it is easily memorized and looks great in every hand dyed skein of yarn I have used. It is my take along to swim meets, music lessons, concerts, etc. It can be set down after any stitch and easily resumed after whatever needed tending got finished. I can add any pattern in the leg or instep that divides evenly into the stitch count I selected that day. The personal variations are endless. I should mention that I have knit well over 200 pairs in the last eight years all because my older child did not like the feel of seams in her sock toes. =) I can go out the door with take along knitting simply by grabbing one skein of yarn and the appropriate size of double points. Nothing else required…..

  24. I am a pretty new sock knitter, I have knitted 5 pairs?? And I am the classic Franken-knitter… I take any part of socks I find easy or love and couple that with parts I know how to do already… like, I LOVE the toe up method.. I have many, many patterns that are piling up, I plan on flipping all the cuff downs, to toe ups… I often switch out complicated heels for Wendy’s easy K1, M1 heels… i can’t seem to master the W&T heels… never done a heel flap, even though I understand why and how to do it… I have improvised ALL my socks so far, made my own designs depending on my moods, and the ONLY sock I have knitted all the way through is Tangled Fairies-they look great and came out fitting terrific. I have knitted a pair for my DD ( too itchy,mom) and a pair for my DH ( how did I get a hole in the TOP of my sock), so I don’t think they’re getting more…
    I am terribly intimidated by all the Yarnissima and complicated Cookie A. patterns… I really need a workshop or a Spring Fling to get me over the ‘hump’
    I always do the second sock b/c it goes 2x faster than the first one since I know what I am doing better the second time around!
    I guess I need to actually let some more designers lead the way for me, and pull out some of the patterns I am collecting!
    Thanks for all the inspiration Sheri and Happy Birthday too:)
    oxox, juli

  25. Like Polly, I love Anne Hanson’s GridIron Socks. They were totally easy yet kept me interested. They flew off my needles when I made them for my SIL in girl color yarn. After all these Monkey comments I’ve gotta go check out that pattern!!!

  26. I have so many patterns I want to try that so far I haven’t done duplicates (except of plain stockinette no pattern to speak of socks) but pretty much any sock I had fun knitting or liked the look of when finished I have already decided (and will in the future continue to decide) that I would like to do that pattern again. Plus I am also starting to design my own socks which is also fun.

  27. I made multiple pairs of Broadripple socks (Knitty, Summer 2003) in a row because a) the pattern was easily memorized, b) I was stash-busting my Cascade Fixation, and c) I had a few gift-giving opportunities in a row.

    Not sure if this counts since it’s so flexible, but I’ve made countless pairs of socks based on the Universal Toe-Up Formula (Knitty, Summer 2006). Take that formula, add in something you like from a stitch dictionary, and bam! Cool socks.

  28. I have also knitted (knit?) Broadripple socks (Knitty, Summer 2003) twice and will probably knit this pattern again. It is just so interesting looking in self-striping yarn that it continues to hold my interest. The pattern rows, just 2, are easy to memorize but are complicated enough to break up the boring task of knitting socks. I’m going to try Monkeys (Cookie A.) next.

    That being said, I do always keep a plain vanilla ribbed cuff sock going all the time for my go-to project. I have been working on the same boring but mindless sock for at least two months of Weight Watchers meetings –LOL. It is a bit up in the air as to which I will do first, finish the socks or lose to my weight goal.

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