(Another) Wendy in The Loopy Limelight

This is our second Wendy to be featured in The Loopy Limelight. (Our first Wendy was here.) Today’s Wendy has actually been one of our Loopy Photographers for over a year now. There is a lot of yarn coming and going from week to week, so WH (my Wonder Husband, who had been the sole Loopy photographer since Loopy began) trained Wendy on photoing yarn awhile back. 🙂 WH still comes in in the evenings and on weekends and does all of the actual color-correcting and some of the photoing, but Wendy preps most of the yarn and takes photos during the week. She also has a very fun jewelry shop on etsy that I’m partial to, but I’ll get to that in a minute…
Loopy: Hi Wendy! So, tell us the truth – how do you feel about photographing allll of that yarn every week? And what’s the hardest part of your job as one of the Loopy photographers?
Wendy: Hmmmm.  How do I feel?  Walking into the photo room is like walking into a rainbow.  Love it!  The hardest part?  Perfection.  Creating a technically accurate representation of yarn colors and textures is a challenge I enjoy each week.  It may be hard but it is rewarding when we succeed.

Loopy: It is pretty fun to come to work in a place that has so many colors – I agree! What made you interested in taking up photography in the first place?
Wendy: I was born with a camera in my hand!  My mother instilled a love of all things Created and taught me well how to live with a camera in your pocket to capture the moments in life worth remembering.

Loopy: Do you have a favorite thing/place that you like to photograph?
Wendy: Three favorite topics… I live in St. Louis and Forest Park (downtown STL) is the largest park in the U.S., even larger than Central Park in NYC.  It was host to the World’s Fair in 1904 and still has much of the old world architecture in its buildings and bridges.  It is an architectural delight to photograph there. I also love to shoot at the beach, and the expressive, character-filled faces of older folks.

Loopy: And now you have a beautiful jewelry line and you get to practice photoing that.  How did you start into jewelry?
Wendy: Thank you for the compliment!  I started creating jewelry with a dear friend 8 years ago when we got into ‘remaking’ old jewelry and turning it into something chic and wearable.  Grandma’s vintage jewelry was really fun to remake.  It’s all about reclaiming beauty!

Loopy: I think that’s recycling at its best. Where do you get your ideas for your designs?
Wendy: People.  Places.  Nature. The world around us is filled with interesting designs, shadows, colors, faces, and textures.  It’s a never-ending source of inspiration!  So many rocks… so little time!

Loopy: You know, knitters feel that way about yarn and patterns, too. Do you have an area set up as a jewelry workshop?
Wendy: I do.  We’ve converted a small guest bedroom (8×11’) into a creative room and photo lab.  ‘Less is more’ for us.  Three of us can squeeze into the room at once.  We sit around a small round picnic table.  It’s great for face time with the kids and lends itself to swapping ideas and sharing stories.

Loopy: Speaking of your kids, tell us about the ‘Jitterbug Jewels’ part of your jewelry line.
Wendy: Jitterbug has been a way to involve our teenagers in the creative process.  It’s a line of jewelry created ‘by kids… for kids’.  They work alongside me creating jewelry for younger children while honing their technical skills.

Loopy: What a fun way to get them involved! Tell us about your family.
Wendy: We are ‘beach dweller wanna-be’s’ landlocked in America’s heartland.  We love the Midwest but the beach has stolen our hearts.  We have three teenagers ages 14, 16 and 19…  One attends college in California and the other two go to the same high school where my husband teaches Geometry.

Loopy: Do you have other hobbies that you like to do?
Wendy: Photography and Jewelry are both hobbies that have turned into businesses.  Beyond them I enjoy the creativity of landscaping design (code for ‘digging in the dirt’) and interior organization/decorating.  My passion finds it’s fulfillment when we (the whole family) help a neighbor reclaim their overgrown landscaping or lending a hand to a friend whose home needs a facelift through painting, sewing curtains or repurposing furniture.  Reclaiming Beauty… it’s our family’s way of life.

Loopy: That certainly sounds like a nice way to help your friends and neighbors. Back to the yarn- is it even possible that you would handle all of that gorgeous stuff all week long and not be a knitter?
Wendy: Yep.  It’s possible… maybe because I still share something in common with knitters.  We both take raw materials and create something unique, lovely and wearable that is intended to adorn and enhance the natural beauty of the wearer.

Loopy: Well that’s true.  But we’d still like to see you knit someday… 😉 Anything else you’d like to add
Wendy: I’ve worked in retail in the past but never have I worked for a company with the honesty, integrity and dedication to customer service that I’ve seen at Loopy.   Sheri is committed to her employees as much as she is to her customers.  She has created a relaxed, productive work environment and trains us well… which translates into us being equipped to do our jobs well.  For me, I’ve learned so much about the technical side of photography… it has stretched my abilities (and patience with details) and broadened my horizons.  I aspire to be a master photographer one day like her husband, my trainer.

Loopy: Awww. What a nice thing to say!  We’re glad you’re here with us every week, too. And I know that all of the Loopy customers are glad that you are spending so much time photoing the new stuff, so that we can put more up every week!

I’m still catching up on reading all of the wonderful RAK’s that you posted on Friday’s Blog.
It’s so fun to get new ideas and be inspired.  The Random Number Generator picked Angie as last week’s winner.  Congratulations, Angie! To be entered again, just find another RAK to do this week and post on this coming Friday’s blog in the comments section. We’ll announce another winner from the new comments posted there, next Monday.  Keep up the great work.

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  1. Thank you Wendy for the lovely photography work. I find that TLE has some of the most accurate presentation of the product I actually receive, and I really appreciate that. I also love the look of your jewelry. I will have to show that to my eldest as I am sure she will fall in love with it. Thanks again for a fun and interesting interview.

  2. I have to second Monica’s observation, and thank Wendy for the great photos. I have never opened a Loopy package to be disappointed by finding that the photo did not accurately show the colours of the yarn etc. I know from trying to take photos of my own projects that this is not an easy thing to do!
    Also, I must agree with Wendy that Sheri stands out far above the rest for her amazing dedication, integrity and warmth. It’s no wonder we all love her so much!

  3. Thanks Wendy for all the photos! It is nice to meet another one of the elves. I don’t wear much jewelry but yours is very beautiful so will remember it if I need gifts.

    My KFs slapped my hands at knit night last night as I was trying to buy yarn during sneak-up on my Blackberry and ignoring them. Paypal was a problem (I think that was payback for my friends.) so had to wait till home. I’ll apologize to them next time.

    We loved Starbucks decorations!

  4. I have to chime in with Monica and Valerie about the accuracy of the yarn colors here at The Loopy Ewe. They are always spot on! Not to mention Sheri’s wonderful customer service, which we all so appreciate. I figure anyone that nice must treat her employees well, too, but it’s good to have it confirmed! Very nice to meet you, Wendy! Your photos and your jewelry are both beautiful!

  5. It’s great to meet Wendy!

    I’m probably about the millionth person to ask, but I notice that Wollmeise is gone from the yarns page — usually it’s there but there’s nothing underneath it, to show that you don’t have any at the moment. Does its disappearance mean you’re no longer carrying it?

  6. So, I’ve been trying to scheme up these elaborate RAKs, but nothing seemed just right…. And today, I discovered that spur-of-the-moment RAKs are really the best of them all.
    Last Monday, as I was walking to my table at lunch, I passed a table that was totally empty except for my math teacher, as well as on Wednesday and Friday. And apparently on Thursday, a friend was in her class, and she made a remark to the class that no one sat with her at lunch. So, fast forward to today at lunch, when I once again noticed that my teacher was sitting all by herself on my way to my table. My friends and I were all discussing the math test we had earlier in the day, and I suddenly felt the need to go sit with her… so I got together some friends and we went to finish our lunch with our math teacher 🙂 It was a tad awkward at first, but once we started asking her about different problems on the test she totally got into math teacher mode and was showing us how to do all sorts of problems and easy ways to memorize different equations. I’ll admit that talking about math with a pre-cal teacher isn’t the favorite lunchtime activity of 4 teenaged girls, (and I ABHOR math), but it made her so, so, SO happy, so it was worth every single minute–and now I feel MUCH more confident about the semester exam 😉

  7. For this weeks RAK, I posted off some bright yellow yarn to someone I don’t know, on the other side of the world. She said she loved the colour in Ravelry. Hope it is there for Christmas. I’m really loving reading everyone’s RAKs.

  8. OMG…I won, I won! I’m sooo happy. I’m not one of those people that usually wins anything. But, if I had to win, I’m so glad the prize is yarn, espeically Wollmeise. Thank you, Sheri, for such a wonderful gift!

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